THE FIRE STILL BURNS // return & "meeting"


Fate was sick and twisted.
Despite every bone in her body wanting nothing less than this, she tows a pine cat.
She's towing a pine cat back to her camp, her land, her clan. She's towing one who hadn't even had the nerve to join them when the split first occurred, the will. Behind her is a cat who likely doesn't want to be here, a cat she suspects will betray her one day.

A disgusting realization had hit her back by the stone when her eyelids had fluttered open. When she had looked into the she-cat's blue and yellow eyes it all came crashing down.
She was the StarClan's flower. The flower WindClan was to have for whatever damned reason... Medicine cat of WindClan she was supposed to be...

This was awful...
...But at least she had nine lives.
At least she would never die. In comparison to her new issue, Fritter, she was invincible. If she ever messed up did anything that put WindClan or Soot's reign in danger... Soot promises she'll make her regret coming here.

Yet despite her anger and frustration, as always her demeanor was cool and steady.

They arrive at dawn at WindClan's makeshift camp, just in time for her clan to wake.
"Clan meeting!" She declares, taking her stance on a small slope for some leverage above her clan. It wasn't much but she needed somewhere to stand to address them all.

// VERY IMFORMAL FIRST MEETING, this can be a mess and not crazy formal like your typical meetings. Everyone talking over each other, butting in, etc etc ^^


Honeytwist is sick to her stomach as she walks silently behind Soot, staring at her paws the whole time. The dreams were true. The moors, the fire burning in to piles of Soot, she understands now. Windclan. Its a bitter symphony that falls off her tongue and her mouth is dry, her stomach churns angrily. She didn’t even get to say goodbye to Tugger and tears silently begin to slip down her face. What about her family, Blaise, Tugger, the kits? She cries silently for them but remains stoically in her stature despite the weakness.

They arrive in camp and Soot immediately commands respect, there is an air to her and she calls for a meeting. Shes not sure what to do so she sits with her head slightly hung, breathing out a breath she wished were in Skyclan. Marigold had forgiven Soot, so it was time for her to.. right? She breathes in again and releases, a hum leaving her mouth. In, out, in, out. She starts to somewhat curl protectively around her stomach, closing her eyes. If Soots plan was to have her executed in her camp, god forbid she didn’t she hoped to the star cats, then she couldn’t fight it. I’m sorry my babies, I wasn’t strong enough. She prepares for the worst, but hopes for the best.
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The call for a meeting was new to Dusk, who awoke only to find Soot slipping back into camp with a stranger in tow. The unknown shecat didn't seem too confident as she made her way along behind the Windclan Leader, and Dusk couldn't say he envied her. Whoever she was, if she managed to earn the ire of the dark shecat then she was deifnitely in for a shitty time.

Getting to his paws and shaking out his copper-gold pelt, the large tomcat would make his way over to listen. He wasn't sure if he'd have any say or be able to directly participate given his status as 'less than a windclan warrior', but if Soot didn't send him away the he intended to stick around and listen, if only to get an idea of what was going on.

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The call for a clan meeting is a new development. Hare blinks the sleep from his eyes as Soot bounds to the top of a slope. The ashen-furred leader is pissed. Seated nearby was a new face in the clan, and one who didn't look all too happy. Her head hangs low, tears staining her cheeks. Hare frowns, glancing between her and Soot. What had happened? And why had they been out so late at night?

Silently, he slips over to the she-cat. "Ya alright, darlin'?" His voice is soft with sympathy, settling down beside her. A forepaw thumps against the ground in a nervous manner. He hasn't been here long, but he's seen enough about Soot to know that no one wants to be on her bad side.
He gathers just beneath where Soot has crested the hill with the rest of his Clanmates. He'd been excited to see her return, but the look on her face isn't exactly one of joy. Relatively neutral expression, but there is something in the way she stalks toward her makeshift podium that makes Weasel frown.

And there's an unfamiliar she-cat trailing beside her, cinnamon and white with strange-colored eyes. And she's miserable-looking, tearful. Weasel narrows his eyes. Why has Soot brought someone like this back, someone scented with pine needles? He doesn't understand. She doesn't sound or look like a kittypet, but she doesn't look like the sort of cat Soot would allow into the Clan, either.

He decides to be the first to break the strange atmosphere with a blunt, "Who is that?" There's no friendliness in his pale gaze, but he does not bare his fangs or fluff his fur out at her. If Soot has brought her back, he assumes there is a reason for that.


