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Sep 25, 2022

When can I go back to the nursery!?” Whines would fill the air as Dewkit protested, casting Cinderfrost a less than satisfied glance. Already having lost track of how much time had passed in the medicinecat's den, she began to wonder if she would ever be allowed to leave. While she'd been sick for the past several days (with what she'd already forgotten about) she was better now! She swore it! Emberstar wouldn't let Cinderfrost keep her here forever, she knew so. Carefully, she would watch as the molly moved back and forth in the den, tending to the occasional cat that came through the den. Boredom was beginning to creep in, and she knew that soon, she'd be unable to hold back yet another complaint. Already, her luck would be tested by peeking (rather un-discretely) at an herb or two that had been given to her earlier that morning. Unsure of what they were for and why she had eat another yucky plant, she'd taken to hiding them in her nest, with hopes the medicinecat wouldn't notice.

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Sunfreckle had "blessed" the medicine cat with neverending work days. She cursed a previous stray thought, "This job is rather dull. I'd rather be hunting." Regret; absolute and utter regret. StarClan only answered prayers when it amused them. However, their methods were cruel. Not only were her paws full but these innocent kits were forced to spend time. They should be playing and being kits.

"That depends. How do you feel?" she inquired, her tail seeking to press against Dewkit's head to test whether the fever had broke or not. "And whether or not you've caused a mess of my supplies."

So it was possible for her to leave the medicine den soon. Good thing she doesn’t know I hid the herbs. Quietly the thought would cross her mind as she closed her eyes at the woman’s touch. “But I didn’t make a mess!” Arguing, she would glance at Cinderfrost, waiting to hear further about her current condition. Knowing how she said she felt wouldn’t compare to what the healer knew. Her eyes would widen as she felt a cough coming on, unable to hide the wracking cough that ripped through her body. “Will I ever get better?” Dewkit would do her best to hide the sadness from her voice, tears threatening to spill over with the realization that she wouldn’t be leaving the nursery anytime soon.