that new sound [windclan border patrol - open]

Jul 20, 2022



OOC- just here to remark the borders! Shadowclan cats are free to interact with the Windclanners, though there will be a road separating the two groups lol @ROSEPAW @POLLENFUR @melonpaw

Shortly after announcing the patrols, Dusk had gone about gathering the cats he'd called for his own. He was hoping to take this chance to get to know Pollenfur and Melonpaw a little better, having never really spent any time with the pair. Maybe it would be worth inviting them out to train with him and Rose later? Oh well, he'd worry about that later. For now they had business to attend to.

"Remember to mind the thunderpath, Rosepaw." he reminded them as they neared their markers. It seemed quiet for now, but he was sure that one of those things would come rolling along at some point and he wasn't about to risk his apprentice getting hit. Of course, he had a feeling Rosepaw had more sense than to do something as foolish as bolt out onto the road.

"At least there doesn't seem to be a ton of those monsters out today." he added, a reassurance that was extended to the entire group with a small smile.

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Pollenfur follows Duskfire with wary steps, minding the bitter and stinging Thunderpath scent as they draw close to the ShadowClan border. She had seen Briarstar at the Gathering, and she knows many of the cats came from the marshes before splitting off into her beloved moors, but she doesn't know much else about the swamp-dwellers.

Duskfire reminds Rosepaw to mind the Thunderpath, and Pollenfur nudges Melonpaw with her forepaw. "He's right, sapling. Don't get too close. Monsters come quick and they don't stop for cats."

Duskfire remarks that there aren't too many monsters out today. Pollenfur flicks her tail in response, studying the bengal. Her judgment is reserved, as it has been since Sootstar appointed him... though he's privy to her brutality, she has never found him to be unpleasant or cruel. And stars, so young... younger even than Brightshine's kits. More than anything, she pities him, pities the cat Sootstar will try to turn him into.

She finally gives him a small smile, deciding he's done nothing to deserve her ire. "True. It'll save our ears." She nods to her apprentice. "Can you smell ShadowClan, Melonpaw?" It's a horrid scent, but to her chagrin, all Clan scents that aren't WindClan seem to be that way to her now. She resents that. At one time, the world had been open to her, entirely without borders or scent markings for her to mind...

Briarstar had been out with Forestpaw, getting her acquainted to the territory. They were spending a lot of time at the border so her apprentice could memorize the smells of their borders before working inwards. The stench of WindClan was fresher today than it had been and as they approached the edge of the Thunderpath - Briarstar putting a tail out to prevent her blind apprentice from taking a fatal step any closer - she saw the glitter of eyes and the flash of pelts across the way.

She was glad to see the other Clans had taken to her idea of scent markers. It made their territories more obvious and prevented trespassers, Clan or otherwise. She dipped her head to the WindClan cats. She had no trifle with them. After all, Sootstar had once been an ally. As long as they were respectful, she would be too. "There are WindClanners, Forestpaw," she pointed out. "Can you smell how many?" Her apprentice would need to rely heavily on her nose, be able to pick out scents like this.

Unlike her sister the molly Dislikes Windclan for more than one reason. She has never gotten along with Sootstar and whoever that hooligan was on that other Windclan patrol she likes even less. Not many she actually likes these days and she doesn't find it in herself to care. Yet she is here trailing along the path behind the patrol her sister has taken out. She doesn't have to be on these patrols she finds but it soothes her to be doing something other than digging through piles of leaves and trying hard to figure out what does what. Sighing softly she lifts her head up at the sound of voices and malignant burning eyes narrow upon the Windclan patrol. The smell of moor and heather is strong and it rest disgustingly on her tongue. With a snap of jaws she moves along the Thunderpath before a name flutters across her thoughts. She should ask.

Stopping to stare at them she waves her tail in greeting before shuffling her paws. "Windclan." She begins with a clipped tone before she forces herself to relax. "How is Honeytwist doing? I'm just hoping she is doing well between medicine cats." That is all she really needs to know.


