Her routine is the same each morning. She gets up, feeds from her bowl, meows at the door to be let out and then shes off to Skyclan territory. It doesn't take much to make Churro happy other than good food and good company and she finds a good in-between, between her housefolk and the clan. Shes happy Blaise even let her stick around (albeit shes useless, but that fact doesn't need to be well known to others~!) and she finds herself stumbling upon more and more cats.

More cats meant more friends, she decides as she pushes in to camp with a large smile. "Hola, mi amigos!" she trills excitedly to no one in particular, finding her little spot on the edge of the camp to curl up in. Its her normal napping spot, one where a ray of light warms and shes purring before she knows it, flipping on to her back and letting the sun his her face. She couldn't be more happy, though she did quite wish she had a snuggle buddy- Sopapilla was usually hers and it felt weird to not have one. "Hey! Wanna snuggle?" she reaches her paw out to tap a cat that was passing by, her eyes closed in content.

// @RED !

To put it quite plainly, Red has not approved of his fathers blind trust in others, his willingness to allow strangers into the home that he and his brothers and sisters shared together with their adopted patriarch. Maybe it was selfish, childish even, but Red had not wanted to share the silver tom, had not wanted to share the shaded pines. Why would he have? Strangers complicated things, life was so much more simple when these cats just simply were not around. And to make matters worse they were messy. They left their nests laying in the den haphazardly, no order whatsoever and the way some of them made them, it wasn’t worth getting him started about.

Some cats though, he had found himself softening up to over time. It was unexpected but the longer some of them stick sound he found then growing on him. He knew it was foolish, to garner any attachments outside of his family, because what would become of him when they inevitably left? Or what if something happened to them? He shudders at the memory of life leaving his fathers eyes. It is an image that haunts him nearly every day.

Today is one of those days, a day where the sunshine is filtering through the pines, casting its warmth down into the space that the newly named Sky Clan calls home. It is hard to be sad on a day like this, with the light hitting his red fur and making him feel all warm inside. He is returning home from a hunt, mouse clasped in his jaws and ready to settle down for the day, to stretch out in a warm patch of grass and gaze lazily about the camp while others go about their own business.

His musings would not take him far, however, for he is startled out of his idle daydreaming by a paw poking into his side. His head swings around and blue eyes lock onto ginger fur. Churro. He sets down his mouse, mouth parting to mew a polite greeting but she beats him to it. ‘Wanna snuggle?’ Those were not words he was expecting to hear today and he immediately lets out a mrrow of laughter, eyes lighting up in amusement. It would be nice to have another to share his favorite spot with. “Why Churro! I’d be honored” his tone when he speaks is half teasing and he bumps her with his shoulder in a friendly manner. “I know the perfect spot, if you’re serious” he says, eyes alight with happiness. Churro was one of the cats who was growing on him after all. A kittypet who only came during the day, she was one of the few who’s ugly awful nests he didn’t have to stare at every day, and it was difficult to begrudge her in any way. Besides, she was so darn friendly he didn’t see how it was possible for someone to dislike her.