taking this a little too far &. kit sitting

this was ridiculous. absolutely annoyingly ridiculous. frog brained. tch. stupid queen had insisted that chilledgaze had to watch over the kits because they had made one of them cry. they didn't understand how that was their problem? maybe the kit shouldn't have been in their way, and asking so many questions. but stars, kittens were curious leeches, and chilledgaze did their best to avoid them. they just didn't have enough of a patience meter to deal with them. it wasn't their fault they were always so clingy and curious, but it didn't mean that chilled had to enjoy dealing with the tadpoles.

with a grunt, chilledgaze laid down, propping their head against their paw, watching as the kits ran back and forth, a low and agitated growl rumbling deep within them as they watched one of them stumble over. a young molly. gently, she tapped chilledgaze's nose which made chilled pull back with a frustrated flick of their ear.

"chilledgaze! can you tell us a story!?"

why was she so loud? didn't she realize she was standing right in front of them? before the onyx felidae could respond, a few more kits joined it.

"oh, please! please!! please tell us a story! please!"

suddenly they were all begging and pleading, chilledgaze closing their eyes as if trying to ignore the fact that they were there. it didn't work. with a low hiss, chilledgaze snapped their teeth towards the kits, the sound of it making them quiet down almost immediately.

"alright! if it will make you shut your traps, then i will tell a stars forsaken story. sit. everyone. and do not interrupt me. one interruption and the story is over... got it?"

they all nodded, speaking in unison.

"yes, chilledgaze."

//this is open to anyone but especially to kits!!

There isn't much to do as a kit, especially not after all that has happened. Silt watches with dull eyes as her denmates pester Chilledgaze, and finds herself slowly drifting over without thought. She's more well mannered than the others - quiet, shy, gaze averted as she settles down on the sidelines. The dust hued kitten doesn't mind the warriors snappish tone or gruff complaints - it seems like that's just how most of the adults are around here.


Firedawn had been sitting not to far away, politely chatting with a few NPCs when she heard the excited chatter of kits and then a quick snap of jaws. Turning her head to face the nursery, she would blink in concern before she spotted Chilledgaze and couldn't help the soft rumble of laughter that spilled from her throat.

It was not a secret that the warrior was no fan of kittens, but to see them kit sitting despite that was endearing to the flame pelted molly. Firedawn would excuse herself from the others and quietly walk over to hear whatever story Chilledgaze had prepared for the young ones. Would it be as short and to the point as the onyx-furred warrior?

She would take a seat behind the group of kits, tail wrapping around her paws as she also waited patiently for the story, her emerald gaze glittering with humble amusement.


He was certainly more patient than her, she would have sent those kits running for cover with a hiss and scary face that would put a demon to shame. The seal point she-cat stretched her paws out before her to settle in and listen, content in knowing the little furballs were quietly distracted so she wouldn't have to hear their awful mewling noises. Motherhood was not for her, she was just as likely to cuff a kitten too hard if left to oversee them and it was fortunate no one had asked her to kitsit as of yet, though she would've adamantly refused all the same. She could barely tolerate Canarypaw following her around so much and hated the idea of raising children; she didn't even want to train her own apprentice.
"Should tell them one about that dark-faced cat who lives in the marsh and eats kittens who misbehave~"
Ghost wasn't a kit anymore. He was a paw now, but he doesn't really feel like it. So he likes to stay around the nursery. He thinks it's okay. He hasn't gotten in trouble yet. He doesn't know Chilledgaze that well, but they have a weird face. Good weird or bad weird... Ghostpaw is still deciding.

He sits with them, Siltkit and Firedawn. His stories are bad so... so he needs to learn how to do good ones. What kinda stories would Chilledgaze have? Weird ones, like their face, he thinks. He glances to a weird pointed cat he doesn't remember. Ghostpaw decides she's...weird. His eyes widen, just a smidge at her words. Staring to... staring more. "Is it... Pitchsun? I knew it..." he claims, puffing out his cheeks with indignance. Pitchsun is...the worst ever, he thinks.
the commotion outside of the nursery would cause possumkit to peek their head out of the entrance of the den, ears perked up upon their head in mild interest at the call of a story being told by chilledgaze who was being gazed at by the other kittens. stories were fun but it really depended on the person telling them and if he was being honest, the warrior in charge of watching the children did not look like a good storyteller.

he tottles his little body to join the rest of the group, immediately flopping over onto his side while angling his head back slightly to get a good view of the dark furred feline. fleece, whatever her name was, suggested a tale that was down the line of horror which caused his nose to crinkle. "if there was a kitten eater then the warriors woulda found 'em already!"
[ penned by cobi ]