Hyacinth is next to arrive, eyes glaring at the back of Weasel and Dusk's heads respectively. Her tail lashes behind her, and the sight of a stranger catches her eye. Who the hell was that? She squints, before shouldering her way through the crowd to get closer. And then she sees her, that molly being led behind Soot. Was this a traitor? Were they going to witness an execution happen? No, the way Soot's posture was- the molly wasn't in trouble right now, but something was obviously.. Off.

"Have you seen Lavender?" Hyacinth turns to an NPC, who jumps at her tone; they shake their head, and Hyacinth quells the look of pure irritation that threatens to show itself in favor of being nicer for once. She gnaws at her cheek nervously, before she gives up and finally decides to look back up to Soot.

Just like a good soldier would.

What remains of his ears twitch at the sound of Soot's voice. There is an edge of something in her voice, something that Larkspur still didn't fully understand as he stepped towards the gathering cats sitting just below where the blue smoke is stood. The tom sits among them, among faces he'd begun to grow familiar with.

Within the crowd, standing just beyond Soot, is another new face. Although it wasn't a new circumstance, seeing someone within the group he'd yet to have seen, the circumstance around this particular face was different, the slightest hint of recognition upon seeing the solemn yellow-blue eyes.


She was one of the pine group's - one of SkyClan's - as he himself once was. Though he'd never truly interacted with her during his short residency with the group, Larkspur had seen her around enough to know that she had stayed back with SkyClan.

Such knowledge led concern to rise in him - what was she doing here? Why did she look so... so upset? Had something gone wrong? Was SkyClan in trouble? Was WindClan?

He sits among the group, a questioning look on his face as he gazed upon Soot. Upon Fritter.
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Before she could draw in a breath an explosion of whispers and confusion boomed through camp. Who is she? What is this cat doing here? Where have you been? What's going on?! A mud puddle of inquiries that Soot was about to answer.

Before WindClan the blue cat stands with authority, emerald eyes shine with solemnity and her tail points upward to the clouds.

"I might as well address the horse in the room first. Last night while following StarClan's beckons I stumbled upon... Fritter. A SkyClan straggler... apparently StarClan has deemed her Honeytwist now." Sootstar doesn't know what they see in her, but she can't disobey them.

"You may recall my first dream StarClan sent me- I requested WindClan look for a flower. It turns out... our heavily desired flower is Honeytwist." She'd let them figure out why, one look at the she-cat blue and yellow gaze would slap the answer in their face surely. "Honeytwist and I spoke to StarClan that night. In my dream, they blessed me with... something incredible... Cats who I once knew as friend or foe one by one gave me nine lives. With their blessings to lead WindClan, they named me Sootstar."

I'm never going to die. It's all she can think about, she was going to live forever!
Yet she has to place her words back on Honeytwist.

"When StarClan spoke to Honeytwist they not only gave her that new name, but they bestowed a title onto her. Medicine cat of WindClan." Anyone can see and hear this disgruntles her. Even if Sootstar knew StarClan gave her all the authority they still placed some of it over her clan in Honey's paws. It agitated her... but without Honey, WindClan would apparently wither like the flowers in her dream had.

"...I respect StarClan with my entire being, I trust them not to lead us astray. But before us is a cat who placed her loyalty to another clan first, she is only here at the will of the stars. If Honeytwist had it her way she'd still be sleeping next to the kittypets in SkyClan! StarClan may have granted her a title within WindClan, but she still must prove herself. Everyone is to watch her, and if anyone sees any sign that points to her betraying or being disloyal to us? You have orders to tell me immediately. Her words were harsh and dripped with venom.

"Honeytwist, before your new clan- WindClan, can you vow to all your new clan-mates that your loyalty from here on out is with your clan? That you'll never return to your soft roots in SkyClan?" A vow would not make Sootstar trust Honeytwist... but a vow would seal a promise to the entirety of WindClan. Break it, and she'll be their enemy for eternity.


Hare speaks to her, a cat whom Honey had never met before and she feels as if she wants to cry again. All of this, so sudden, so scary, ripped away from her security in the middle of the night by some starry cats. She wants to say she isn’t, she isn’t okay, she needs someone to lean on but she lets the tears dry on her cheeks and holds her head up a bit higher. "I am fine. Do not worry about me, cherie." she croaks out with a crooked, forced smile.

Other cats appear and her ears immediately flatten as Soot announces. She says her name, Fritter, as if casting a curse and she can’t help as her tail starts to thump against the ground. I am doing this for Marigold. Her eyes catch with Larkspur and her breath hitches. A remnant of home. A fellow pine member, or… Skyclan now. She wants to shoot a pleading look at him but her eyes finally drain of emotion. She has shut down inwardly.

