Debiru had just arrived here so this was an unexpected kindness coming from this npc Guardian who had offered to show him around this place. Politely the winged canine would follow them while they showed them around each and every room they had here. Debiru found himself grateful over to have the npc with him because just the tunnels to get here had been huge so without them he wasn't even sure if he had been able to found his way here. But as they moved along the tunnels the Guardian told him the tunnels could be confusing for many to learn and that was why at the begining it was wise to have an older member with them until they could found thier way around.

The first thing he had seen after reaching the end of this tunnels was the ancient building. It truly was a sight to take in and Debiru would stare at it with awe as they got closer to it founding a such admiration for this place already. But that was not why he was here to take in this place beauty. He would contunie on to follow the kind Guardian who lead him inside a dark tunnel until they come outside to show the massive library he had heared so much about from travellers. This was why he was here, for all of the books and the knowledge they hold inside of them. The physcians eyes were wide with awe while he took in the whole room, the massive hall of endless books and scrolls. This was...truly amazing.

Debiru was lost himself in his trance as he watched everything around him not paying much attention anymore to what the Guardian told him anymore, and then they arrived to the bronze globe Deb would take a circle around it to observe it closely. " What is this one for?." he would ask with curiosity, his eyes not leaving this perfectly made object. The Guardian just gave a shrug. " Nobody knows. " the guide would answer which was a bit of a disappointment but Debiru decided to be satisfied with that answer for now.

He would then follow the Guardian to a room filled with even more books, and he could see some of the other Scholars where resting in here or reading in some of the books. Oh, how much he had wanted to dig into to read one of the books but he had to wait until later. When they where close to reach to the next part of this place Deb come to notice that the Guardian was...staring at him. Hmh?. Why was that?. A slight bit of shyness was felt inside of the canine, despite him having grown out from the person he once had been for years ago still now and then could feel insecured and not comfortable with other people staring at him, especially not like this. He didn't know what to say about it though so he just decided to smile at them, and in return the Guardian quickly looked away, and to Deb's unawareness the other were blushing. Looked like someone found Debiru to be quite stunning to look at.

The sprial stairs come next and Debiru would climpt the stairs up to the second floor to where the room was they lived in. He also got the system explained to him that he was going to be sharing one of the rooms with another Scholar. That was unexpected and Debiru who happend to like his privacy and still found it difficult at times to share space with a stranger knew he had to adapt to this new lifestyle, for as long he decided to stay here that was. After that tour had been given to him the final floor was next, the best part of all of the rooms and what Debiru had been looking forward to see.

The Planetarium. Debiru had never been in one of those before and none of his imaginations and expectations could be reached. The moment he stept up to the third and final floor to enter that room his eyes were shinning so brightly. It was beyond everything he could have dreamed and hoped for. It was true what he had been told, that you could see the whole shy from up here and on the night...the view on the stars most be a such stunning view. He would simple stare at it all, being in complete awe and disbelief. " Uhm, Sir Debiru?. This is all i had to show you, would you like to go back down?." The Guardian asked the awe-struck canine who couldn't stop staring up at the sky. " No thanks. I think i'm gonna stay here for a while. " he would tell them while he clearly were elsewhere right now, but before the Guardian had a chance to leave he would have manners enough to glance back at them. " Thank you for the tour though, i really appreciates it. " he would say with a smile, a smile that made the Guardian blush again before they mumbled a 'you're welcome' to them before taking thier leave but before they headed down the stairs they would glance back thier shoulder at Debiru one last time before finally disappearing, leaving Debiru up there all by himself, for now anyway.

He would seat up there in silence simple taking in this moment for himself while grapping the necklaces that was hanging down from his neck. A necklace with a skull, not really fitting special well with his image but Debiru had never cared. For him this necklace was the most prectious iteam he could ever owe and he never wanted to part with it. He would hold it tight in his grip as his smile turned a bit sad. 'I wish you could have been here Ghoul to have seen this view with me.' Came his sad wish send out to his former lover who had been dead for years now. 100 years to be more exact. Most would have moved on by now but not Debiru. It hadn't gone one day since that day he had lost his lover he not had thought about them, longing for nothing more but to reunite with them someday in the afterlife...If only he could have broke the curse...

He swore, someday he would meet them again. One day.

Debiru hadn't been expecting to be found so soon up here but at the same time the view up here were outstanding so he wouldn't be suprised if this place were popular to visit for many after a long day of hard working or...whatever they where doing during thier days. His previous thoughts had for sure got interupted by the lion who greeted him with what the Physician would have described with polite manners." You guess right sir. My name's Debiru Kuninaga, it's a pleasure to meet you as well." Debiru would politely bow his head back to return the equal respect to the other before sharing a smile to the older male in a gesture of friendliness. " Yes. All of these books you have here...it really is like heaven for a bookworm like me." he confessed with a awkward shyness. Lupius...sometimes he said the most awkward things, didn't he?. Debiru still wasn't convinced at all times he had truly 'mastered' the skills of social interactions.

The way Sargon looked at him while circling themself around him was something that instantly made the Guardian feel uncomfortable. He had never liked to be the center of anyone's attention, especially having someone circling around him like this always made him feel unnerved. Like he was being judged from top to toe, inside and out.Despite how many years had passed...he could never forget, or how many times he had got circled when a predator had been watching him. Uncomfortable he would shift a bit in his seat, wings getting brought closer to his body, but beside from a slightly lowered position he covered up most of his discomfort with a smile.

What catch this lions eye happend to be the necklace around Debiru's neck,and suddenly all of the attention was on that special accessory. Debiru would grapt a bit tightly around the skull that was hanging down from it, his eyes shortly afterwards falling down to studie it with fondness." It belonged to someone i used to know. He was...very prectious to me. he would smile with warmth as he remembered his deceased lover until sadness suddenly masked his smile." It's all i have left of them now..." his voice grow softer, more fragile to the touch. He keept it as a memory so he never would forget about them.

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