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Sep 25, 2022

Curiosity was what awoke her that morning. Having a rare opportunity to leave the nursery or medicinecat den without feeling ill, Dewkit was excited. Before now she’d rarely had the chance to see what the clan was like. A vast majority of her memories of the clan were jumbled, leaving the girl unable to place a paw on anything specific. Regardless of the fact, the tortoiseshell kitten would soon make her way outside the nursery’s entrance, blinking at the sun slowly rising on the horizon.

Tiny paws would lead her in no particular direction, finding herself in awe at the warriors and apprentices going about their daily tasks. Unable to prevent herself from being in the way of them, she would wait for one of them to settle in for a break before rushing over. “H-hello! My name’s Dewkit! What’s your name?” Trembling voice would accompany her nerves at speaking to someone outside of her family, she would wait patiently for the warrior or apprentice to respond. They must be super busy! I wonder what they’ve done so far today. Would either dad let me go? Hopefully they know some good stories to tell!

Tybalt had just been padding through the camp entrance, a fat mouse dangling from his jaws. He turned as the little tortoiseshell bounded up to him. Who did this one belong to again? He wasn’t sure. Not knowing many of his clanmates particularly well, it was getting a bit hard for him to keep track. But he set his catch down and listened as the small kit greeted him.

“I’m Tybalt,” he answered, sitting and wrapping his wavy furred tail around his paws as he shrugged his shoulders. “Or Stagpaw, I suppose. Cats here mostly call me Stagpaw, but my parents called me Tybalt. Most of my friends just call me Tybalt.”

He looked down at his mouse again before pushing it towards the young molly. “Hungry?” he asked.

He was resting wearily in the medicine cat's den mouth, Dovekit curled up between his paws and sleeping peacefully after having been awake most the night coughing and wheezing. The other kittens all seemed to be doing a little better, all things considered, and he was so relieved to see it but the scrawny white kit's dwindling health had him developing a near constant stress headache. He wanted to cry, but he was too tired.
Seeing Dewkit cheerfully roaming around and pestering her clanmates brought an exhausted smile to his maw and he glanced around to keep an eye on his other roaming youngsters with a watchful green gaze. They were a pawful, he supposed the endless energy from his mate had passed down to the little troublemakers; his work was cut out for him.
Stagpaw seemed nice, politely tolerating his daughter's questions and he knew that now that the young tom had answered he would soon be buried in several more of them.


Squeak Squeak

Moth had been keeping a watchful eye over the little ones as well, since they had visited the medicine den a lot and Moth tended to stay in the den for the meantime, her injuries almost completely healed now, which means she would be soon pushed out of the medicine den which had came a source of comfort during her time staying with Cinderfrost, but...she had to learn more about clanlife soon or later.

Moth had lost track of Dewkit as she had been sleeping with her wary father (which she found quite cute to see) but when she had looked over, a panic squeak had left her as she did not see the little one with Sunfreckle and fluffed up in worry before her pale blue eyes began to follow Sunfreckles and she watched as the little one approached Tybalt and slowly relaxed. First, she would bound up to the new father and smile at greetings towards him before trotting up to Dewkit and Tybalt. Also finding curiousity over who the little one had approached. She warily kept her eyes on the tom, dare not introducing herself as she allowed the little one to speak her questions.

Tybalt? You have a different name than me. Why’s your name not Tybaltkit?” Unaware of the concept of kittypets and her clanmates not all having the same name, Dewkit would tilt her head in confusion as he spoke. Soon enough however, she’d find herself long past the worries of his name with the mentioning of the mouse. “Oh wow! For me? Thank you! Yes please!” Eagerly , the child would begin to nibble on the mouse, ensuring she took small bites as she ate.

The form of her father would come into view from her peripherals, silently taking note of him, and how she was acting. Dewkit didn’t think she was misbehaving, but knowing that she was being watched was a major factor in the decisions she was deciding upon. “So what do you do all day?” Once again looking at Tybalt, she’d easily become distracted yet again as Moth approached them.

