THE CHAINS THAT BIND US || drizzlethroat

Blame. It sparks from the eyes of his warriors, spittle on their maw as they demand to know what he intends to do. In his dreams, his paws become stone, immovable, and he sinks below the earth with the weight of his indecision. Squallmist, Drizzlethroat and Redstorm deserve answers - don't they?

Rain and Haze - they deserve justice, don't they?

But he does not know how to give them what they deserve. He does not know how to do anything but apologize, and his words grow emptier by the day.

He can't avoid Rain's kits forever, and he knows he can't put off approaching Drizzlethroat. Sickly and weak, the she-cat's defenses have been up even before the incident, and Blazestar is not sure his presence will be welcomed at all.

The flame point peeks into the medicine cat den where Drizzlethroat rests. He doesn't know what it is that plagues her, but it's some illness that keeps her faint, tied to camp like a Twoleg dog on a vine. "Drizzlethroat. Do you... want to walk with me? It's nice out." He hesitates. If she isn't up for it, then he supposes that will be fine, but he isn't sure he wants to have any conversations with her within hearing range of other cats.

Her sleep has been fleeting, eyes always open and alert no matter how her body screams the fatigue that she feels. It's been like this ever since her father was killed and now it seems worse now that Haze is gone. A hidden fear deep in her that if she sleeps she will wake up to another sibling, another piece of her family taken from her. It hurts and she wants to wail out but who will listen? The tailless molly buries her head into her paws then as she takes a tired breath in. The smell of herbs almost making her sick. She's been in her so many times now that the smell has turned rotten to her. Slowly she focuses on calming herself and closing her eyes when she hears her name. And in a voice she could possibly live without hearing. Flicking an ear she opens one eye to stare at Blazestar.

Really she has no idea what he wants and especially with her. She is sure he knows her disdain for his lack of movement, especially when her brother was killed in cold blood by the Windclan leader. Slowly her head raises up and she stares at him now with full focus. Gaze almost jagged and she frowns. He wants to go for a walk with her? Surely he doesn't actually want to. Still she finds her paws pushing forth from her nest, the shaking limbs shifting just slightly before she tiredly shrugs her shoulders. " I guess that's fine. I'm not doing much laying in here anyway." Her words are almost bitter as she slips her way past her leader and out into the camp. "Where are we heading?" At least there is truth to his words here. It is a nice day.