the fire burns the night sky | tiny dog attack / in-camp plot #2


This is part two of the in-camp plot! The chihuahuas have descended- now those remaining are forced to drive them out. These dogs, while small, still pose a serious threat to any cat's life. Working together will be the safest way to get them to retreat, and cats still risk sustaining injuries (feel free to have your character pick up any scars, though keep in mind we will need enough able-bodied cats to push the pack out of the forest). While the clan won't face each and every dog in the pack they will need to chase off enough of them to protect the camp- we can assume 3-4 depending on engagement with the thread.

The remaining clan has been warned about the dogs after the prior patrol's findings and, at the request of Daisyflight, been asked to stay in camp. Other warriors etc are free to have been up watching over camp with her, however they will have been instructed to keep quiet in order to reduce chances of being found /which didn't work :,)

Kits are welcome to participate! Of course, as they are still young they can't contribute to the offensive however they are open to post about their perspective in the nursery- using nests to reinforce the walls, reassuring each other etc.
@BATSHRIEK @REDSTORM ! @MISSY. @BAGUETTE. @HUCKLEBERRY @BUGPAW @~Deersong~ tagging those who signed up!

The night air was drawn taut with frost, leaf-bare beginning to slowly elope with the forest's atmosphere. Daisyflight sat beside the curved bough of High Branch, tail swept neatly across her paws. It was hard to sleep, with the others gone and dogs in the territory, and so she kept watch. After reporting back to the clan about the dangers the deputy had forbade any cats from leaving until the morning when they would go out in a larger group and put their fears to rest.

Responsibility was laid thick on her pelt, a hefty reminder of her status. If Blazestar never came back, she'd be the one to take care of those left. She'd be forced to lay upon the moonstone and confront whatever spirits might exist there. As a ginger ear twitched with discomfort, the molly flicked off those concerns. That tom better hurry his hind back to camp.

A crack in the night tore her attention from musings, jade eyes sharp in their assessment of the tree-blurred horizon. Slopes of green, fern and bramble, surrounded the hollow. Across the way, at an angle from the barbed entrance, was a rustling clump of foliage. Pricked ears took in the sound of sniffling and erratic movement. Daisyflight stilled, limbs stiff. It persisted. The scent of cats must be too strong here, those mongrels have found us. A quiet, warning glance would be shot to all those out in the clearing.

The dog, or dogs, were investigating just above the elders' den. Her mind kept skipping to the nursery, to her kits. She had to get there. Terse seconds shaved at her composure, body low. A yip, sharp and biting, snapped it- the deputy lunged towards the holly bush across the clearing. Breaking the silence now, she yowled out "Skyclan! Up, up! Protect the nursery and apprentices- we need warriors to the entrance!" The words clashed with the crashing of coming hounds, their bodies bashing in the greenery around them.

One of the creatures broke through the frond-walls, its beady eyes wild and mouth slathered with spittle. Their frames were blunt, scrambling legs short, with wayward diamond ears. Any relief at their stunted size was bled dry as another rattled down the path carved by the first. It was hard to count their numbers with the cacophony of growls and barks that descended upon them.

