the hand, the heart ╱ honeywater



─────────HONEY ── ──i was born in that summer when the sun didn't shine
───────────── cisgender male, he/him pronouns ╱ will be named honeywaterwindclan
───────────── approximately 31 months old; ages at rper's discretion ╱ created march 4th
───────────── single; will likely remain as such for a While (workaholic) ╱ voice reference

───────────── between lawful & neutral good ╱ others over self; sometimes others over law
───────────── friendly yet distant ╱ a steadfast confidant, but unlikely to confide in others
───────────── npc x npc ╱ npc sister and five nieces/nephews ╱ own children currently tba

───────────── compassionate, diplomatic ╱ self-deprecating, sarcastic ╱ a hopeful pessimist
───────────── cream tabby with low white ╱ heterochromia (dark and a light, violet-ish blue)