private Tears of grief are few

Such a tiny grave should have never been dug but he was grateful to whoever did it, Sunfreckle didn't even know. Dovekit's vigil had been a lavender-scented blur and he was only aware of the place because he had insisted on the spot. It was where he'd seen his first dove, it was where he had come up with her name, it was the white flash of feathers that had made him think to himself that ThunderClan could be a home if they tried. It was a home, but suddenly much more empty than before. He wants to cry again, but he's too tired now; there was a limited supply of tears he could give through the moons and it felt as though he had run out. Each drop had been invested in the grief surrounding this one horrific thing. Sunfreckle had never lost someone before like this, had never seen a cat he loved with all his heart fade at his paws and leave the world. He had not witnessed his mother being taken to the back room at the shelter, his brothers were adopted, his first real experience with death was the very life he'd brought into the world and it was so cruel. Life wasn't fair sometimes, he knew that much, but you would hope the stars had more lenience with kittens. The red tabby bent down across the tiny mound of dirt, dropped the lavender stem he had been given by the medicine cat atop it as one final offering.
He needed to pull himself together, the kits had been asking to visit the grave for some time now and he had finally relented and told Rabbitnose to bring them. He'd just been worried that facing this so soon would be damaging, but he realized now that this was not just his loss. This was all of theirs and they would need to overcome it together.
So the three-legged tom sat down, great plume of a tail curled around himself as he waited his small (smaller now) family to arrive so they could talk.

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He was still grappling with his grief. He was trying to be strong, trying not to break, but it was so hard. So hard not to curse the stars, so hard not to look for someone to blame.

But there was no one  to blame.

He was hushed as he guided his kits to the grave.

"This way, kits."

Every step forward felt heavy. He just wanted to sit down. Crumble.

Sparkkit followed him, lacking his usual energy. His ears were down and his tail was dropped. He couldn't meet anyone's gaze. It wasn't fair.

He wanted to see Dovekit crawl out of the ground and come back.


No, that sounds scary, now that he thinks about it.

Rabbitnose sat next to Sunfreckle and pressed his face into his head.

"We're here." He said quietly.