"There's too many- drive them out! We can't take them down. Kits, drag your nests against the nursery walls, stay inside!" The orders were belted out over the noise, Daisyflight desperate to bring their clan together. Unsheathing her claws, back to the nursery entrance, the deputy readied for the onslaught. 'Just our luck' her frenzied inner monologue repeated.
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There is a keening sound, pitched at a frequency that is certainly not a song bird that roused him from his sleep. Ash dappled head and golden eyes blinked from the pile of other kitten bodies and warm nest bracken to the suddenly alert and shouting voice of his mother. Snowkit wriggled free from his comfortable spot despite wanting to just close his eyes, because there was an intensity to the shouting that made his fur prickle in unease.
His coal-colored nose nudges its way out the den first, peeking into the center of the camp where he sees cats rushing in a frenzy of different mottled forms, elder's limping along back to the safety of their den and warriors frantically barking orders. Barking. Barking?
He'd never heard a bark before, twin triangles pricked upward curiously at the strange sound that was similar to a cat's speech but so warped and garbled he could not understand what was being said at all. Was this not a cat? What was this? This source of this awful sound was not a beast he'd come across yet in his young time on this earth.
Finally Daisyflight comes into view, he watches the black and ginger form of his mother place herself before the nursery in a stance he is only familiar with when it came to play but this time her claws were out. She never had her claws out when they were playing games, it was this observation that finally knocked the curiousity from him and replaced it with worry-terror, he turned frightfully back to the other kittens in the den before blinking both sunset eyes until the look of paralyzed uncertainty had left his expression.
"We're playing a new game! Get up, get up! We're gonna make a bracken fort against the wall and pretend we're spies from ShadowClan!"
His white paw went out to start nudging bodies awake, tail flicking in a lightly harried display.
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Still holding steady with a stranger's laugh
having joined the deputy earlier in the night to keep a watchful eye on the camp, the soot-furred tom had practically blended in with the shadows of the clearing where he sat with only the dim glow of amber hues giving away his position. nothing would appear out of the ordinary until there was a audible crunch that rang out, attention snapping to daisyflight who had located the persisting noises before shooting a look to any others around the camp to prepare.

the frosted air around them felt tense, strung out on this thin wire until it was snapped by the cacophony of grating barks and howls from the hounds who had just figured out what exactly this hollow sheltered. suddenly, one broke passed the barriers then another until it was practically a wave of these critters flooding the clearing. huckleberry was quick to dart out from his cover, alongside any other clanmates who were already outside, into the fray of yipping, spittled dogs.

the tom curled his lip back into a small snarl, a hefty paw coming in to swing at the nearest canine who dared tried their luck getting closer before sending it skittering back with a yelp. "go on, git! ye mongrels chose tha 'rong camp to mess with!" he hissed out, watching as some pressed forth like a herd while snapping persistent jaws at his feet.


While most in the nursery were rushing to reinforce the den's walls or trembling in fear, Figkit was squinting her eyes and peering past the holly bush. The idea of what a dog looked like shined visably in her mind despite never seeing one, huge beasts that lacked grace with slobber pouring from their giant maws... That is what she was expecting to witness, instead they were much smaller, almost cat size. It terribly confuses the little girl... weren't they suppose to be huge?

Nonetheless, the way they swarmed and threatened the defense of SkyClan's camp was frightening, Figkit's creamy red fur was bristling on every inch of her body... making her look quite silly. "ShadowClan would be even more scary!" Figkit does snap out of her thoughts in time to exclaim to her sister, surely ma and SkyClan would be able to handle these small beasts...?

She hopes so...

Figkit hurries and grabs her nest, placing it up tightly against the wall of the holly bush... even though she was a kit she had enough smarts to know a nest probably wouldn't do a whole lot if any of the dogs really wanted to get in... "You guys are such slowpokes!" Suppose most had just been woken up from slumber by Snowkit but... still! There were dogs attacking! Was that scary- yet exciting enough to get them on their paws quicker?

Like Figkit, Greenkit's own curiosity has him trying to catch sight of what they're meant to be, as Snowkit put it, building a fort against.

If this is ShadowClan, they are some odd-looking cats, he decides. They are meant to be pretending it's ShadowClan, sure, but still - what's invading the camp looks more like silly-looking cats, than the dogs the kit thinks they're meant to be.

But that didn't mean they weren't scary. No - anything that decided to trespass into their camp at such an odd time was scary!

"I'm not slow!" he protests at Figkit's words, "I wanted to look, too!" He steps back from the empty space in the holly bush to grab his nest, dragging it back to the empty space to build the wall up. Hopefully, that will be enough to keep the dogs at bay. Hopefully, the warriors will be able to drive them out.

He looks around for anything else he can use to create a stronger barrier around the nursery, though, it doesn't seem like there's much else he can grab, unless he wants to drive kits out of their own nests. So he starts to help Snowkit wake the others instead, pushing the same story his littermate's been telling them - this is a game, that's all that it is.

