the sun will come up - sunningrocks discovery

'Along the shoreline of the river, the area is sandy. It is a large granite rock formation, with smooth gray boulders. On one side, it faces the sun, while the other side is sheer, overshadowing the river. The smooth rocks are flat, making them a desirable location for cats to sunbathe and rest. In the rocks, prey is able to hide in small cavities between the boulders.'

It was a hot day in RiverClan, and once again, the river provided a nice opportunity to cool down. And Lily was but one of the cats enjoying the cool waters.

As she paddled in the water, her gaze occasionally drifted over to the shoreline, pondering to herself what was over there and how long it might take her to swim there. In all the time since she had joined RiverClan, she really hadn't gone far, mostly keeping to the shallows or swimming out with a group. But today her curiosity had gotten the better of her and won out, urging her to explore the land ahead. Still, despite this, Lily did not want to go alone. From here the other shore did not look particularly exciting but who knew what would await them on the other side? It was not something Lily wanted to experience on her own. She looked around for a cat she could wrangle into this journey. A few cats splashed in the river but one was especially close to her - her uncle Clay. She closed the distance between them by swimming over to him. "What do you think is over there?" She asked, inclining her head towards the other shore. She waited a moment for her uncle to look before speaking again. "Do you want to go and see?"