Tell me who you are {Aura readings/Gifts}

Jun 14, 2022
A soulmate who wasn't meant to be

The sun was still high in the afternoon sky when Deersong could be seen dragging what could only be assumed to be her own nest out into the clearing of camp. Within the moss, bedding were many shining shiny rocks of various colors and hues, and it was clear that each one had been chosen and cleaned with great care.

The creme and mocha molly was still recovering from the dog fight, though her limp was all but gone at this point. But it was during her rest that it had dawned on her that she hadn't offered her aura reading services to those in the clan yet. Finding the time on her paws now with Chompers off on a patrol, she was determined to get it done today.

Once she was in the center of camp, she would delicately remove the stones from the nest and place them around it in no particular order. Deersong would hum as she worked, a soft sound reminiscent of birdsong, and when she was done with her prep work she would take a step back and appreciate her job well done with a whimsical tilt of her head and purr of delight.

Deersong would look around then and with a swish of her half tail she would call out softly, "Hey cool cats and kittens, I'm doing some aura readings today, ya dig? Any cat who takes part may even get a pretty stone depending on what your aura needs. Whoever wants to go first, just plant yourself in this comfy nest please."

( ) huckleberry had been laying underneath some of the stray beams of sunlight that seeped through the treetops, between hefty paws sat the scrappy remains of a vole that he had just finished eating when amber eyes spotted deersong coming out of the warriors den dragging along a nest into the open clearing which promptly confused the tom.

it wasn't till the molly found herself a comfortable place in the center of camp to rest her nest down that she'd coo out her quaint words to anyone in the vicinity about some aura readings followed by the chance of being given a cool, shiny rock. huckleberry vaguely knew of his clanmates interest in collecting shiny stones but he didn't know she had the ability to read someone's spirit as well.

"ah'll partake in one of yer readin's! ah'd love ta know what mah, uh, vibe is! ah think that's how it's used?" a chuckle escaped from huckleberry as he pushed himself up to all fours, plodding on over towards the nest so he can get settled down in it just like the mocha and creme felidae had suggested to do.
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Aura readings? Well, that was a new pastime. It certainly fit Deersong's more... alternative tendencies. Her words often ran circles around their meaning, giving Daisyflight pause more than once. The offer of a pretty stone drew her forward, any object of attraction being of interest to her.

"Me too, this looks to be intriguing." She came to sit behind Huckleberry, content to watch him trial the process. A gentle shake of her head was offered to the tom, passing on her lighthearted exasperation. Daisyflight glanced over the colourful display, it's mosaic-sheen pleasing to the eye. How these stones were tied to a cat's' vibe', she had no idea.


While Quill definitely had a bit of a boring streak to him, he didn't hate fun or curiosity. He just preferred to choose what he partook in a little more carefully than others, disinterested in the emotional baggage that came with throwing yourself headfirst into drama. This though, seemed harmless enough. Deersong was a cat he was familiar with from his little tree-climbing excursion, and whatever the hell she was doing and talking about had definitely managed to capture the chimeras attention and curiosity.

"Whats an aura reading?" he asked as he made his way over, confusion settled in mismatched eyes as they shifted from the shecat to the nest that Huckleberry was sitting himself in. "And whats with all the rocks?"

Maybe he should have been a little embaressed to clearly be the only cat who didn't know what the hell she was talking about, but if there was any insecurity in there it wasn't visibly shown. As always, Quill was calm and collected as he stood waiting for his answer, and while he was definitely curious his face remained mostly blank save for the gentle furrow of his brow, the only indication that he had any interest in this at all.

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Deer's voice calls through camp and with a slightly sour look Churro turned around, fully expecting that same feeling from last time to bubble back up but it doesn't, spares her the misery. She lets go of the thought, rolls her shoulders back and approaches, standing among the crowd with slightly curious eyes. Her mind wanders as it always does and she slightly hums, eyes raking over each and every stone, would Red like one of these? Perhaps he'd like that one, or maybe this one? Oh- wait, she scrunches her muzzle, apparently its something about what an aura needs.

She blinks as Quillpaw asks what its all about and she finds herself nodding. "I want one!" she shuffles more so forwards with wide, interested eyes. She was fully ready to learn about what was goin on.
A soulmate who wasn't meant to be

A small chirp of delight would leave Deersongs' lips as Huckleberry approached first, eager and interested in her craft. She would wait for him to get comfortable before taking a deep breath and then opening her eyes, staring at the tom with an unusual intensity. Her paws would slowly move her around the tom, circling him as her head tilted to and fro, half tail swishing behind her in a thoughtful matter. Soft noises would escape her throat that sounded both good and curious, but when she was in front of him one more the smile on her maw was the usual whimsical sort.

