they/them meets world // Caraway


from neverland
Jul 8, 2022

Tears streamed down dark cheeks as ragged breaths shook a small chest. They stared at their reflection in the waters of the river and where Buck had just left- did Beesong meant what they said? Would they talk to Cicadastar? They surely hoped so cause they weren't sure what'd they do without their family together. Buck was the final missing piece. What would they do if they couldn't go to Buck for advice? Spend lazy night under the willow tree with? Have a reason to hunt? Buck taught them everything they knew since they were a little kitten, and they weren't really all that keen on letting go of the she-cat. A sniffle came from the black-legged cat and they lifted a paw to ripple the water of their reflection, tears dripping down into the waters.

Though as Raccoon sat there, their mind wondered to Caraway. How where they fairing? Where they too upset about Buck? They hadn't even though about them! Guilt tugged at their chest and they looked back up the bank as if to see their adoptive sibling there. Rising to their paws, they shake out their coat to ride the tears from their face but the streaks remain as does the red eyes. Raccoon then makes their way up the bank and towards camp in search of Caraway. Would they be with Boar? Or out hunting? Or on patrol? They weren't entirely sure.
( ) the past few days have been hard. their entire life has been uprooted because of the invasion of a group of cats they are now beginning to know. this clan is not a bad thing, but it is also a definitive threat to their way of life. everything has changed and the black smoke has no idea how to feel. as they make their way along the familiar trails of the territory they will always call home, rustling in the undergrowth stops them in their tracks. ears angled towards the sound, caraway scents the air, eyes widening when they recognize the soft scent of their pseudo sibling. "rac?" they'll call, pushing forward until they spot the mottled younger. a purr rumbles from their chest and they approach, aiming to give a quick lick to the other's cheek.

brows furrow almost immediately as she takes in her friend's appearance. "oh honey, what's wrong?" the bloodshot eyes and damp fur lend to the idea that something is bothering the kid. "i feel like it's been moons since we last spoke. do you want to take a walk?"
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The warm scent of Caraway reached their nose and they slowed their rushed pace, soon coming across the smokey black cat. Caraway purred at them and lapped at their cheek, which made them smile despite the hurt they felt in their chest. Their sibling then asked what was wrong and if they had wanted to take a walk with them, and of course Raccoon agreed to the walk. They hadn't really shared much with Caraway in so long. Not since the arrival of Riverclan, and there was so much they needed to get off their chest. So many things that they thought only Caraway would understand as they had been here their whole life too.

"I'm worried about Buck," Raccoon finally spoke after a few paces of silence moved between them as they started this walk, "I-I don't want them to be chased out of the territory- but they won't join the clan and I'm just-," The black masked cats' orange gaze wavered and a few new tears spilled over, "Buck claims we don't need her anymore, that we're grown, but what about Boar? Or any kits I have or Serenity?" Raccoon looked to Caraway with desperate eyes, as if their sibling could hold some sort of answer, "Won't they need Buck around?"