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Jul 10, 2022


Frostpaw had awoken to some other apprentices giggling and talking about whom they liked, something Frostpaw could've wrap her mind around but she gently gotten onto her paw to move to the gossiping cats, having been dozing off in the clearing of camp after a hard work of a training session. Catching tails end of the others crushes the girl hum making herself known and the others giggled a bit
"Hey Frostpaw! Don't you like Raccoonpaw?" one would ask and she blinked confused shaking her head. Raccoonpaw? She enjoyed the others company but thats about it, at least she thought she did. Another piped in "yeah! I mean you two always are with each other, and you kind of share the same nest too" well, wasn't that normal. "Man... I'm so jealous, npcpaw wouldn't let me do that, you're so lucky Frostpaw" a third chimed in

Wait... that wasn't normal? The way the others continued to describe their feelings for their crushes and..."oh..." the realization hit her, had she liked Raccoonpaw this whole time? And did everyone else knew about it? What about Raccoonpaw themselves? Her mind went blank as heat begin to rise underneath her fur, the color of her normally rosey shelled ears turned to a deeper hue of red as she sat there in a surprise realization. Frostpaw began to look at her paws searching for the answers that could not be found while the chattering of the other apprentices began to fade. Well... this would surely be awkward, and she felt her heart began to flutter rapidly, wondering how she could hide something from her closest friend, others have realized it so perhaps they too had noticed?
Despite being old enough to be an apprentice, Darkpaw is not quite old enough to understand romance, or the differences between best friends and mates. He's really only listening in on the older apprentices' gossiping to feel included... And because he's a bit oblivious to their discomfort at having a little kid staring up at them with wide eyes, chiming in with naive responses such as, that's cute or I like cuddling with my friends, too.

The conversation shifts onto Frostpaw, and Darkpaw smiles at her while the older apprentices comment on how close she was with Raccoonpaw; which Darkpaw has noticed, too. The two were certainly super close. Perhaps even close enough to have best friend status. But, then, why didn't Frostpaw seem... happy with these comments? The chocolate-furred tom blinks at the older she-cat, watching as she sits down and studies her paws. Maybe she's embarrassed...? Maybe this is the kind of teasing that goes too far, like his parents taught him about?

Picking up his pebble, Darkpaw walks over to her and aims to press the smooth surface of the stone to Frostpaw's nose in hopes that it would take away all of those bad feelings before he sets it down and says, "Don't worry, Frostpaw. My mom and dad share the same nest, too."
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Run, run, Lost Boy
The elder apprentice had been stationed outside the apprentices' den for the most part. They had been able to do some training that day and prep for their warrior assessment but of course the wounds got in the way of anything important. So, per Beesongs' orders, Raccoonpaw had been sent off for rest and they where boredly bothering an ant. Taking a paw to stop the bug from leaving the area, and just doing that every time it turned away from their paws. A sigh left their maw and then glanced over with those deep orange eyes at the group of gathered apprentices'.

Among the was Frostpaw, she was chatting with npcpaw and Darkpaw with a few other cats. It was crazy to think about and always got to them when they looked at Frostpaw; they had been through so much. From meeting that faithful day on the territory, before Riverclan showed up, and how friendly she had been. How they had talked under the willow tree for hours, and then joined Riverclan together as well. While they had spent a lot of time together before the attack, Spiderfall had only drive them closer.

It also didn't help that Raccoonpaw had thrown themselves into the thick of a fight with a fox shortly after being trapped by a fox trap. The irony of the fox theme, wasn't it? Probably nearly gave the blue molly a heart attack when they came back with a whole shoulder bleeding, and now it had healed over enough to be just a bald patch on their shoulder.

The black-legged apprentice lifted their black-masked face as they watched Frostpaws' posture change. Flustered? Embaressed? They weren't sure and it was hard to tell from where they laid, and then something both normal yet odd in the same sense was Darkpaw. The younger apprentice put a rock to Frostpaws' nose and their mouth moved, but Raccoonpaw was too far away to really tell what was said.

Orange eyes flicked with curiousity, was something going on? Black paws pushed a white body up from the ground, and they approached the gathered groups of apprentices'. They gave a few hellos to some of them and joined beside Frostpaw, nudging her shoulder with their nose, "Everything okay? You look like you're about to explode," They playfully spoke to the molly and looked at Darkpaw, "What does this rock do?" Genuinely curious about the young cats' interest in rocks and their uses, or well what was claimed as uses.