Soot proceeds to explain their night and she aches like no other for Tugger. She had left without an explanation, she knew Soot would have not taken it lightly if she had asked. She abandoned him and took the life they had both made with her. Soot says to report any immediate betrayal to her and she looks away. Shes to step zero. She could trust nobody here. "I assure you that despite not being here at first I will provide the most I can to benefit Windclan." she slightly bows as she lies naturally, almost convincing herself. She knows she will not benefit Windclan, not at first. She has been shattered.

"Windclan, from now on, I am apart of you. I reject my life in Skyclan to give those here a better one. You do not need to trust me yet, just know that I am on your side." she meows and she cant believe she just did it. She just left Skyclan, everyone behind in one single sentence. She closes her eyes to steady her breathing. She knew the promise she made at the gathering would not last long. She hopes her former clanmates can find it in themselves to forgive her.
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Pale blue eyes flickered with a sense of hesitance at the news, but she doesn't argue- no, remains quiet, reminding herself of her place in this group. She flicks an ear at Honeytwist's words, and the judgement remains. This one lived with Kittypets, and she knew just how badly the femme would be treated here. Beautiful or not, she was fresh meat liable to being taken advantage of by the much worse cats in the group.

"Sootstar! Sootstar! May your reign be long, and may StarClan continue to bless us with good fortunes." She began the chant of their leader's new name; acceptance. She was ready for this change. Did this mean other cats would change their names, too? What would her name be, she wondered...



Despite the progress he'd made with familiarizing himself with the clans ways, there was still so much he had yet to fully get a gasp on. Probably the biggest thing was the news of Starclan, ghostly cats that lived in the starry skies, the friends and ancestors of those among him now. Dusk didn't know if he believed in any of that, for there'd certainly been no kind, starry cats to help him back in twoleg place, but he kept his mouth shut about it. He didn't need to make himself any more of a pariah than he already was, and it had become quite obvious that it was a topic many of the cats felt passionate about. So he took it with a grain of salt as he listened to Sootstar speak, focusing on the bits that seemed to be of actual importance.

This cat, Honeytwist, was apparently from one of the other groups. She would be their healer now, then? He wasn't surprised to see the suspicion gleaming in Soots eyes and those of many of the cats around him, but nobody spoke out right away to discourage Honeytwist from staying. Dusk didn't have much of an opinion on it one way or the other. He hadn't been around for all the drama with the other groups, and so to him this was just one more new face coming in among the sea of other newcomers.

And as the cats began to cheer and chant for their new leader, Dusk would follow suite, his voice ringing out with the others to the call of 'Sootstar!'

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Weasel gazes at Sootstar with blatant confusion. He'd heard mentions of the cats in the stars, of course--all of the cats who'd been in that battle, tearing each other to bits for land they'd ended up splitting anyway, had mentioned them to him with reverence. He's not seen this miracle, and her claim that Sootstar has nine lives is baffling to him.

"You can die and get back up again nine times? That's what this 'StarClan' does?" He wrinkles his nose, but knows he will have to take his leader's word for it.

He thinks, She must really believe it if she's letting this... Honeytwist... be our healer. He gazes at the former kittypet, a mild expression of distaste fading. Medicine cat. A healer. A cat who could help another once injured. He's never heard of such a thing, but he's intrigued.

He gives a nod to Honeytwist as she dedicates herself to WindClan. He reserves judgment for now, but if Sootstar trusts her enough to give her a chance, it's good enough for him.

Hyacinth calls Sootstar's new name out, and he adds his voice to her's. "Sootstar!" Pride gleams in his eyes. Their beautiful, fierce leader is nearly invincible, supposedly blessed by the stars themselves. WindClan, then, is blessed.



The song of her clan-mates cheering her name brings on an undescribable sensation... she relished in every second of it. Long may I reign. She could live forever with the power the stars have granted her... Sootstar vows her rule will be mighty and strong, she was WindClan's founder and she would be their golden age. The day she was finally buried in the earth they'd remember her for eternity.

Honeytwist speaking up smacks her out of her pleasant daydream.

She vows that her place is in WindClan now, that she will cause them no harm.
It was good, but of course, her actions over the next few moons would prove whether or not she spoke truthfully.
"Then so be it, from this moment forward you, Honeytwist, are WindClan's medicine cat. I- We all watch you diligently and for you, I pray you spoke true tonight. WindClan never forgets a vow."

"Dismissed. All of you. And for StarClan's sake- a hunting patrol needs to get out there. I can see clear as day from here the fresh-kill pile is far too damn empty." With that, she departs to whatever tall grass her children were hiding in to check up on them.