these days feel so different &. huckleberry


starstruck with love.
Jun 10, 2022
even it the midst of chaos, which never calmed down after the war it seemed, baguette found his solace within the stars. they told riddles of their own, and the ivory colored jester wanted to solve them all. he loved watching the stars since he was old enough, and riddles helped his mind turn and think. sure, he confused others. annoyed them even. but he still smiled because it made him happy. that's all he wanted. to be happy.

however, after being by himself for some time, he wanted company. craving it. cats, even if they hated to admit it, were social creatures sometimes. especially if they grew up that way. he's known many that don't care either way, but he did. his gaze followed around camp as he brushed the fur from his face, eyes lighting up at the sight of someone who was still awake. maybe they'd like to watch the stars with him.

"hey! huckleberry!"

it's by luck that baguette has heard his name. but he doesn't forget anything. a blessing and a curse. luckily, it was favorable this time.

"hey, ssssorry to bother you but it'ssss pretty late ssso I jusssst thought maybe you couldn't sssssleep either. would you like to join me to watch the sssstarsss?"

Still holding steady with a stranger's laugh
more often than not, huckleberry has been finding himself staying up later than usual these pass few days since his return to skyclan. so much has happened in the short time period that he's been here, the most recent event being the patrol to windclan to confront them about haze's death which was met with hostility and a cold, uncaring truth from the leader herself that shattered the already thin veil between the two clans.

the former barn cat allowed a small sigh to escape his lips, tail sweeping across the grounds of the empty clearing he sat in. huckleberry couldn't help but wonder if there would be a point in time where they could live in a space of peace, even if it can be for a second.

"hey! huckleberry!"

a voice he's only heard once or twice around camp reached his ears causing him to swivel his head towards the source, it was baguette, who bounded over with a sparkle in his gaze. oh, he was being invited to watch the stars alongside the other and it bought a smile to his face.

"well, ah'd love nothin' more than ta watch the stars with ya. ya happen ta know a good spot?"
"i happen to know one of the bessst! come on!"

moving closer to the tom, baguette nudged him with his shoulder before turning on his paws, heading straight out of the camp with a little bounce in his step. he is happy to have company. few would be up this late, but baguette tended to be. whether it be from worry for his clan, or his own stupidity when it came to stressing over not being able to make riddles good enough, who knew? either way, he was just happy to have someone else to watch the stars with. it's his favorite thing. of all the things to look at, the stars give him the most solace. he's heard little about the star pelted cats that resided in the skies, but he didn't care about them. no hate, no love. just simply not caring.

slowing down his walk, he leaped over a hollow log, pushing it forward and climbing on top with a gentle sway of his tail, and a tap of his paw in the empty space beside of him.

"perfect night for thisss. not a cloud in sssight... do you like ssstargazing, huckssster?"
Still holding steady with a stranger's laugh
a small purr of mirth rumbled within his chest before rising from his current spot, lumbering after the other tom who led them to their perfect spot with a cute bounce in his every step. huckleberry knew very little about baguette but this meant he was given an opprotunity to learn more now that they were off to stargaze and so far what he knew he spoke in a unique way, drawing out the s's of certain words.

it was a pretty short walk to their destination, a fallen log that baguette would push into a certain position before climbing on top and patting a place besides him as an invitation for huckleberry to join him which he did with no second thoughts. the smoke tucked his hefty paws closer to his body to ensure he fit comfortably on the log before passing a glance at his companion who began to speak. "ya got a good eye fir pickin' out stargazin' spots!" he would mew out in praise, head tilting back just a bit to place his focus on the small dots of light illuminating the night sky.

a tufted ear would flicker at the melodic sounds the forest provided for this moment before he continued to speak. "course ah love stargazin! ah would do it often with my family, we'd lay on our backs on them hills while my paw would make out these lil' pictures the stars created an' told us 'bout how they got there."

the tom listened quietly, brushing his own fur from his oddly colored eyes, with a toothy smile. his family kind of did the same thing. except, they didn't tell stories, they told riddles and rhymes of how the beautiful stars came to be. he turned his gaze back to the sky, watching each star twinkle before he lowered his gaze with a small smile.

"yeah? my mom sssaid my firssst word wasss 'oh my sssstarsss!'. she was pretty proud of me for even remembering what the sssstarsss were but how could I forget?"

he insisted, flicking his tail.

"they visssit you every night. they're losssst in the day without being ssstolen. they're lonely, even if you're right here with them... that isss the firssst riddle I ever heard about ssstarsss. sssso, I ssssit with them. i sssit and hope they know that they're not the only one that feelsss ssso lonely, even assss they're watching over ussss."

baguette purred quietly, taking in the moment of silence in his brain before he perked back up.

"ah, would you like to hear more riddlesss?"
Still holding steady with a stranger's laugh
huckleberry tilted his head down a bit to place his full attention on the snow-kissed tom who seemed to happily reminisce on an old memory of his first words being related to the stars and his mother being absolutely elated, it was quite the cute little story to be told.

the tale was soon led into a riddle that had wispy furred ears to lift in interest, he's only heard a few riddles in his life and while he wasn't the smartest at solving them they were always fun to listen to! this particular riddle about the stars felt a bit sad, were they really lonely up there? "ah hope they don't feel lonely, they got so many star friends across this big ol' sky! they got all tha critters who thrive in their night plus a whole bunch of us love to look upon 'em and praise 'em! no one deserves ta feel lonely, not even the stars." he states matter o' factly before growing a little shy and giving his chest fur a brisk lick.

"ah hope that didn't sound silly b-but yeah ah'd love ta hear more of yer riddles!"