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Canarypaw was next to slip next to the sisters, her ocean blue eyes landing on the Windclanners with curiosity, she had noticed a slight distaste from Bonejaw but said nothing of it as she looked over the lanky moor cats with a gentle hum, her tail flicking to the side wondering how they could easily sleep out in the open they could even hunt when they seem quite clumsy, swift, but clumsy. "They smell funny" she murmured to herself, but other than that the young apprentice did not say much, she rather observe what was going on anyways, finding not much reason to speak. After all, she only had tagged along out of curiosity, nothing more, and this was just a potential pleasant (or unpleasant) surprise, Canarypaw was not sure yet as she hardly knew the windclanners, and this would be her first experience with them. Ear twitching as Bonejaw mentioned someone by the name of Honeytwist and she tilted her head before glancing up at the medicine cat. "Who is that?" she asked, despite Bonejaw mentioning the other being a medicine cat, Canarypaw still had her curiosity about them, and...well the clan in general she supposed.

Forestpaw didn't expect there to be so many scents in her new home to remember. She didn't want to admit it, but she actually had to work hard to be good at this stuff. She comes to a stop beside her mentor, wrinkling her nose at the acrid stench. Yep, they're by the thunderpath. Briarstar asks her how many WindClanners are across the stinky strip of land, and truth be told, she has a hard time smelling anything beyond the strong smell. She cheats, taking note of the names they speak, the different voices she hears. She lifts her chin confidently, tail rising in the air. "Four," She answers after noting the two voices each talking to their apprentices. Two mentors, two apprentices. At least, that's all she can guess so far from the conversation. Briarstar doesn't have to know that she didn't use her nose to figure that out, though.

Rosepaw would follow along behind his mentor as they walked through the moors to get close to the thunderpath remembering it not being that special long ago he had left the marsh land to become a moor cat instead...It had been his familys decision and he had been forced to follow along with them. He didn't regret following with his family. He had meet alot of great cats on the moors but...sometimes he did admittedly missed his old home. The only thing he didn't missed was the thunderpath though. He had always found the monsters very horrifying.

Nodding his head along with his mentors advice there was no way he was going to get anywhere near it. " I will, i promise." he mumbled in agreement. Didn't took special long before they no longer was alone. Rosepaw's ears would perk upwards when he heared the voices from the otherside, and he would turn his head around while stoping in his tracks, looking over to see who was over there...if there was anyone he recognized. This far the only familliar face he saw was Swollowing nervousely he put one of his front paws over the other to express his anxiety, and while forcing a awkward smile his head sank low, feeling uncomfortable. What if they where angry at him for leaving?. He couldn't help but still care about thier opinions on him even if he no longer was one of them...

// rosepaw was born and raised in the marsh group before the split! so they are free to recognize him if they lived here on the swamp land during the time he did! (:


Halting beside @FLICKERFIRE , she’d glance to her mentor warily before turning her attention to the Windclanners. Based on what she’d heard about the gathering (unable to attend herself) those Windclanners were nothing but cold-hearted murderers. A scowl would cross her face as she listened to the cats around her speak, she’d once again turn to her mentor, addressing her in hushed tones. “Didn’t their leader kill a skyclan cat? Do they really think marking the borders will prevent the other clans from showing them what their consequences are?
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Her first big patrol gig, with her mentor Pollenfur and the deputy, ohhh, Melonpaw was beyond excited as she followed them out with wide eyes. They near a road, something that smells terrible and causes the young girl to wrinkle her nose up, slightly gagging. "It stinks! I don't like it." her voice was full of disdain, ugh, was this really what mama had to smell allllll the time in... what was that place... paris or something? "Sacre bleu.." she complains quietly this time, a large frown on her maw as she slides in to place against Pollenfur, nodding at her mentors words.

"What are monsters? Also I can't smell anything... It smells badddd." it seems all that leaves her mouth today are complaints, her fur puffing up in indignation. Then theres a call by a black pelted woman with white, she asks about mama and her eyes light up. "Mamas doing good!" she'd call back, an excited smile being shot up to Pollenfur. "Whose she? Do you know how she knows ma? Is she cool? Or is she boring?" shes bouncing on the tips of her paws in excitement, a large grin on her face.