"You are covered in pretty oranges and pinks, which means you are very good at making and keeping friends and showing that you are a gentle cat. You also have small dots of blue throughout, which means that you're a good cat to come to for support." Looking around at the shiny stones she had gathered, her paw would tap her chin before grabbing a pale yellow stone and presenting it to the black smoke. Once he grabbed it she would explain, "This one is will be good for encouraging optimism, warmth, motivation, and clarity. It's also good for supporting connections, get you even more friends."

Deersong would look around and blink in surprise at all of her clanmates who had gathered while she had been working with Huckleberry and she would smile in her cool and ethereal way. Turning to her deputy next, Deersong would motion with her paw towards the nest. "Aura readings are just something fun that my mama taught me how to do. Each cat' got a color to them that says something about who they are or what they're feeling." She would explain to Quillpaw as he came forward, "Certain stones can help with things that are lacking or amplify a good emotion or trait."

Deersong would nod to Churrodream as they voiced that they also wanted a stone, "You can go after Daisyflight, ok?"
Turning to the deputy, Deersong would repeat the actions she had done with Huckleberry and meowed thoughtfully, "Looks like you've got more royal blues and deep reds which means you may have a tendency for adventure and an inner warrior spirit that can handle anything life throws at you." She would look to her stones once again and then grab one that was mainly red with a few speckles of brown and white throughout it, "This one will help support you through times of stress and absorb any bad vibes that try to ruin your day. It'll also help you boost courage, quick thinking, and confidence."

Letting out a soft sigh she would look to Churrodream and wait for her to get settled next. Once she was seated, Deersong once again began her routine before soft airy laughter would flow from her throat like a wind chime. "I shouldn't be so surprised to see you covered in bright yellows, pinks, and even a little bit of soft greens popping out." Her paws would stop suddenly and she would make a soft noise before she stepped closer, "Well well....that's interesting." A soft coo of amusement would touch her tone and she would look around quickly through her stones before she found a pretty one of light pink which she would gently place between the fawn femme's paws. "This will help with trust and harmony, as well as respect, self-worth...and love." She would say the last word softly so that only the molly would hear before lightly tapping her clanmate's paws and moving away to look at Quillpaw, "Want to give it a go, Youngblood?"

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No way! Deersong was giving away pretty rocks and she was late to the party? No... this wouldn't do, she had to get one for herself as well to decorate her nest with! Clumsily on her awkwardly lanky limbs she races over to the scene, taking a quick peak at the stone her mother had just received. It was red, splashed with speckles of brown and white... but Churrodream's? Oh. She falls in love with Churrodream's instantly.

It was pink.
A rare color in nature the girl had only seen within flowers and the sky, and with the changing of seasons that color was becoming more difficult to come across. She'd love such a color by her nest!

"Can I have a pink one?" Figpaw asks, entirely missing the point of the stones. "Please?" She adds, remembering past mannerism lessons.
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He did not notice the intent- only that the display was weird-looking. A splay of colourful rocks like a rainbow had wept on their camp's ground lay lake-like before Deersong, and she spoke complimentary words while divvying them out like common pebbles. What even- what did it mean? Ears scattered with spiked fur pricked up, a spasm pulling his neck to the left slightly, as Deersong explained the concept of her auras to Quillpaw. How did- rocks help with emotional stuff? That was stupid. That sounded stupid, but he couldn't help some vague interest. There was some... stuff he definitely needed help with. Maybe Deersong would be able to work out what.

Chocolate-and-white, similar to the older cat's pelt but darker and much much scruffier, made its shaky way over. Olivine eyes marbled amber asymmetry locked stiff upon her, curiosity clashing with his wariness, at war in his gaze. "If you- like, wanna do more, man, then... then, uh. Yeah." A jumbled fumble of a request, but it was there, made. Whatever this magic stuff was- should it kill him or let him live forever- it couldn't be that bad. Y'know, not worse than death. Very little was.
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Basilpaw watches with curious mismatched eyes, his gaze following every one of the rocks as Deersong hands them out. He licks his lips in apprehension. These ones were all sorts of colors. Surely one of them was edible? He does remember the last time he had tried to eat a rock, though. It had not been a pleasant experience and, like most things, it had ended with him crying. No, he would not be eating any of these.