Greenkit hopes that's all it will be, for the youngest kits.
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The movement in the nursery behind her threatened to tear her gaze from the invading hounds, but Daisyflight grit her teeth and pressed on. Twitching, rippling limbs tangled beneath the dog's small form, an unpredictable ferocity that kept her on the sharpest of edges. As the mottled, clay-painted contender snapped forward, the calico jolted back- knowledge that dogs favour the neck tight around her mind. Its needle teeth grasped at the fluff of her throat, nasal growl meeting flattened ears.

Taking initiative in the briefest of lulls, Daisyflight retaliated with heavy paws. Battering its snout and sides alongside any fellow clanmates, she tried to beat it back. One claw, whetted with blood and skin, gripped at the dog's flapping gums. The lucky swipe ripped away at the jowls, spittle ablur with the salt-wine of gore, drew out a yelp from the creature and it fell away.

Wide eyes, panes of seaglass panic, spun across the clearing. Huckleberry's success brought relief, however the canine forms that wove between their ranks obscured much anything else. Suddenly, an unfettered pelt, slick with grime, burst from the throng. Smaller than the last, the hound flit before her grasp- straight towards the holly hidden behind her. A hiss, fury and fear entwined, rasped up Daisyflight's windpipe. Even at her fastest, it would reach the nursery before her.

"Little ones, get back! I'm coming-" Her breathless lungs burnt but nothing could hold her back from her pursuit. The mother could only hope that the barbed walls would fend it off for long enough.

/woo! okay, looking at another round or so of posts until they're chased out. there's now a dog near the nursery and likely one at the camp entrance if people want to have their characters engage with any in particular :)
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So soon had the dogs arrived, small yet vicious in their gait. Leopardcloud rises from her nest in the nursery at the sound of kits babbling about a new game, sleepy eyes widening in shock at the sight. She watches Daisyflight as she panics, running for the nursery, and she turns her head just in time to stumble back when a snarling beast leaps at her. A loud, vicious shriek erupted from the mother, satisfaction in the yelp of pain as the dog is pricked by the fortified nursery.

"Kids, back! Back! Away from the doorway! Daisyflight, I've got the nursery for now!" She cries out to the Deputy, large paws battering at a shrieking dog tangled in the defenses of the nursery, claws lashing out in an attempt to blind the canine. "Get. Out!" She snaps, teeth snapping out with loud chomps. She remembers her training in WindClan, how to defend a nursery as open as their own- turning her body to hide the kits in the nursery from view. The queen wasn't going to let anything pass, she refused.
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"Maybe I wasn't talking to you, bird-brain!" Figkit argues with Greenkit, nothing serious... just litter-mate bicker was all. Not like any adults could focus on her words enough at the moment to scold her for it...

She hears her mom cry towards the nursery in the distance, Figkit jumps when Leopardcloud makes an appearance. Tales of WindClanner's immediately enter her mind, she doesn't trust Leopard... she doesn't trust her children either.

She steps back and hears a growl right in her ear.
Alarmed she turns around, finding a large ebony nose sticking into the holly bush. Figkit lets out a ear-piercing scream and without thought, rakes her tiny claws a cross it's nose. A high-pitched yelp sounds from the dog, it stumbles back and flees back into the fray, shocked at what he had been greeted with when poking its nose into the den.

Shocked at what had just occured, Figkit stumbles backwards onto her rear.
Did she just fight a dog?!
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Coyotekit had never seen a dog before, but he was not about to let that stop him from doing what he could to help. Cream tipped ears perked at the sound of his "sister's" voice, watching as she rushed to shield the nursery with the length of her body. Scrambling to his paws he hurries past both Fig and Greenkit to wedge his way through the opening of the den. "Don't worry Leopardcloud, I'm coming to help!" Coyotekit shouts up at her. Truthfully, there is not much he could honestly do against the small dogs invading the camp. But no one could tell him otherwise. Cream tufts of fur bristled, standing on end as he watched the foamy mouthed canines zip around the campsite. A youthful hiss broke forth from his jaws as a dark furred chihuahua turned to sprint their way.

