Jun 7, 2022

When Harpy had told Basil to meet him by the camp entrance in the morning everything inside the young toms body had frozen, seized like a cog in a machine that just refused to work. Whenever an adult cat wanted Basil to meet them somewhere it was because they wanted to tell him how he was supposed to do something. They were going to take him out of the camp, his safe space, and they were going to try and teach him how to do one thing or another and, of course, he would fail at it. He always does.

He nearly trips over his own paws as he forces himself to walk to the camp entrance, knowing the alternative is picking ticks off of cats who couldn’t reach them. He shudders just at the thought of it. When he reaches the designated spot he immediately looks down at his feet, already imagining the whispers and gazes shot towards him about how much of a failure he was, though no such things were actually happening outside of his own head. The black and gray tom let’s put a shuddering breath and wraps his dusty black tail tightly around his paws.

// @HARPY set prior to when apprentices and mentors are officially a thing! I hope that’s alright