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[Death had always fascinated him. Dead bodies were always so interesting to look at. Maybe it was because he had been dead when first brought into the this earth making him have a special connection to death. His mother dearest had told him so countless of times that he should be dead but starclan had brought him back to life. That he was destined for something big one day. How amusing that was to think about. Indeed it was. Yet at his young age all he could think about was how badly he wanted to see how bodies looked on the inside. From, a frog to a mouse. Did they all look the same?. What about his clanmates?, his mom?, even him?. Did they all look the same?. What about this heart everyone was talking about. Over and over again his mom keept on telling him how importand hearts were that without a heart he couldn't be alive, not breathing or feeling. Everyone had it and he was captivated by it all!.

How many frogs had he cut open now?. Slitherkit had lost count but he kept on 'playing' with his food, kept on getting scolded by his mom every single time she saw him all bloody by the cadaver he had cut open instead of eating. Slith, stop wasting the food!. Apparently it was importand in this cold, every mouth importand to feed. Yet he couldn't help himself having no self-control!. Mom would forgive him though, she always did because he was loved or at least that was what she claimed.

Slitherkit had been left alone with his thoughts, no other kit daring to get to close because he was too weird, too creepy. He had always known he was different from the other kits, always knowing he wasn't like the others. That was why he had never tried to connect always keeping to himself unless he wanted something from them...like right now.

The kit was staring at the cat who was eating a squirrel, a squirrel out of all things!. What a rare sight. So red and fluffy. He was captivated by its uniqueness as it stood out in this place never having seen one before!. It was rare to find here in the swamp. It most have gotten lost on it's way..losing its way from home and now it was dead. Getting eaten and devoured by his own clanmate. He just had to know more wanting to know how it would look on the inside. Did the Fluffy Red have a heart too?. Maybe he would understand better this time...maybe its blood were just as beautiful and pretty like the crow he had cut open the other day!.

Slitherkit approached, curious and full of wonder and a thirst for knowledge!. He creept closer and closer, his paws silent and quiet, barely even noticable until he stopt right in front of his clanmate to stare with his hollow-eyes. There was a pause, his breathing growing quicker, and it was evident across his face that he found it difficult to breath because he was so...so excited he barely could keep himself together!. " Hey, you." he finally spoke and only then did he realise!. If he wanted something he had to smile. His mother always told him to smile more, that cats would like him better if he did. So he smiled.

His lips spread apart showing his shark looking teeth as the smile spread across his whole face all while his eyes where soulless. It was the smile of horror. Creepy and disturbing, twisted and wicked. He looked like he was ready to murder his own clanmate right there and then!, all while his breathing grow quicker. Can you show me its heart, pretty please??." he was so excited that he started to drool, salivia running down his mouth as his smile was left unchanging, glued to his face.

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