Without thinking Coyote darted forward, dipping between the dog's legs. He could hear the audible clacking of teeth that would have clenched around his tail had he not been fast enough. He was brave to run at the dog but now that he was under it his heart hammered rapidly within his chest. His paws felt stuck, glued to the ground from hesitation and fear that now trickled into his frame. The dog growled, awkwardly shuffling about to move into a position to bite at him, it's legs roughly bumping and knocking him from side to side. Quick shallow breaths entered and exited his lungs as he panicked. With eyes wide he opened his mouth and bit as hard as he could into the chihuahua's heel, ears flattening as it shrieked and yelped in pain.
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Deersong had been laying in wait as well, the cream and mocha she-cat keeping her aqua gaze trained on her deputy as the world seemed to hold its breath. Sure enough, Deer would not have to wait long for a warning look to come from the calico just a heartbeat before small dogs broke into the camp walls.

Their high-pitched barkings and yelps hurt her ears, but instead of showing fear at these crazed enemies, the normally docile molly would unsheathe her claws and jump into the fray without hesitation. Her movements would shock any cat who knew her, for she struck every pointed snout she came across with the speed and ferocity of a coiled viper. Her papa had trained her well after all.

However, even for Deersong, the number of tiny dogs that flowed into the camp like a torrent was almost too much, and as she looked around wildly to see who needed help, her gaze would fall onto Coyotekit. The tom-kit was being bounced around beneath a dog's legs as the creature attempted to get ahold of him. She would rush towards the pair, feeling a hot flash of pride for the kitten as he sank his tiny teeth into the dog's leg and it let out a yelp of pain.

As it turned its' head to bite the kitten back in retaliation, a piercing shriek would rip from Deersongs throat before she launched her slender frame between the snapping jaws and Coyotekit's small body. She would let out a yowl of pain herself as the dogs' teeth sank into her flank instead of the kits, but the warrior would simply channel the pain into every claw swipe she aimed at the dog's snout.



that was all baguette could think. he wasn't a cat who cursed. it rarely crossed his mind to do so, aside from occasionally badgering himself, but this had to be an exception. he moved his fur from his eyes slightly, nose twitching at the scent of wet dog. disgustingly, it flew through the air, as with the carried barks, snaps, and growls , like a leaf during leaf-fall. he needed to help keep the kits, and the rest of his clan safe.

shaking out his pelt, the tom cat strided forward, looking around. there were so many of them! how could they ever expect to win?! his gaze moved around before he found himself eye to eye with a little beast. a small doberman pinscher, hackles raised and teeth bared. Still, it was taller than baguette at full height.


taking in a slight breath, the tom cat rammed forward, trying to knock the dog off balance. it worked for a second, but it only made it angry. more angry than it had been. and suddenly, there was a mix of barks, snarls, growls, hisses, and yowls, as baguette and the dog collapsed to the ground. the dog, however, was less injured. a few scratches here and there, but baguette got the worst of it. he was maimed. deep scars over both of his eyes, currently covered by his fur. blood streamed down his face as he panted heavily, shaking his head while his eyes closed to keep blood from getting in them. it hadn't mattered. his vision was already a blurred mess. he could barely see his own paws.

"why are there ssso many!? where the hell are they coming from!?"

despite it all, he still wanted to fight. he needed to. his adrenaline was pumping and he needed to fight until it was gone. he would fight until it was gone. no doubt about it.



The next moments went by in flashes- Leopardcloud's call, Deersong's rescue of Coyotekit, Baguette- her destination changed in an instant. Letting out a rattling hiss, Daisyflight plunged fur-flecked claws into the earth. "Baguette! I've got you." Patchwork pelt stitched with the white of his flank, she came alongside him. Hasty strikes took away a part of the dog's ear, spooking it enough to depart. It didn't go without a parting blow however, nipping at her side. She turned to look at the snowy tom, the mulberry that spilt from his brow stealing her breath. "If you can- get to the medicine den, we're almost out of this mess." The order was coloured with concern but the molly couldn't stay for long.

