pafp THINK I GOT IT — game

Jul 24, 2022

He’s decided that he likes Darkpaw. The other apprentice is charming and kind and even a bit silly, and Crappiepaw thinks he’s fun to be around. And they have never really had a strong desire to make friends, but now that they’re an apprentice, on their way to becoming a warrior, they’re surprised to find themself hoping to impress a few of the other apprentices and kits.

Which leads to his current situation, a challenge casually posed to the scruffy chocolate tom. "I could totally jump over you! I’m, uh, super good at jumping." He tilts his chin up a bit, trying to seem… kind of confident, maybe? ‘Cause he’s Crappiepaw and of course he’s super confident that he can jump over his fellow apprentice who is taller than himself. "But I won’t do it yet. Because I bet you can’t jump over me," he says with a shrug of his orange and black shoulders. His mouth is set in a grim, serious line, but green eyes shine bright with glee. Do it. Do it. Do it!

// pls wait for @DARKPAW