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How...how was he suppose to do this?. Everyone else made it look so easy but here he was struggling, messing up. The usual. Perchpaw stared down at the water with tears in his eyes his paws and belly drained in the cold water. You are not getting out from there before you capture a fish!. Jawstrike had snarled his impatience out, sick and tired of his daughter not doing any progress. Perchpaw was six months already, he should know how to capture fish by now. But he didn't. The pressure and knowing his father was glaring at his back right now was not making it any better. Jawstrike had brought them out here taking it into his own paws to teach their child how to become a proper riverclanner. They had been out here for hours without any real progress and Perchpaw was cold but he did not have the confidence to speak up against his father.

Another fish was coming in to the shallow water he was standing in, and once again he tried, waiting until the fish was close enough for him to swipe his paw after it. Perchpaw had expected for another failure, for the fish to slip through his grip before he even had manged to touch it but he actually manged to hit the fish, and up it fly right through the air. The apprentice looked shooked, unprepared for it. Perchpaw realised he was wasting time, and what only had been some few seconds he was desperately trying to reach for the fish before it went into the water again.

Luck had never been on his side though and so when he moved slipt on one of the rocks underneath his paws and so both him and the fish went straight back into the water. Perchpaw's head reappeared to the surface again but his body remained in the cold water. Once again he had messed up and he could hear his fathers angry snarl from the shore. " Fucking unbelievable!. You had it.. you!. Tch!. Why did starclan had to give me a such worthless child like you!." Perchpaw would look back over at the shore where his father stood meeting his furious and disappointed glare. He was about to open his mouth to apologize, but his father already had turned his back on them...leaving them behind.

New fresh tears reappeared to his eyes but who could tell when he was completely drained in water. Defeated and ashamed he cast his gaze down to where his paws where underneath the water, to stare at his own reflection. He would never become a good riverclan cat no matter how much he tried. He was not cut out for this life.

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