Sides heaving with excursion, Daisyflight twisted through the crowd. A hot rush of relief came as she recognised that those who made it up were more feline than their attackers. The tide had turned.

Honing the renewed courage brought on, the deputy lashed back to the nursery. Supporting Deersong in her assault, she bit at the dog's mangy stomach. Head low to the ground, she wrenched her teeth back. Above her, the creature's scrabbling paws scratched briefly across her shoulders, loosening her grip. The wounds inflicted by her fellow clanmate were enough to bully it back however- the yipping disappearing back into the forest. After licking off the blood that had been drawn in the messy bout, Daisyflight nodded to the warrior in approval, "You're fiercer than you look."

With the last of the effervescent attackers being beaten out of the clearing, she lifted shoulders from the offensive stance they had been locked into. Once the final dog was sent scrambling, the molly took a steady breath. "Skyclan, we've done it! Good thing too." The cry was tattered, praise scratched from her throat. Wary paces brought her to the nursery, fearful eyes taking stock of those inside. "You've all been so brave. T-thank you for keeping them safe." Her grateful gaze fell on Leopardcloud. All now accounted for, Daisyflight took in their torn camp. What next?

/okay! all the dogs have now been chased out of camp. feel free to keep responding to this if needed <3


( ) just as quickly as those yampering pests arrived, they were now driven out in droves by the clan with tails tucked between their legs and crying out howls of defeat into the chilled air until it was nothing but a distant echo. huckleberry watched with a tense gaze as the last of the dogs disappeared beyond the brambles giving him a second to relax for just a minute, a sense of pride swelled in his chest at their victory but it was put aside for now to focus on other things.

knowing that they were safe from any threat, huckleberry swung his head in the direction of his clanmates who looked a little tattered but stood strong despite it all. the black smoke took immediate notice of baguette who had thick rivulets of crimson dripping from his features which caused his stomach to swoop in concern.

with paws setting him in motion, huckleberry bounded over towards his clanmate and immediately pressed up against his side in support. "you alright darlin'? we gotta git to the medicine den quick, them damn dogs clawed you somethin' fierce. . ."

( i hear the wandering streams and the song of the birds )
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Greenkit stumbles back as the dogs near the nursery, a wave of fear washing over him.

The warriors outside were supposed to be strong enough to keep them at bay! What was happening out there that the odd dogs were within reach?

They were scarier up close, he quickly learns - odd-looking, cat-like dogs, with beady, night-colored eyes and snarling teeth. Terrifying, yet, Greenkit can't help the envy he feels at Figkit's bravery in the situation. She swipes at it like it's nothing and Coyotekit - a newcomer from WindClan - follows suit, biting at one of the dogs.

No fair! They couldn't be braver than him! Figkit would hold it over his head, over all their heads, if she was the only one to fight a dog out of the four of them.

So, he races forward, small, sharp claws unsheathed as he swipes at a dog peeking in from the other side of the entrance. He's able to get a scratch in, sure, but it isn't long before the warriors step in and get in the way of Greenkit's battle.

How embarrassing, what little of a chance he gets to fight! But, at the same time, relief washes over him as he's able to keep back, as the warriors are able to save the day. The relief continues as his mother announces the battle against the dogs is over, but Greenkit can't help but take another peek outside of the nursery's confines to double-check for Daisyflight that the danger was gone.

Warriors are injured. Some are sent to the medicine den. Though the dogs had been scary looking, Greenkit finds himself perplexed by this. Such small dogs were capable of hurting warriors? Those that were meant to protect those too small to fight?

All the same, they saved SkyClan, and for that, Greenkit is glad.

