The Carrion King


Carrion King
Aug 26, 2022

art (c) PunchBxnny


> Age 40moons <
> Gender Male <
> Sexuality Unknown <
> Clan Windclan <
> Role Warrior <

Tall, lithe black tomcat with grey patches and a long feathered tail. Scarred back, shoulder, face and a torn ear. One bright yellow eye and one blinded by physical injury.​

> Personality (simplified)

  • Intelligent | Determined | Observant
  • Loner | Tough | Capable
  • Stern | Morally Grey | Out spoken

> Backstory (simplified)

  • Raven was a wild-born cat living outside of the two pre-war colonies. He made the decision to join the pine forest cats, well into his adult life, after a harsh winter changed his mind about living alone. Raven decidedly was not present for the war, choosing to remain behind for those who may have needed the protection
  • Post-war, Raven chose to follow the cats headed for the moors. Soon adopting the full name of Raventalon to fit within the new norm.

> Extras/Fun facts
  • Earned the nickname 'Carrion King' from living off some few frozen carcasses during a harsh winter and is known to not stick his nose up at older food.
  • His scars are also from this same winter, fighting off other carrion-eaters for survival.
  • He has several siblings, most of which chose to remain loners out in the wilds.
  • Referring to him as just 'Raven' is saved for only close friends and family.

art (c) Rai
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