Jun 17, 2022

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ealousy was a pitiful emotion to feel or so she had always been told. It was shameful to feel envious or jealous of another cat and thier achievements in life especially when it come to thier own blood. Pitiful was exactly what Blossom was as she stared at the back of her sister when following them back to camp and this very emotion was burning inside the young she-cats eyes as she watched them stand in the spotlight being all famed over by the rest of the hunting party. Cherry, her sister had always been popular, always getting all of the attention. First from thier parents and now from the group they where living in. Meanwhile thier sister had cast a large shadow over the other one who never got noticed at all. Blossom was the one who had taken the short straw here doomned to forever live in thier sisters shadow despite them being like a identical mirror of the other.

The two where twins and looked exactly the same. There was nothing that told them apart apperance like. They even smelt the same making it impossible for thier parents to tell them apart. How many times had thier own parents mixed them up?. If it wheren't for thier complete opposite personalities no one had been able to tell them apart. Cherry was the brightful one, always friendly and impossible to not like while Blossom was...gloomy, sharp-tongued and unpleasant to be around. No one liked Blossom only Cherry.

It had felt like an extremely unecessery long walk back to camp and the moment they arrived everyone was surrending Cherry to compliment her on the kill. It was a squirrel she had captured not the most easiest to catch especially for thier young age. Meanwhile Blossom was stuck with a small mouse hanging from thier mouth but no one noticed, no one saw. Even thier own parents had famed themself around thier favorite child. It had always been like that. Not only was Cherry more liked but she was also better at everything. Hunting,climping,fighting and apperantly making friends. Watching the whole thing befold itself right in front of her very eyes only made her jealousy worsen.

Blossom bite deep into the mouse before finally tearing her gaze away to go and sulk in the background. Since the shadows was her only friend Blossom had seated herself down under one of the trees to hide in the shades. Spatting the mouse down at the front of her own paws Blossom sat there glaring at the back of her sister with daggers.

It hadn't always been like this between them. Once the two of them had been close, unseparated even. Of course it had always been obivious which one of them thier parents liked the best but back then Blossom hadn't felt too bothered by it because she had Cherry who always had been by her side. They had made a promise to always have each other and nothing would ever tear them apart. That was before they had joined this group. Everything had changed between them since then. Cherry had become to sucked into the attention of the other cats that she had all forgotten about her twin, and now the eight month old sister had grown to despise them for it. For forgetting about them, for...

breaking thier promise.

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