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Ever since Lilybloom brought back that beautiful feather he has been wanting to go and look for some himself. But he's not inclined to go by himself. Instead he seeks to try and ask someone to go with him and hopefully they will say yes. At the same time he doesn't want to bother anyone with such ill used time. A frown, lopsided, pulls at his muzzle and he allows his gaze to travel across one cat and then another. "I'm so pathetic..." He mutters as he shuffles his paws and looks down to the ground. He can't even seen to will himself to ask for something, just once. He's only ever asked for tips to better help him be useful to Riverclan. Never leisurely things that were just for fun. He isn't sure how it will be taken. And even then he will never know if he doesn't ask. Forcing himself to have courage his deep amber colored orbs look again for someone.

It takes a moment before long chocolate limbs make their way to a younger cat. He admits that he is too scared to ask someone his own age and thus he clears his throat as he asks Frost. "Hey, um, would you like to go on a feather hunt with me? It'll be fun and we can use some to help line the nests of some of the elders." He is sure that they would appreciate that and mayhaps others will join them.

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The young she-cat had been watching as cats came and gone, a relaxed look lingering on her face as the tip of her tail twitched in content. Today was a beautiful day truth be told and Frostpaw was more than happy to soak up what she could, a moment of peace. Curled ears twitching as Smogbreath approached, bi-colored eyes landing on the shy fellow with a warm welcome before her gaze brightened up.

"Of course! That sounds quite delightful" she said happily towards the other, a warm tone in her wintery voice as she sprung up onto her paws. Perhaps she could find some feathers for Citruspaw, or...maybe Cicadastar would wish for some, she could always snatch up some pretty shells for Raccoonpaw too as they search for gorgeous feathers for the nests of their clanmates.