Jul 8, 2022

she does not like him, nor trust him. from the first breath spider took upon these lands, buck had been filled with doubts and suspicion. the way he talks smoothly and slinks about. as if he is weaving a web and she is unaware of it. her stomach is sick.

she has known of his distaste for these land cats, but she has heard news of his joining. she might as well cut off his paws with this betrayal. to change webbed paws for uncoordinated ones. her head is low, a dominating look. eyes glared upon her target, a tail in a slow movement. anyone with even half a brain could take a singular look at buck and tell that nothing good can come form this. nothing good can come from his betrayal either.

his pupil's visit to her and her comrades conversation was not a welcomed one. but buck was bound by a mother's heart, and had accepted frost regardless. it is him that she does not need to hold any warmth to.

"spider." a sure voice cuts through the overgrown grass and reeds. her body slowly coming through the stalks as she greets the poor excuse of a tom. "what are you doing? pronouncing that you're one of those maggots?" she expects no loyalty from anyone that shares even a semblance of spider's tongue, but even this was strange. they had both shared the ideal that those who join the land cats are traitors and will be treated as such. and yet he is now a riverclanner. and he is left with her.

she hopes that he chooses his words carefully now.