the fog has lifted − plot w cicada

− ♱ ABOUT : i haven't made one of these in so long, but this is cicada's main plotting thread! he is a refined, abrasive, overdramatic oriental / la perm mix struggling to find himself amidst the colonies tensions. click the ' about ' link for his full information!

& . open to
─ friends : cicada is a pretty easy guy to get along with. he is intense and lacks personal space until it comes to someone touching him, and heavily distrusting despite his attempts to conceal it. he is also open to one - sided friendships, in which he will be there for your character while keeping any details about himself closed off. a therapist buddy, if you will ; tends to put the emotional needs of others far above his own. * he will burn out eventually
─ enemies : not difficult. he is an easy man to rile up, and hard to calm down. beware that he has great difficulty remaining civil around those he dislikes -- will actively try to start a fight, will never throw the first punch unless he / a friend is directly threatened. snarky and doesn't know how to keep quiet around those who wronged him.
─ gardening pals : he'll teach you! he's a cat so he can't do anything super fancy, but he really enjoys tending the flower patches that spring up around the marsh. they can also help dry them out, or collect moss w him! he just likes plants, thinks theyre neat and smell good
─ any backwritten relationships ; have a dynamic in mind? a plot? let me know!! id love to get some more backwritten relationships in with him, since he's canonicly been around for most of the marsh group's time in the forest.

& . closed to
─ longterm romance, for now. flirtationships or fleeting romances are okay!
─ severe injury.