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The tiredness that clings to her limbs and makes her eyelids droop is apparent. There is nothing more in her than wanting to lay her head down and get a good night's rest. But the dreams, it's always the dreams that plague her and even with this different one forcing her to get up from her nest in the middle of the night. She done with it. At one point she had even thought to go and visit Cicada in his water world of isolation and confide in him about these dreams. But she doesn't want to bother him with everything he has going on and she still needs to contemplate the fact that he wants her to join him in Riverclan. So with her paws shifting back and forth she goes to seek her sister now, to tell her about the dream and to tread the path that her corporeal self has walked along in a different plane of existence. Her eyes peer into her sister's den after she has slipped her way from the others that have taken up room in other places and she takes in a deep breath. "Sister, I need you to wake up, please." She feels bad to have to wake her up especially knowing that she is pregnant now. But she just needs to this comfort on a journey she still believes will be or naught. It's just to prove to herself that it means nothing, that these dreams are just something else that she can lock away and ignore. Frowning a little the pitch and alabaster molly steps back after beckoning her sister to follow her. She'll explain it all now. "I just, I need you to come with me somewhere. I've been having these dreams over and over again and the last two nights it's changed. Showing me a path to a cave, down a narrow tunnel into the earth and a stone of starlight sits there. I just...I want to make sure it's not something I need to be worried about." If it is real, then it'll be of concern to her.

But she hopes that it's just her mind running silly and not actually the stars above yelling at her. Turning her back then she hopes her sister will follow her. It's almost like clockwork how her paws find their way onto the same path of her dreams. Her memory honing in on the steps as she leads the way out of the marshes. The path takes her toward Windclan and she doesn't even stop her paws in caring of what Soot will think. She needs to get this off her chest, needs to put her own mind at ease or the lack of rest will become her undoing. Glancing over her shoulder to Briar she hides the emotions she is feeling because all of this is so vividly pictured in her head. Where to go and how to get there. The more they walk the more she is beginning to realize that her dreams are real, what she sees at night while curled in her nest is the truth and that scares her even more. Slipping along the moors she takes a deep breath and continues their journey, stepping through tall grass till she sees it. The rising hill of stone and the entrance that leads down into the earth. "It'" She refuses to say it but it's right in front of her and she pauses with her tail tip twitching back and forth with her anxiety pitching up. "Briar, I've seen this place in my sleep for....almost three days. I know what's in there. I've seen that rock constantly since after the battle ended. I think....we need to go down there."

Her heart is racing in her chest now and she takes a deep breath in before she starts the walk into the darkness. The world disappears around her and she can not seen anything. Her whiskers brush against the walls and they seem to get closer and closer the longer she walks down this streamline tunnel. It's almost suffocating how long it takes before the cave itself open up and that same starlight takes hold of her vision. The moon's light easily fills up the cave and the giant rock, the same one that always was in her dreams is the centerpiece. It's sparkles and shows with the starts itself and Bone just stands there for a moment and stares at it. Her paws slowly inch forward and she looks at her sister with wide eyes. "You have to touch it. We have to. I...feel that we have to."
Bone had dragged her from her den in a rush and Briar was unsure about what had her sister in this much of a tizzy. Bone was not one to get distressed like this, so whatever it was, it was worrying her. It did not take her long to hustle to her paws and follow her to wherever it was she was going. As they left Briar's den, Bone started rattling on about some rock. For a moment, Briar considered the fact that the traumatic events they had experienced over the past few weeks had actually made her sister go insane.

They walk and walk. The journey is not horribly long, but the extra weight harbored in her belly soon has Briar's paws aching as they carry her across the wide plains that make up the edge of the moorlands. A rock formation looms ahead of them and they head inside. Bone is still going on about this rock that she has seen in her dreams and how-... wait, she wants her to touch it?

"Touch it?" Briar asked, ears flicking. It was pretty much the first word she had spoken during their entire journey. She stares at the rock incredulously before stepping forward and tentatively placing her nose against it. She is lulled into a gentle sleep as her body slumps to the ground.