"Can we come out, now?" Greenkit called out to his mother, leaf-green eyes looking expectantly toward her.
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The metallic twang of blood coated his tongue as he bit into the dog's achilles, causing his muzzle to wrinkle at the taste. Yet he dared not to release the flailing canine that continued to jostle his about. Coyote hung onto it like dog death-gripping a chew toy. It was not until he saw a flash of fur and heard a shrieking yowl did he release the chihuahua's leg. Deersong had leapt into the fray, taking a nasty bite that definitely would have left his smaller body maimed. The tom-kit felt his breath hitch in his chest at the molly's heroic act, she had sacrificed her safety for his own but she was injured because of it. The next few moments were a blur. Daisyflight quickly made her way over to deliver the last few finishing blows before the dog finally decided to retreat and then the fighting was over. Another shaky breath left the cream tabby tom as his eyes darted in the deputy's direction, watching as she praised his "sister". Pride swelled in his chest, happy to see her receiving attention for her bravery. But sad eyes flickered back to Deersong's leg, guilt now washing over him like a flooding tide.
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Upon the call to action, Redstorm would immediately scramble to his feet, his blue eyes wide and shocked, confused. The barking coming from around him tells him all he needs to know. Dogs. Dogs were invading camp. For only a moment he freezes, horror struck. In his head he is imagining the worst. In his head, a large dog looms over him, huge jaws dripping slobber onto him and snapping at his neck, sending him straight to Star Clan with his brother and his father. He rushes from his nest out into the clearing, looking around at the chaos unfolding before him.

These dogs are not what he was expecting. They are small, almost the same size as he and his clanmates are. Its almost laughable, if he didn't see one take a bite out of Deersong's leg. There were so many of them, it is all Redstorm can do to keep his head from swimming. Dizzy as he tries to figure out which dog to attack first.

He sees a clanmate struggling, a one-on-one fight that is almost equal and he rushes forward, determined to turn the tide in their favor. He reaches forward with outstretched claws, one blow after another driving the dog back to the camp entrance. When it turns and runs out the camp he lets out a whoop of victory, bumping his clanmate on the shoulder excitedly. He turns around to look at the rest of the clan, smile dropping off his face as he sees the damage these small dogs have done. He looks to Daisyflight as she speaks, nodding at her words. All of them had fought so valiantly. All of them had been so brave. Even the kits.

"Are you going to be okay?" he asks quietly, turning his attention to Deersong who holds up an injured paw. near to where he now stood. "Its really too bad Dawn isn't here" he reflects though he wonders what the strange tom would do if he were. Vaguely he remembers what he had said at the meeting before he had left. "I think maybe we should get some cobwebs on that wound" he suggests to the brown molly gently.
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As Daisyflight arrived and helped the chase the dog she was fighting with away, Deersong would feel her muscles uncoil with relief. Her flank stung like fire, the scarlet liquid slowly but steadily dripping down her leg as she held it up. Her calm and whimsical expression would return to her face once more as her deputy praised her before hurrying off towards the nursery with little Coyotekit in tow.

She was happy to see the little scamp was well enough after all the craziness to run and she would turn her head to meet Redstorms' concerned eyes. A purr of reassurance would flow from her throat at his quiet mew and she would nod, "I think that's a far-out idea, Red." She would move to follow him with a tired smile on her face, but her voice would be it's usual coo as she spoke, "Lead the way, Youngblood. Just don't walk too fast."


So many things were happening at once. With so many kits in the nursery, it was hard for her to notice her own kit running after a dog until she had seen his cream pelt being shaken around like a ragdoll. Leopardcloud's eyes widen at the sight, and she waits until Daisyflight announces that the dogs were gone does she move forward to dash over to the kit she had given birth to. Her child, her beautiful baby was okay- and she sniffs him like her life depends on it, trying to make sure he's safe.

And then she smells blood, and her eyes turn to Deerstep. Her poor leg, would she be alright? "Thank you." She breathes out in relief to the molly, giving her a grateful look before she quite literally lifts Coyotekit off of the ground by his scruff. With it being so fluffy, it took a bit of adjusting, but she lifted him up soon enough. "Don't you ever do that again, Coyotekit. Never! We could've lost you!" She scolded the boy, voice muffled by all of his tufty fur. "...But I'm proud of you. You showed that dog why they don't mess with SkyClan, right?"
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