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Jun 7, 2022

Late, it was too late to be up and roaming. But here he was regardless just staring off into space and thinking. He always woke up during the night and opt just to stay up in this quiet solitude. Sometimes someone else would wake up and stay up with him. A simple chat before they fell back asleep but he always remained up and it was his own fault for taking such frequent naps during the day. He needed to change that pattern so that he could sleep properly but for now his eyes were watching the stars for the moment and the sliver of a crescent moon that hung in the dark sky. At least that was what he had been doing till a blinking light caught his attention. It floated and shifted away and he followed it without much of a thought. His tail twitched back and forth as he watched it with wonder beginning to surface in his eyes. Oh, what could this be? His paws stepped over a twig and into a world of twinkling lights. Truth be told he had never seen so many fireflies in his life. All flying around back and forth, bobbing here and there. Landing on the ground. It was amazing to the large feline and a childishness took over him. He suddenly went racing forth and through the tall grass. Jumping forth he landed with a light bounce and all the lights spread out around him.

His gaze lifted up as he watched the many different fireflies surge into the air and it was a beautiful thing to behold. Truthfully he was taken in his wonder and a soft sigh left his throat as he slowly sat down. A thought did enter his head but he was not about to see what one of them tasted like. Plus he didn't want to start glowing from the inside.
"Glowbugs." A gruff voice precedes a big ragged tabby, paws shuffling quietly against the earth as he moves to join Blue from a slight distance. He's not great at casual conversation, and he hadn't intended to be roped into one tonight. He'd just wanted a bit of space, a moment to clear his head without incessant chatter... he's not too perturbed, though. The sight of the bugs glistening, fading in and out of existence as though they are falling stars, never ceases to amaze him.

He has to admit it's one of the more wondrous thing about the hot season. He may detest the blistering sun, but there are always perks. He has to remind himself of them sometimes--but they are there.

"Only come out when it's hot, right at the beginning of greenleaf." Moss-colored eyes follow one before it winks away. "Used t' think they were stars that were cursed t' be bugs." Why did he used to think that? He pauses, considering, before deciding it must have been a tale one of his former mates had told him. She'd been a pretty one, but not too bright. But then, if he'd believed it, he supposes he isn't too bright, either.

When Rain had first seen a firefly it had almost made his heart stop. They were just like the lights in the ceiling back in his twoleg place and he thought that maybe the twolegs had gathered a bunch of these up and put them up there so that they could see. He still maybe thinks that that is the case. He likes Char’s explanation better, that they were stars cursed to be bugs. He knows better now, that they are just bugs, but he cannot help but look at them in wonder.

“Do you think they burn ya if you touch them?” He would ask as he approached the two, settling himself down on the ground next to him and tilting his head up to watch as they danced in the sky before them.

He was completely mezmorized by them, every time he saw them he found he could not take his eyes away from them. The wolf, it turned out, had so many beautiful things to offer.
* ˚ ✦ i took a little journey to the unknown

"it'd sure be somethin' if them lil' things were hot to tha' touch!"a rumbling laugh sounded from behind the small gathering felines who were watching the show the fireflies were putting on with their periodic glows that dot different spaces in the air around them.

from the shadows came forth the hulking figure of huckleberry who blended a bit too well with the surrounding darkness so more often than not he ended up spooking most folks on accident. the tom waved his tail in greeting towards the others before taking a seat besides rain and turning his focus towards the dancing bugs. there was always quite a few of these things back at the barn and when he and his siblings were younger they would always make it a game to see how many they could catch in one night.

"reminds me of a time where m' lil sister nellie ate one of these buggers hoo, should'a seen tha' way 'er face twisted up! was like she had jus' tasted skunk!"

and i've come back changed, i can feel it in my bones ✦ ˚ *