Sep 18, 2022
The cool night air was a relief on the woman’s fur. Having grown used to uncomfortable periods of heat, the weather change was a blessing. Selecting a quick frog from the fresh-kill pile, Turtlenose would eat it in a hurry before exiting camp on quiet paws. Her head would turn on a swivel with the sounds of the swamp, pleased that she’d chosen to go on her patrol alone. With the way the clan thought of her recently it would do her some good to clear her head away from the annoying comments that came with company. No initial plan in mind, she would decide to first patrol the borders before coming to an end with an attempt at hunting. If she ran into someone on the way or Starclan forbid they followed her, it wasn’t exactly like she could continue to exclude them. Rather, as long as they listened to her, they’d be under consideration.

That's how Tendriltail preferred doing buisness too, alone. That way she had no distractions, no ones incorrect work to clean up after. She could get her job done and done right with ease when she was alone. Perhaps that is why she has not had an apprentice yet since ShadowClan formed... and honestly? Tendriltail was thankful for it. Didn't want to... risk anything.

Sometimes, though, she bumped into cats. No she had not followed Turtlenose, their paths just so happened to diverge. A shockingly plump raven sits in the she-cats mouth, she gives the fellow warrior an acknowledging look before speaking through feathers, "Hunimf?"

Hunting, she means hunting.

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"I hear someone coming," The girl announces to her mentor and sister in the middle of their training session, suddenly straightening from her crouch. Angling her ears towards the sound, her fluffy tail sweeps against the ground to gather her bearings before she turns her head. After a few long moments, she pricks her ears and declares proudly, "Turtlenose and Tendriltail." She's learning voices. She's learning scents. She's awesome. As if forgetting about their lesson, the apprentice spins around and marches off in the direction of the two, which only happened to be a short distance away from the clearing they'd been in. "For me? You shouldn't have!" The loud comment is directed towards Tendriltail, who is surrounded by the delectable fresh scent of a bird. Her mouth waters at the thought of digging into such a morsel - what a treat among frogs and lizards!
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forestpaw's words makes the feline taste the air, with a gentle tilt of their head. with a nod, they watch as forestpaw picks apart the sounds, and noticed who they are, simply by their voices. with a gentle nudge of her, with their shoulder, they nod at their apprentice.


with a quick and short praise, they turn back towards lavenderpaw, sweeping their tail over her back before nudging their head in the same direction that forestpaw skipped off to. they followed, not too far behind, but they certainly were not in as much of a rush as forestpaw was. they slowed, nose twitching at the scent of prey with a huff.

"forestpaw. you'll scare any prey in the area away being so loud. we can't afford that. quiet down, a bit."
Unlike Tendriltail, he had followed 'urtle, on purpose like the vengeful wraith he was, evil spirit, toddlin' after any who catch his eye. N' by catch his eye, he means likes messin' wiff. He doesn't even bother hidin' either, not worth the trouble. N' what would she do, tell 'im to beat it? Easy way to circumvent that: ignore it. "Hunimf!" he repeats wit' an answering chime, standin' on his toes to stretch his neck above urtle.

N' as their paws carry 'em forward, they cross paths with two lil' scraps and their mentor. She's all too quick to claim Tendril's bird, n' Chilled is more concerned with the volume of the demand then the demand itself. Huh! "Nuh-uh," he tells 'er, fixes 'er with a wicked grin even if she couldn't see it. "Bird's all mine, sorry! Buuut maybe I'll lend it to ya' if ya' hop on one leg," A reasonable enough request, he thinks. In his day you were taught this sorta thing in the case of a one-one (one body, one limb) scenario.