He comes to stand next to Twitchpaw, one of his fellow apprentices, only casting the brown tom a curious sideways glance. Of all the other apprentices, he liked Twitchpaw the best. Butterflypaw was annoying and Quillpaw was always so broody. He also supposes that Figpaw is pretty cool, he always found himself drawn to her upbeat energy. "Could I also have one miss?" he asks, not wanting to be left out. If his friends were getting rocks he wanted one too!
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A soulmate who wasn't meant to be

Looking to the apprentices as they each gathered asking for stones of their own, Deersong couldn't help the warm purr of amusement that came from her chest, "Of course, you all can have one. Let me just have a quick look at ya."

Her assessment of the younger cats wasn't as formal, young cats were still just growing, after all, so their auras were more like rainbows than the one or two colors that adults usually had. She would make a thoughtful noise before looking between them, and her stones before nodding, "Alright Figpaw, you can have a pink one too, it'll be good for self-worth and trust growth." She nudges another pink rock towards the apprentice before looking at Twitchpaw.
His aura had always fascinated her, though still young, the tom always seemed filled with paranoia and upset easily. Looking down at her stones she would grab one that was a pretty rock with a purple shade to its surface, "We'll do this one for you, Twitch. It'll help with getting rid of negative thoughts and it'll help you sleep if you have trouble."

Finally, she would turn to Basilpaw and smile wistfully at his politeness, though her head would tilt as she looked at him. Hmm, which one for this Youngblood, she wondered. Deersong would look between him and the stones, taking a tad bit longer on this than the other readings. While his colors were bright as one would expect from one so young, she also saw the darker, murkier colors underneath that seemed to be forming. After a few heartbeats, she would make an "Ah" noise of relief as she picked up a shining golden-hued stone with black lines dancing across its surface, "This one will do I think." Handing gently taking it and placing it before Basilpaw she would meow softly, "This one is good for motivation boosts, but its secret power is in helping to deal with negative vibes too, like anxiety or self-doubt."

Deersong would look at the apprentices then and would speak in her usual coo, but just a tad firmer, "Now it's very important that you take good care of these stones if you want them to take care of you, ya dig? Keep them clean and help them to shine and they'll do wonders."



Quillpaw wasn't sure what rocks could do to help a cat- unless you were going to throw them at someone that is- but Deersong seemed confident they could help with whatever issues her clanmates were dealing with. The chimera didn't know if he had any negative energy to get rid of. He felt fine, especially now that he was away from twoleg place, but maybe Deersong could see something in this 'aura' of his that he couldn't? He didn't known much about the subject, but if that shit had a tendency to linger then his probably looked something akin to a dark cloud following him around."Sure, why not?" he replied, broad shoulders giving a casual shrug as he stood there waiting for her to do whatever it was she did to 'read' him.

skyclan - male - 6 months - bisexual - homoromantic - single - very tall tabby tomcat with broad shoulders
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When Quillpaw's voice spoke up and agreed to a reading, her whiskers would twitch in amusement before turning and motioning for him to take a seat before her. When he was settled she would look at him with a strange tilt to her head and her paw would lightly tap the ground as her half-tail swayed behind her.

"Hmmm...Well like the others you're still a bit young to read with real accuracy but..." She would circle him once, leaning in closer at times as if trying to see something a bit more clearly. "I see...hmmm..." This was stated with some sadness to her tone and she would step back and look at the apprentice for a moment in contemplation, "Not that different from his looks like..." Her words would be mumbled softly and she would speak a little bit louder, "Some black is floating around you pretty tight, Youngblood, along with some dull reds that are trying to hide underneath. But I can see the pretty blues and greens just dying to come out." She would look down at her stones then and her eyes would settle on one that was a dull greyish black with bold splashes of red on its surface. It almost looked like an inverted version of the stone Daisyflight had received, "This one is good for helping with aggression and impatience. Drawing the bad away while also encouraging you to be selfless, creative, and idealistic."

She would offer the stone to Quillpaw then, in a manner that was a bit different from the others. Where she had handed the other stones over with the expectation of them being taken, this held the air of a choice. As if she was giving Quillpaw the chance to deny needing the stone and walk away or keep it and see if it helped. Either way, Deersong would take no offense.

Curiousity had gotten the best of him. Settling in beside his sister, he would watch as each cat had a turn and was gifted... a rock? All that for a rock? Confusion would cross his features as he watched them grow excited, thanking the molly for the gift. What exactly was so special about these rocks? If he wanted one that badly, he'd go find one on his own. An unintentional wave would unfortunately for him, signal his interest in reading. Until his fate would be met, he would watch as each cat came and went, giving the occasional passerby questioning glances.