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Sep 7, 2022
I won't apologize for being who I am
Coyote twists and turns inside the dip of his nest, longing to get comfortable but his size has nearly doubled since he first arrived within skyclan. He hardly fits in the thing and half the time he sleeps with a single leg lounging off the side. But tonight no amount of tossing and turning would eventually lull him back to sleep. An irritated huff blasts from his nares, sending the smoky tendrils skyward on this brisk autumn night. Large cream paws exit the safety of the nursery, mint green eyes resting at half mast as he lazily skims the empty center of camp. It's late and there is no doubt everyone is probably asleep by now. Half awake he meanders over to the kill pile, thinking that perhaps after a snack he would be able to fall back asleep. Coyote shuffles closer, only stopping once to part his jaws in a wide yawn that exposes glinting ivory fangs. Upon opening his eyes once more he swears he could have seen a flash of ominous red eyes staring menacingly back at him for a brief second, bobbing and weaving. Instantly his breath is caught in his throat, threatening to suffocate him as Thistleback's old wives tale comes rushing back to him. Adrenaline floods his senses as Coyote releases a startled shout, naturally spiky fur now causing him to look like a bristled porcupine as he violently whips himself around and sprints across camp.

The homing pigeon now startled by the kitten's cry takes off in a flurry of terrified flaps as moonlight causes its reflective crimson tags to glint while retreating. Graceful windclan limbs help him to cover more ground from the beast he assumed was chasing him. Far from the matted muddied pelt and elongated fangs. It was as if he could just hear her whisper Please, stay.... "It's the boggy doggie!" Coyotekit throws a glance over his shoulder before feeling his body collide with another rather violently. The young tom kit spills over himself, doing a full body roll once then twice. He groans, touching a paw to his throbbing head before scrambling to his paw. "I-It's Shuck she's trying to take me with her!" Thistleback said she came when your eyes were heavy, when you could hardly stay awake. He was too young to die, he still had his whole life ahead of him. What would his sisters think of such a tragedy?
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( ) the terrified shout coming from the clearing is what startles huckleberry out of his slumber, body jolting in a way that almost ended up with him accidentally kicking someone close by. he'd roll onto his stomach in a disoriented fashion, eyes struggling to adjust to the darkness before finding himself slinking out of the warriors den to try and investigate the issue.

it took a few blinks from heavy-lids to realize there was nothing out here except for a few felines lingering about, coyotekit being one of them being coyotekit who stood infront of another warrior in fright whilst babbling about the illusive, tar-colored canine from the story thistleback told to them. the smokey tom pulled himself over to the conversation, maw parting to release a deep yawn. "where'd ya see it, kiddo? ah can do a quick look around to make sure it don't show its face again." although still plagued with the desire to sleep, he wanted to make sure he could do something to ease the young boy's fears.

this sort of reminded him of the time when he was younger and thought he saw the ghastly figure of old cat jenkins. it damn near turned his fur white and had him diving underneath the hay before having his father check every inch of the barn house the next day to make sure nothing was there.

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𝐵𝓊𝓉 𝓎𝑜𝓊 𝓀𝓃𝑜𝓌, 𝐼 𝒿𝓊𝓈𝓉 𝓌𝒶𝓃𝓉 𝓎𝑜𝓊 𝒶𝓈 𝓎𝑜𝓊 𝒶𝓇𝑒

The shout of Coyotekit and then the random kick from Huckleberry would cause Deersong to jolt up from her nest as well. Her mind immediately flashed back to the night of the dog attack and the lead warrior would rush from the den after Huckleberry.

Relief would touch her chest to see the camp quiet and unharmed despite the kittens' bugged-out energy, but as she trotted over, Deersong would flick her ear gently to her denmate as he offered to look through the camp to help Coyotelot feel more at ease. "Easy now, Youngblood." Her cooing voice would be spoken in a tone that was both warm and reassuring, "No need to bug out, you're safe in camp, ya dig?" She would offer Coyotekit a soft smile as she took a seat before him and waved her half tail gently, "Do you want to come with us to check camp? Help calm your freaked-out vibes."

I won't apologize for being who I am
Coyotekit whipped his head in Huckleberry's direction, chest still heaving from the shock still rippling through him. Nervously the boy looked in the direction of the tree he'd seen the evil pair of red eyes. While he was grateful for the tom's assistance he was reluctant to let him go alone when he could possibly get hurt. "But what if she gets you?" He whispers, concern lacing his vocals until he looks in Deersong's direction. Drawing comfort from her soft coos Coyote offers a small nod of his head. "'re right, camp is supposed to be a safe place." Her question is met with palpable hesitation as he shuffles his paws. "Umm...okay." He would go, he had to be brave right? Cream paws bring the boy to Deer's side, pressing lightly against her for added assurance. "I saw her over there." It was at this point that the pigeon landed again, its eerie red tags glinting in the low light if the warriors happened to look close enough.
Tryna throw shade on me say a lot 'bout you

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The screams and cries of the kit and the slam into him while the others who were quick to comfort the little one, his copper gaze flicking down to the other with a confused look on his face, the what now? While the others begin to comfort the kit, he would exclaim where he had seen this...thing and he hummed a bit while his gaze flicked over towards where the kid pointed, not able to see a thing, long ears flickering a bit before looking back down at Coyotekit "I'll check it out myself if you wish" not realizing that the two were basically the same age and feeling the urge to show the other it was nothing. He got up onto his short legs before making his way towards where Coyotekit had seen her, of course on hesitant paws in case Deersong or Huckleberry wished to stop him or join him in checking what had spooked the kit.