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Aug 3, 2022

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" You better tell me where he is right now !!" They demanded but Shallow said nothing. He refused to reveal anything to them. So he stood tall and waited for what would come next. Riptide's patience for sure was running thin that day. " Fine!, if that is how you wanna play it. Rogues! get him and make sure to teach him a lesson!." The rouge leader gave his orders and Shallow knew he stood no chance, not against the whole group. Still that didn't mean he was going to go down without a fight. For months he had been beaten and broken as he felt there was nothing left in this world to fight for. So he had accepted all of the punishments, all of the scars and bruises he had covered all across his body. But that had all changed, three months ago. Suddenly, he had to find a reason to live again to care for somebody and make sure they didn't end up like him. Riptide had stolen his hopes and dreams but that kid still had a chance for a better life, something he himself had been robbed of. All he needed to do was distract Riptide and the rogues for as long as possible so the kit would get far away from here even if he had to put his life on the line.

Shallow put himself into a fighting position with claws slided out as the whole group came for him. Instead of running away which most would have done in his dire situation Shallow charged forward to throw himself at the wolves. He put up the best fight he could, slashing and biting at anyone who come close but for each blow he manged to get in the ten double he got in return. He was clawed and knocked around like a mouse that was being played with. He stood no chance and as he was attacked from all directions. He did his best to fight against the odds before his body could no longer take it. He fell and hit the ground all bloody and covered in scars while he kept on getting attacked.

" That's enough!." Riptide roared out and in a matter of seconds the rogues split up and went back to stand like a wall around Shallow and Riptide. He had no strenght to get back up on his paws so he had no other choice but to stare up at the tyrann with his only working eye. Riptide glared down at them with a snarl before they lifted up a paw and slammed it down right at his neck. Shallow held back a hiss as he stared up at them with fight still left in his eye. This bothered Riptide a lot. Shallow bite down on his tongue when he felt the claws slide into his neck to puncture through his skin. " I don't get it!! no matter how many times i beat you up, starve you and isolate you! - you always find a way to disobey me!. I have had enough of this, of you. This is your last chance. Tell me where Blight is or i will finish you of for good!." Riptide snarled with fury. After months of keeping his body captured here it seemed like the rogue leader had finally had it with him.

That was good, Shallow thought. All this time he had been kept a prisoner to this tyrann who had taken him from the only place there he could have become something. Taking him back into this life in confidence that he could get Shallow to talk, to spill out all of Thunderclans secrets so Riptide could take the clan over. But he never had spoken one word of information to them. No matter how much they had beaten him up to a pulp, broken his body, taken the sight of one of his eyes. Shallow had remained stubborn to not bedray the clan that had taken him in. Why?. Because a warrior would never give information of their clan to an enemy, and despite how he had been treated by some in the clan Shallow stayed firm to keep all of them safe, at least from this one.

" You can break my body and soul..." he started, his breaths slow and heavy as he spoke. His vision blurry. Even now he could still remember his time there even if it had been months ago. He had never forgotten of them, or his dream that once upon a time had burned so fiercy in his soul. Riptide had taken all of that away from him sure. But it was one thing he never could take from him. " But you can never ever - " he paused to cough up some blood, his breathing becoming more heavy to take. He narrowed his eye at Riptide. " take my heart..." No matter how hard they tried Riptide would never succeed in taking his heart away from him....That was the only thing he refused to give up to the very end. Shallow would die to stay true to what he believed to be right.

" You, have it your way then!! " Riptide snarled and as Shallow felt the claws dig deeper into the skin he closed his eyes ready for the end to come. Riptide moved down his paw and - Slash blood came squirted across the ground, Shallow's blood.

He was bleeding out and fast. Shallow slowly opened his eye again as his life came flashing in front of them, memories of a better time, of what he could have become if things had been different. He saw himself as an warrior, standing tall and proud as his clanmates shouted out his name, and his dream had become true. At the front stood Sunnyday and Sunfreckle who cheered on him the loudest. Uh. What he wished he could have seen them one last time to ask if they where...proud over him in the end. Had he become the cat they had envisioned him to be? or would they stare down at him with disappointment, finding him to be the rogue he never had been able to escape from?. He suppose he never would know. In the end he wouldn't die as a warrior...just a rogue who pretended to be one. That was all he would be in the end.

Shallow felt so very tired all of the suddenly. His heart beating so very slowly. He was close now. Shallow closed his eye for the final time. At least the kid was safe now and far away. He hoped they would get a better life, a second chance for both of them. To become the warrior he had always dreamed of becoming. His dream would be theirs now. It was time to let go.

With one final breath Shallow's heart come to a stop and he was gone.

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