private THE EMPTY HEIGHT -- smog

Sep 23, 2022
*:・゚✧☁ ⋯ Gloomkit finds herself occupied with a dragonfly, her eyes round with alertness as it crawls on the rock. It lands infrequently, going to surf the air just above the water outside, and darting back to camp just out of reach. In the few times its route takes it right nearby, she tries to catch it, only for it to sense her paws lingering right above it and skirt off into the sky again. This time she would not miss.

Hovering a paw over the stone, she focuses in on the bug. Her shadow transposes over the poor thing ominously. With bated breath, she strikes.

She opens her eyes, realizing she'd scrunched them shut in anticipation, but her paw hits pure stone. The thing lands gracefully, unscathed on the other side of camp. A figure sits nearby, within paw's reach of it. Gloomkit takes no hesitation in calling, "Catch that for me?"

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Today has been slow, quiet. It's nice and he enjoys the downtime that he has been given. Not having to force courage to leave camp makes him feel rather relaxed. Easy going and being able to watch the commotion of camp makes him feel secure on where he is. A soft yawn pulls from his muzzle as he sits there, admiring the work put in to keep the fresh kill pile so full with fresh fish when something catches his eye. Turning his head he watches the flitting form of a dragonfly as it moves through the camp space. His eyes linger on the thing before a sudden call makes his amber gaze turn to look at the kit in surprise. "Catch it?" He has never tried to catch a dragonfly before. His former him did not have any and he puzzles on how he will do it.

Shifting carefully he crouches low and his eyes zero in on the bug. His gaze turns pensive for a moment befoee he inches his way up closer and closer. His aim is to just pin a wing down. He doesn't want to squish it. Lifting a paw he suddenly darts it forward and does just that. Pins the side of its wings and oh boy does it start flipping all over the place. "Hurry, come get it! It's having a major fit!" Did dragonflies bite? Oh he sure hopes it doesn't.
*:・゚✧☁ ⋯ Gloomkit grins widely as Smog successfully captures it, making sure to note how he inched closer. Must have been luck -- she believes pouncing immediately is the way to go. The sound of its wild buzz doesn't deter her from skipping over joyfully. She isn't sure she could have done the same and caught it... "Thanks!" the smoke mink exclaims.

Whatever Smog might've thought her next move was, to carry it away and swat at it, she had other plans. Pulling it towards her, Gloomkit eats the dragonfly. All that work to keep the freshkill pile stocked with healthy, fat fish with gleaming scales, and she doesn't get the point when she can catch her own meals! Well, she didn't really do it that time. It's the effort that counts. The wings sticking to her whiskers, she questions, "Did ya see any more? Aren't they called waterflies? They don't really taste like water..."