THE WISP SINGS [recovering + post-attack]

. Wildflower .

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Jul 14, 2022

✵ ღ ☾ LOVE WITH EVERY STRANGER - She was alive-perfectly okay, even, spare for her injuries, she was perfectly okay.
She truly believed it too, the shock from the attack had worn off, and even Bear and Wildboy made it out okay. She had profusely thanked them when her voice could finally find itself the next day, she owed her life to them.
Now? Now, she was back to being out and about. Moving carefully with each paw step as she took a walk through the forest, which some might find odd, given the recent traumatic events, but Wildflower would simply say;
❝ I’m not going to let some stupid fox ruin how I feel about my home! ❞
Which, she was in the middle of saying to the cat that had accompanied her on her little stroll, her words countering their judgmental glances. There is silence after her proclamation, but Wildflower doesn’t find herself minding it, instead filling the silence with a soft hum.
❝ Speech. ❞

( ✧ ) Another day, another attempt. To try and pretend that everything's normal, that life will carry on no matter what happens; but it wasn't the same. The world was bleak, not even the stars his clan regarded so highly were something he could see. Loved ones blind to his naked eye, only cold nothingness, an endless expanse of dark.

At least someone else could continue to live.

Boisterous voice, her spirit soaring aflutter, Wildflower declares her thoughts to the world. Bright and optimistic, even if she'd receive little more than silence from the attention she had. It was almost admirable. In this moment, he can't find it in himself to be annoyed. But stars, he's tired.

His silence behind her feels horribly loud. He doesn't know what face he's making. He's tense, he's placid, he's something in between. His posture and his stride tell the tale of a man defeated. Blinding Star listens on, and he doesn't mind as much as he'd thought he would.

"...Good for you," his words are honest. Nostrils flare with an exhausted breath. He continues on.

Fly keeps a steady pace with Wildflower and Blinding Star, albeit a few pawsteps behind. It's a quiet day, peaceful even, a far cry from the attack one of the assembled cats recently endured.

It's Wildflower now who stirs him from his thoughts, proudly declaring to the world about how she wasn't going to let the fox ruin her feelings about her home. Blinding Star gives her a short, but honest response, and Fly nods silently behind the pair. "Yeah, you tell those mangy foxes, Wildflower!" Fly mewed encouragingly from behind. "They don't get to hurt you and think they can get away with it. Do not ever let them grind down your spirit."

Along with the others did uneven paws trek, Berry's dappled features focused on the task at hand- that being, hunting. There could never be enough frecshkill-stock, and though he hadn't much luck so far there had to be some creature snuffling around somewhere. In the meantime an ear stayed cocked toward the conversation, his focus split between two interests. It was not often he had more than one thing to focus on... it was nice to exercise his multitasking.

He remembered the whole aftermath- the whisperings. Ferocity breaking forth in a fox's flame-painted form and lunging straight for Bumblebee- perhaps the tale had been exaggerated, though he was fairly certain the account he had heard was an immaculate one. A terrifying experience could scar anyone- but thankfully, the ashen femme who lead the patrol seemed wholly unbothered. Seemed was a terrible word, actually. She had stated it, and why should he disbelieve her?

"You shouldn't," he affirmed, a nod his only movement. The forest was lovely, and for some bad experience to ruin that tranquility? What a shame and a waste that would be.


Leaf was not part of Wildflowers patrol. No, instead the tom had walked his paw pads raw around the territory lines over and over again, ears alert for any strange sounds, maw parted in case another wave of fox scent was found in their home.

He would never speak it out loud, but he blamed himself. A stupid thing to say, he knew, because it wasn't like he controlled the fox, or like it was his responsibility to keep watch over and protect every single member of Thunderclan. And yet here he was, looking even more gloomy than usual, shoulders tense and tail lashing as his mind replayed the day of the attack and, most annoyingly to Leaf, the way Wildflower and the rest of the patrol looked when they were brought her home.

The fur along his spine bristled as he remembers her weak cries for Quailflower and he would scowl to himself before shaking his head furiously.

Why did he even care? Wildflower was a stupid mouse brain for going out at night on her own! She should have known better. I should have been there. She did it to herself. She could have died. She wasn't his problem. I would have missed her.

That last thought came unwelcomed and he froze in his walking. Would...would he miss her if she hadn't survived the attack? If the others hadn't made it in time?

He didn't have time to ponder it any longer than a heartbeat though, as soon he heard the familiar voice of the very she-cat he had been thinking about. But, instead of nonchalance, he felt anger bubble in his veins, and without thinking, he swiftly turned direction and made way towards the patrol.

Once he spotted them, he glared coldly at them before stalking over to Wildflower, being much taller than her, he scowled down at her, almost looming as his fur bristled, "What are you doing out here?!" Leaf would demand with a growl in his throat, "You are supposed to be resting! Not prancing around the forest announcing your presence to even more foxes."

To the others, he would come off as harsh, cold, and condescending. But deep down, hiding behind the cold glare of his steel blue eyes was something he had never really felt before moving to Thunderclan.

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✵ ღ ☾ LOVE WITH EVERY STRANGER - The patrols validation only adds more pep to her careful step as she nods along, grinning alongside her cheerful hum. Fly‘s own cheerful aura making her feel at ease, even as she almost stumbles on an upturned root.
What are you DOING out here?
Leafs snap is too quick to follow his abrupt arrival and Wildflower flinches back on instinct, stormy ears fastening to the back of her skull.
❝ I-I- ❞ She tries to reply, but Leaf keeps on going, the growl rumbling in the toms chest only quickening Wildflowers heartbeat, anxiety rooting her paws to the ground and fastening her jaw shut.
She can only look at the point with wide eyes glazed with shock.
Though the stunned silence only lasts for a moment, her tail beginning to whisk to and fro. Fidgeting. She was nervous.
❝ I-I… Don’t yell at me! ❞ She struggles to talk at first, but finally she finds her voice, and while it is shaky her brows furrowed together.
Don’t cry, don’t cry.
❝ You don’t have to be so… so mean ! ❞ Her lip began to tremble and she turned on her heel, albeit a bit too fast, but even through a wince she began to stalk off. Back to camp, as she was unable to fight the tears any longer.

[she out]
❝ Speech. ❞


Whilst many of the assembled cats had commended Wildflower for her decision to step outside and not let her attack with the foxes deter her, it seemed not every cat was pleased to see her out and about so soon. Leaf's voice cuts through the forest like a whip, demanding to know what she was doing. Wildflower attempted to explain but Leaf persists in his tirade until Wildflower eventually snapped at him for yelling at her and chastising him for being so mean. She doesn't linger long after that, turning rapidly on the spot and marching back to camp.

Fly watches her leave with a concerned expression. Whilst Leaf's tone certainly could have used some tweaking he could understand where the other tom was coming from at least. The yelling and growling was perhaps a bit misplaced but he could not fault the other for his concern. "Well, that could have gone better," Fly mewed, breaking up the awkward tension with a nervous chuckle.

Leaf's muzzle would simply wrinkle up as he scowled. Guilt would gnaw at her stomach as Wildflower began to tear up before snapping at him and stomping away. His pale blue ears would pin back against his head as he watched her leave and only Flycatcher's voice would interrupt the awkward silence that had ensued.

A snort would force its way out of Leafshade's nose, but he bit back the sarcastic, 'YA THINK?' he wanted to say. Instead, the slim tom would lash his tail before turning and disappearing into the undergrowth himself.