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This was the most wonderful thing he'd ever found, he would swear it by the stars! And to think, just cast to the ground carelessly by the river's flippant nature. The shore was lapped by the flowing water, tipping over the bank, but Fernkit- and he did wish someone had seen- had expertly dodged its touch! Someday he'd have to encroach those waters- being a Riverclanner was about swimming, about being one with that stream, but... for now he didn't fancy it. He'd wait till he was a bit bigger, like his dad, and a bit stronger, like his dad. Speaking of which, where was he? His teeth were beginning to ache from the knocking rattle of the stone in his mouth as he ran.

There! Stark dark against the pale surroundings, how hadn't he noticed him before? Bug-eyes wide with glee, the tiny tom barrelled over, "expertly" weaving in a stumbling slalom through the bustle of the afternoon camp crowd. "Daddd- OOF-" An exclamation that sprung free as he snagged on something and slipped, stone spinning to the ground and skidding toward Mudpelt. Shaking himself off like a dog out of water as he rose, Fernkit's frantic, dizzy searching was clearly on the crevice of fruitless. "Awh, where'd it go?" High-pitched sweetness stumbled from his maw, the drag of a whine in his voice.

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The call of his son grabs his attention and Mudpelt pauses mid-step, ears pricking and head turning towards the sound with a "Hm?" He watches just in time to see Fernkit sprawled on the ground, an object flying from his jaws and skittering right towards his feet. He glanced down at the small rock curiously before his grin-crested paw lifts to see his son getting up and looking around. "You okay, buddy?" He chuckles, beginning to paw the stone towards him. "Is this what you had? You gonna add it to your collection?" Fernkit was certainly an...interesting child, what with his odd obsession with things. But even though his father doesn't quite understand, he is nothing if not supportive of his strange tendencies. As long as it's not harming anyone else, right?

Admiring eyes found his father's face as, effortlessly, he located the gift- though immediately his father made a grave mistake in pawing it toward him. A giggle, light and melodic though skittered behind kitten pin-teeth, bubbled from his chest. He nodded enthusiastically, then again, and then just as enthusiastically shook his head. Three questions, three wordless answers- but he figured he needed to elaborate!

"Not this one, nope..." Nudging the pebble toward his father, he looked up, up, up at Mudpelt, a tiny grin upon creature features. "It's for you- 'cos it looks like you!" A cheer of melodic, mumbly explanation, Fernkit searched his father's eyes for approval. A similar muddy colour to his fathers fur, and with a strange curved shape that made it look almost like a cat's silhouette if such an idea was already in your mind, it was likely baffling how the child had come to this conclusion.

Still, he expected it to be taken at face value.
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Mudpelt blinks blankly at his son before his eyes slide towards the stone. It...just looks like a rock. He looks to Fernkit once more and sees the expectant, proud gleam in his bright blue eyes and suddenly he jumps, as if the realization just hit him. "O-oh! Oh, wow!" Luckily, he had to do a lot of acting in his childhood, so he was able to pull a grandiose smile onto his maw in no time. A look of utter surprise is thrown back towards the rock at his paws. "It looks just like me," He emphasizes each word and nudges the rock closer to him. "I'll put it right in my nest. Thank you, Fernkit!" He purrs and leans down to swipe his tongue across the boy's head. He really did mean it. A meaningful gift from his son would always mean the absolute world to him, even if it just looked like some plain old rock to anyone else.

Fernkit was, of course, none the wiser. From his perspective Mudpelt smiled, clearly amazed by the likeness of his gift, shuffling it toward him and repeating the sentiment that it looked just like him. It did- he knew he had an eye for these things! With such an expansive collection, he'd had time to perfect his tastes...

In his nest, too! What an honour! "Oh, 'n it'll bring you good luck if you keep it there, so you should keep it forever!" he urged, not sure he entirely believed his words, but... surely it was a good omen to keep something that was reminiscent of yourself in your nest. Against his father's touch, Fernkit nuzzled closer, ratlike tail swishing in a tiny gesture. He was glad his gift was well-received!
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