✧ silkworm
— silk for his ivory fur color. worm because he is the runt of the litter
— male \ he/him \ pansexual panromantic
— 26 moons \ ages on the 28th of every month
— pine group warrior

✧ npcs
— brother to spider
✧ single
— hopeless romantic
— no preference
✧ mentoring none
— previously mentored none
— mentored by none

✧ small, slender white tom with black ears and green eyes

— torn left ear and two scars across his right eye

— he's quite the asshole if that's how one would like to put it meanly. granted, they aren't wrong. he really just likes teasing people and getting on their nerves a little, but he doesn't mean to badly hurt someone's feelings. the problem is that he doesn't know where to draw the line, since his sense of humor was based from the rogue group he grew up in. the group didn't really apologize for harmful jokes and mocking someone was considered normal, as a result his humor can make him appear insensitive. however, if someone were to mess with his personal belongings or being too nosey... he will be frustrated and lash out at the cat who messes with his belongings or personal affairs, but he will try to distract them afterwards. distract them by taking them out somewhere nice or bringing them something nice. despite everything, he is extremely loyal to those he calls friends. he will defend them to the end and will make any sacrifices needed, even if it means he dies in the process. growing up in a rogue group, he has been trained to fight from kithood. killing is easy, but he doesn't enjoy it one bit. however, he will not hesitate to kill when needed. he will try to at least subdue the enemy or make them surrender. this can make him a bit reckless, considering he isn't afraid to rush into battle. just because he doesn't like killing anymore, it doesn't mean he likes a good battle here and there. he very much smug in his combat and medicine prowess. although, he won't admit that his medicine prowess is not up to par with his combat prowess. outside of combat, he's a rather laid back cat. he likes to do things at his own pace and isn't afraid to make cats do silly tasks just for amusement. although, he wouldn't joke about tasks during critical events such as starvation and such. he's not that heartless or stupid. little do cats know, he can be quite possessive. in the past, he was struck with paranoia from his first mate. he put all his trust in her, yet she betrayed him. the paranoia is still present to this day and he regards everyone with some apprehension. it's a habit really, but he will do anything in his power to prevent others from betraying him. whether it be snitching on them or directly confronting them about it. he loathes betrayal more than anything.
╰ ‣ cunning , reckless, combative , possessive , laid-back , smug , paranoid , strong-willed , insensitive

✧ playful & kind with strangers, starts every interaction with confidence
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