the curtains open - return




The trek from Riverclan and back home has given her plenty of time to think. At least she tries to think through everything but the more she does the more bitter she becomes. Hare Whiskers told her to let go of her bitterness but it's easier said than done. She wishes she can go back in time to when things were easier to understand and they were not all blindly following dead cats. It just makes less and less sense but she supposes it is just too convenient of an excuse to snatch territory away. No,...Cica isn't like that but others.... A rough sigh pulls from her jaws as she steps with silent paws across the boggy ground. Her eyes are half open and fatigue still claws at her. Sleep still evading her with her ever moving mind. The memory of that place sticks with her and the sight of that rock still haunts her. Yet she know she can not refute it all. It's there like an imprint. Her time for fighting is over. Those words echo in her head and she finds herself feeling almost pained.

It's time for her to mend things, to do this. Her paws pass by the Sycamore tree. Alive and well it is. Still holding its leaves as leaf fall slowly invades though the heat of Greenleaf still fights to stay. Her eyes are gloomy as continues her trek and she finds herself pushing through the tunnel, and stepping into camp she pauses there. The woman has not returned with her sister. Days later, time having moved on and she wonders just what has happened while she rested her bones but not her mind in Riverclan. The place she is barred from just like the other groups. "Have I missed anything?"
Briarstar had returned some time ago, her long trek leaving her bone-weary but nine times enlightened. Flicker has no reason to doubt their leader's claims -- she's never questioned Briarstar before, and besides, she's seen the dead cats already. Surely them blessing Briarstar with a new name, nine lives, isn't too much to believe in.

That Bone had gone with them, though, and had not returned with her sister -- that had been strange to the tortoiseshell. Briarstar had not been able to explain where the other had gone, and there'd been no trace of her in the marsh for at least a few days.

But here she is, strolling into camp with burning eyes and a dour expression as always. Flicker rises to greet her, but the expression her face is not friendly. Her smirk is cutting, her eyes just as blazing as Bone's. "Well, well, well. Guess you remembered where you live after all." She tilts her head, realizing there's something off about Bone.

Her scent. There's a tang of something there, fish and moss... "Bathing in the river, were you?" Her tone is mildly accusatory. Bone had left ShadowClan to mingle with RiverClan? Flicker does not say the rest of this out loud, but she regards the other femme with burning curiosity.


The woman looks at Flicker, her eyes leveled and her posture calm. She cares little about the accusatory tone that is given to her. She isn't about to hide where she had been and the unfinished business she needed to wrap up with a dear friend who she will miss. "I had to talk to Cicadastar. Things are...different now and I have no issue with telling anyone where I was." Not like she is betraying her clan by being over in Riverclan for a little bit. She needed to let Cica know she couldn't join him. She has a sadness not because she can not but because she never had the choice to begin with. Taking a deep breath in she releases it in an annoyed sigh but only at herself. She's tired of things. But this is her new life now.

"I guess my sister is Briarstar now. Seems plausible that the other clans have leaders like this too. If Sootstar is anything to go by." Thinking that woman a leader with nine lives makes her anger rise. Her words she spat at her still lingering like festering wounds and she closes her eyes before opening them. "Also I no longer go by just Bone. By the Stars I am given a new destiny and title. You will all address me as Bonejaw and I'm to be your medicine cat and your link to Starclan." She feels out of sorts saying it but there it is. In the air.
When Briarstar had woken up in the silvery light of the moon next to the strange rock Bone had brought her to, she had discovered her sister was still in a trancelike sleep. She had waited for what felt like hours but decided to go on her way. Whatever StarClan had decided to share with Bone was clearly more important than the things they'd bestowed upon Briarstar - or was it? Now having nine lives seemed pretty important. Had Bone... Bonejaw received the same?

"You're back," she mewed as she padded closer, eyes sweeping over her younger sister, looking for any signs of injury. She smelled like RiverClan's lands, but bore no scratches. An uneasy feeling shot through her veins at the thought of her sister in the riverlands, but when she claimed she was ShadowClan's medicine cat, Briarstar figured that she had been there on important ghost-cat business. She hoped anyways. She did not want to lose her sister to the river the way she'd lost so many others. "Bonejaw. It's fitting. I like it."