There is a town at the bottom of that hill // Ferret&Dusk


Love And Trust
Jul 15, 2022

"Come on, its just over this hill," A soft voice called behind a slim, black shoulder and a wave of a long, thin tail. Thing in Windclan had been going rather smoothly; things seemed to be settling into place rather nicely. Prey was plentiful, seemed like new cats joined everyday and increased the numbers of the group. Soot was a rather- angry leader but it felt like she was trying to put her heart in the right place for the good of the clan. It seemed like this was a good option to have had, and Inky was rather enjoying himself. He loved being on the moorland, it was so open and the air carried so much freshness with it. There was no worry about running into trees, even though there was the occasional hole, and it felt rather- freeing for the sightless cat.

Ferret seemed to be settling in well as well, and he was thankful for that as he wasn't sure what'd he do without his traveling partner. They had been through so much together in their travels and it'd be heart breaking for them to split up for any reason. The black cat had also seemingly picked up a new friend to bother throughout the day; Dusk. Inky was rather happy with the relations he had made in Windclan, Lavender was a kind cat, Hya could be prickly like Soot but she wasn't terrible and Dusk seemed like a troubled soul that just needed some mending.

Today the air felt cooler than the previous humid mornings, there was no rain on the air, and a gentle breeze waved the heather around as if the moor was saying hello. They had gathered up Ferret and Dusk at about before the sun rose over the horizon for something special. While Inky couldn't see it, he wanted it to be described to him. To know what their new home looked like as the sun painted the sky with brilliant colors. Like their ancestors where expert painters and knew when they'd be looking to the sky. "I promise you it is worth it," Inky gave a warm smile as he slowed to walk between the two tomcats.