Jun 11, 2022
The camp seems quieter now. Froggy glances out of the nursery, a frown carved onto his face. He doesn't understand why the two colonies had to split into five; sharing the land with other groups is what caused the war in the first place, isn't it? What would happen now that there's five? Froggy's jaw clenches.

This stupid war is what killed his mother. The day she'd asked him what he'd thought of Briar's group, now named ShadowClan, lingers in the back of her mind. He's convinced that if Briar had never called for war, that his mother would've never tried to leave. They would've never ran into the fox. She would've never been torn apart while trying to protect them.

Sniffling, Froggy goes to retreat into the shadows of the nursery, only to back up into something soft and fuzzy. With a surprised yelp, Froggy stumbles forwards and spins around on clumsy paws. Through the gloom, he recognizes Sage's seal point fur. "Sorry!" he offers hurriedly before he ducks his head to groom down his chest fur, the tips of his ears burning. "Uh, I didn't see you there. Are you okay?"

Sage had spent much of her time since the battle hiding out in her nest. So much was changing. Five groups instead of two, so many cats moving around, or worse—gone for good! The young molly didn’t know what to think anymore. So she just tried not to think about it at all. Like if she pretended it wasn’t happening, then it wouldn’t. Not that it was a strategy that was working well.

Froggy stirred just outside the den, and Sage turned, ears pricking with interest. For a moment she wondered what he was thinking about, but she knew. He missed Dewdrop. Sage understood. She missed her mother too. But what could she say that hadn’t been said to him a million times before?

She stood up and started to pad over to him, but he backed into her before she could reach him. He whirled around quickly and blurted an apology, asking if she was all right.”

“I’m okay,” she said quietly, nervous gaze dropping to her feet once more. “Are…are you okay?”