Hi! What’s your name? You’re very pretty!” Clueless to the fact that she should know Moth’s name from their frequent shared visits to the medicine den, she’d ask once again. To her, having Moth around as frequently as they had been was something of a blessing. The girl was kind and spent time with her. That was all she needed in order to like her.



Out of all the little ones that had been born only a few moons ago, the fiery molly was a particular trouble maker. Anytime that she was forced to take medicine for the persistent gravel in the back of her throat, the tortoiseshell would plant her tiny teeth into the medicine cat's paw, an attempt to remove the 'stranger' from her and her family's presence. Luckily, the kitten always had an eye to please the fluffy red Tom that was her father, and, with Sunfreckle's encouragement and words, would begrudgingly take the foul tasting medicine despite the large fuss usually made.

Today was no different. Although her cough had subsided like many of her siblings', between the fusiness with taking the medicine, along with her smallest sibling still struggling to recover, Flickerkit's throat burned and rasped lightly with each breath. This, however, didn't stop the rambunctious kit from having boundless stems of energy. During this particular morning, the little kitten would be seen attempting to climb on top of the medicine cat den, little paws finding placement in the dirt and rock cliff face. It had such a nice vantage point, she'd be able to be taller then all the cats in the camp!

A streak of pale black and orange bounded out of the den entrance, and Flickerkit couldn't help but turn her head towards the movement. She spotted her smaller sister running amongst the larger cats. What's sister doing? That doesnt look very fun... Afterall, why would sitting in the middle of the camp be fun? There wasn't even a moss ball to play with! As she was about to continue her trek upwards, the movement of Dewkit bounding towards a stranger made her attention slip once more. Wait, who's tha- The thought crashed as she didn't watch where she was clumsily putting her paw, loose dirt slipping under her weight and a small squeak was elicited from the kitten as she tumbled down the slope and into the dirt in front of the den.

A small plume of dust gathered around her rough landing before the little one twisted her way back to her feet. It seemed the fall didn't injure her, as she quickly bounced onto and over Sunfreckle's side to head straight towards where Dewkit was talking with these strange cats. One of the larger held a familiar scent in her memory so when she skidded to a stop, she was firmly placed in between Dewkit and the light brown Tom. Her tail lashed back and forth and in a commanding, yet adorably high pitched, voice, she yelled up at him. ❝ HEY!! Stay away from my sister!! Dad says stranger's are bad which means youre bad!! ❞ She barely noticed Dewkit's attention slip away towards Mothsqueak as she confronted the apprentice in front of her.
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Tybalt let out an amused purr as the kit continued chattering on. "Only kits have 'kit' at the end of their name," he told her. "And I was born in twolegplace, so my parents didn't give me a clan name. Apprentices have paw at the end of their names, so my other name is Stagpaw." He watched as the kit excitedly began to nibble at the mouse, and had just opened his mouth to respond to her next question when one of Dewkit's littermates came charging over, tortoiseshell pelt prickling.

The young tom suppressed a smirk. This one reminded him more of himself. "Relax, kid," he told her. He sat down, unbothered by her sudden warnings. "I don't mess with kits." He reached out a paw, aiming to lightly bop the kit between the ears. "Or much anyone else these days." He didn't have to anymore. As much as he often disagreed with clan rules, it at least meant a stable source of food.

Two names?” Confusion would lace her words as he responded, wondering how that possibly would work. How would cats know what to call her if she held more than her name? It seemed as though there were many things she needed to learn about living in Thunderclan. At least this tom seemed to be patient and understanding with her. Luckily.

Her sister would soon join her, angry that she was talking to a stranger. Were they really strangers if they lived in the same place? It couldn't be all that bad could it? “He told me his name! He's not a stranger!” Protests would be given as her sister attempted to stop her from talking to Stagpaw, wondering why she was so upset. Sunfreckle is right there! He's watching me! He hasn't even told me to come back or anything! If it really were that dire of a situation to not speak to him, her father would've called her back to the nest by now wouldn't he?