no angst THE RIVER ROSE UP | fishing trip

Jul 8, 2022
the chill in the air grows more furious, a nip in the wind as buckgait aligns herself with @LIGHTNINGSTONE, the chatters continue behind her. she's invited both @CLAYFUR and @FROSTPAW. to walk with her to the fishing spot. she hopes to have clayfur make it a more fun experience for the apprentices, and she had needed to interact more with frostpaw anyways. especially with how she hangs upon raccoon these days. a previous call in the camp to let every other apprentice know that they're welcomed and even encouraged to come. the fish grow fatter in the colder months, readying themselves for the freeze of winter. those who do not grow sufficient enough fat become food for both cat and fish, or freeze in the unforgiving waters.

she leads them to a spot that a younger girl had once stumbled upon. she visits it whenever there's a coldness in the air, as do the fish who lazily greet her at the water's edge. she has welcomed both apprentices and mentors here, allowing them to fish to their hearts' content. she knows a fair amount of riverclanners will be experiencing their first winters upon the land, and it is best to be prepared. but for now, it is a time of calmness. to gather and converse, to celebrate the dying days of the sun's warmth and welcome in the changing season. "the fish will be fat and lazy as the waters grow colder. the apprentice who gets the biggest catch will not only receive bragging rights but will also be in charge of their peers for the day." with that, she lets the younger cats go wild in the calmer current. it's good to encourage skill building, especially for something as crucial as feeding both them and their clan.
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At Buckgaits call of other apprentices' joining them in a fishing trip, Raccoonpaw obviously had to come along with. They had been stuck in camp for what felt like years as they healed from their wounds, and plus Frostpaw was going with! They didn't want to leave her side lately and felt paranoid or frightened when seperated from the blue molly. The black legged apprentice bounded a bit forward as the group headed out and trailed a few steps behind them, trying to keep up their happy little facade. Though in reality they felt terrified being out of camp again. What if another fox was out here? Or the same one? What could they do about it? They shook the thought away as the coolness of the air crept beneath their fur and gave a small sigh, no need to think like that. They were going to be safe, it'd be okay. Or so they hoped at least.

Reaching the river, Raccoonpaw looked to Buckgait as she said they where going to do a fishing competition! Those orange eyes widened slightly and they where quick to the rivers shore, peering down into the frosted over waters. Not yet frozen, but it gave indication of winters claws gripping the territory. This would be a good winter this year. They had Riverclan now instead of just their little family, so hopefully the winter won't be too terrible like it had been last year.


Truth be told, when Buckgait had invited her to go on a fishing trip she was a bit startled but nonetheless grateful for the invite, and not only that, Clayfur as well as Lightningstone would be joining, even Raccoonpaw had joined (to her relief), yet she still kept a watchful gaze on the other, making sure they were doing fine and was holding up well. Her tail twitched as she stayed close to Raccoonpaw before they came to a stop near a pool of water, fish fat and ready for the taking and Frostpaw was eager to start

Though she did feel bad for dragging @Smokethroat along since he did not seemed all that pleased by it, she thought the more the merrier. Buckgait inquired a friendly competition and Frostpaw grinned as her bi-colored eyes sparkled with determination, whoever got the biggest catch gets to be in charge of the other apprentices for the day and that sounded like fun! Eagerness sparked in her paws hoping they could start soon.

"Perhaps a day free from their horrible mentors as well? I can imagine mine will be most delighted by that prize." Not that they listened to him much either way, it had stopped bothering him because his apprentices were both dutiful and skilled in their own ways; he could tolerate the sass. The dark tom ambled along behind Frostpaw, having been poked and prodded awake from his nap with the insistence that this would be fun and he could only imagine what that fun might be, but hearing Buckgait's description of the contest he found himself quite amused. Watching a bunch of young cats compete in fishing would be enough entertainment on its own but it also meant they might be able to forgoe a late hunting party today if enough prey was caught. It was a good enough reason for him to be there and he nodded with a curt politeness to the older cats present before taking himself a seat nearby to wait.
If anything, it would be good to see how the younger generation was fairing with their training. Were they getting proper lessons in fishing from their mentors? He'd take mental notes to poke about later, but he had no doubts that the would spend most of this measuring fish without any problems.
"Don't make me look bad, Frostpaw." He commented with a light tone, raising a paw to give her a careful nudge forward encouragingly.

When Buckgait had invited him to join her and a few others on a group fishing trip, Clayfur had jumped at the chance. Although he is a bit reluctant to leave the camp behind with such a large group, still concerned about the ever-present threat from the twolegs, the dark tabby tom finds himself trailing just a bit behind the she-cat he’s grown to respect so much.

He isn’t paying much attention to the ongoing conversation around him, instead focused on the forest around them. He’s watching for a twoleg, a dog, any sort of threat. But he zones back in just in time to hear Smokethroat’s comment. "Oh, she doesn’t have to try and make you look bad, Smokey!" He turns to the lead warrior with a scoff of bright-eyed laughter, tail flicking over his back. It’s clear that he’s joking, but he is sort of glad that he doesn’t have an apprentice of his own to make him “look bad” by losing a friendly fighting competition.