lark ★

starclan fodder | 07/06
Jun 30, 2022
[ this thread is retro to the great battle! i just got attached to lark and wanted to flesh them out a bit more even though they're. yknow. dead ]

Nervous energy vibrates in Lark's throat. They're not entirely sure if they should label it excitement or nausea, or some strange combination of both, but adrenaline has left the tabby jittery from the tips of their ears to their toes. When they come bounding into camp, mouth full of squirrel and eyes lit up with a nearly violent fire, well– most of their clanmates know enough to instinctively jerk out of their way. "I did it!" Lark shouts, still muffled beneath their prey. Where's the fresh kill pile? In the moment of high emotion the cat has completely forgotten, and turns in sharp, dizzying circles to search for it until bright bird feathers finally catch their attention and they drop it off with a deep inhale that leaves as a jittery, overworked laugh.

It was the first time they'd caught prey. Sure, mice here and there but that was simple, they'd been doing that since they were still a kittypet, as some of these cats like to call it. But a squirrel? That was stuff they'd just dreamed of. They were huge, after all, and wild and out there while Lark was just– in. They'd promised themselves they'd do it, that it'd be their mark of a real wild cat, and knowing that they've accomplished their goals is probably a contributing factor to the energy.

"Guys come eat this squirrel I caught! Look!"

Lark's energetic return to camp certainly does not go unnoticed by some of the clan. Whilst most steered clear from them, Lily had to admit she was curious about what had cause this much excitement. Coming over to investigate, Lily had to admit to finding herself a little envious of the catch. Lily herself is yet to catch a squirrel by herself, too frightened at climbing so high in the trees to get one.

"Impressive catch, Lark," She congratulates her clanmate. "Good job."
*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ He's alarmed at the intensity of Lark's yowl as they tumble into camp, dragging a creature almost as big as they are. With as tense as things have been since he's joined the colony, Blaise has been on edge, expecting cats from the marshes to brigade at any moment. He isn't sure what his plan is if that happens--probably die, he thinks with a twitch of the ear. I should ask someone who knows to teach me some moves. He sighs inwardly and directs his attention back to Lark.

They're glowing with pride, not fear, and their trumpeting voice declares that they've caught a squirrel. Blaise rises to golden paws and strides over to the feline for a closer look. They've impressed him, for sure; he wonders if he'll be able to catch a squirrel someday. Lily is impressed, too. Blaise flicks his tail against Lark's flank and says, warmly, "That squirrel is bigger than Gardenia's kits! You should teach me how to do that sometime." He's being genuine; he really would like to learn to become an accomplished hunter. All in time, he thinks.
The jittery energy with which Lark bustles into camp is mirrored in the erratic twitching of his bobbed tail and flicking of his ear. Honeybee's head snaps around, round eyes falling upon the proud huntress. "Holy shit," the cinnamon tabby grins, hopping after Blaise and Lily. It's an impressive catch, for sure. Honeybee doesn't think he's ever seen a squirrel so fat! "How many acorns did this guy eat?" That squirrel certainly didn't have any trouble during leaf-bare!

Stars, what Honeybee wouldn't do to be a dumb, fat squirrel. How simple would life be, then? They could spend their days stuffing their mouth with nuts and sleeping in the trees. None of this territory feuding bullshit to worry about. Aside from being inevitably eaten by someone higher on the food chain, that life sounds pretty damn good.