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He was not happy with this. What sort of punishment was this even suppose to be?. He had been expecting more of Sootstar then this that was for sure. Hissing underneath his breath the apprentice took himself through the camp with pinned ears, all four paws coverd with the disgusting inside of a mouse bile. A major part of him wanted to poke having a upset stomach by the stank of it. Since he had no healthy relationship with food this truly was emotionally torture for him to be coverd with a mouse insides like this. Maybe that was the point though. Perhaps Sootstar had looked right through him. It was hard to tell what thier leader was thinking about most of the time. This had not been the sort of justice he had been waiting for though. Leechpaw lowly growled to himself this time, eyes looking like daggers as he bitterly took himself through camp with head hanging low. He could hear thier whisperings all around him. It had become the weeks new gossip now. The cats who didn't know what had happend before asked the cats who had been there. It was starting all over again. Leechpaw could catch up on some part of the conversations as he passed some of them.

"Did you hear what Leechpaw did when he was a kit?. "
"He killed his own littermates by leading them to the thunderpath. "
" They got killed by the monsters. "
" His mother left and abandoned him out of grief."
" If he had been my kit i would have done the same."
" Should a cat like him really be allowed to stay here? "
" What if he tries to harm one of the kits here? "
" What is Sootstar thinking letting a cat like that stay here? "

Finally he reached his nest that laid just outside of the apprentice den. It had felt like forever to get here. Defeated Leechpaw sat down in his not so comfortable nest. Usually, Rosepaw was the one who took care of his nest to make sure it was clean and put new fresh moss to keep it comfortable, along with all of the flowers. But since they hadn't been talking lately...his nest had started to withering itself away. All flowers were dead, his moss overused and dry. Leechpaw had made no attempt to even get out to get new moss to take care of his sleeping space. He for sure didn't get much of a good sleep but he didn't care. It was not like he got much sleep to begin with. Huffing, the apprentice briefly forgot about his paw situation and picked one of them up to groom it...the moment his tongue touched that paw though to get that nasty taste stuck upon his tongue...Leechpaw made a poking sound instantly as he spat and distance his head away from his own paw. He would give a much disgusted frown while holding his tongue outside of his mouth. Eww, disgusting.

He couldn't wait for this nightmarish day to be over so he could clean this disgusting thing off his paws!.


"Ew! What's that stink? Oh, it's you. Lemme guess, you got stuck on bile duty? Sucks to be you, haha!" Galepaw sat back on is haunches and waved a paw in front of his nose in an overly dramatic display of being offended by the stink. Though in truth he was a little sympathetic towards Leechpaw, dealing with mouse bile was certainly not his favourite task and he knew how hard it was to get rid of the stuff from his fur. "I know a trick or two to help cover the taste and smell, if you're interested." He wasn't sure if Leechpaw would want to hear him out, but he wasn't going to leave him to suffer alone like this, even if he was on punishment duty.
the soured, vile smell of mouse bile would touch upon a black button nose causing it to scrunch up in slight recoil. the source of it, leechpaw, who she remembers having gotten into a nasty spat with some of the other apprentices a few days ago had that nasty stuff clinging to his paws as punishment. shrewpaw would soon approach the duo, coming in to stand besides galepaw who voiced loudly about how stinky their fellow apprentice was which almost got her to choke on a laugh that was smothered over by a quick cough.

honey colored eyes would lay upon the black tom infront of her, his face turned up and tongue stuck out after presumably trying to groom the stuff off. oh man, how she wanted to laugh again. which in the end she did, a small fit of giggles had escaped her maw that she failed to cover up in time. "sorry ah don't mean ta laugh— yer face just looks funny all screwed up that." the chocolate molly felt a little bad for leechpaw but he did sort of do this to himself after all.

"maybe next time ask honeytwist if ya can dip yer paws in honey instead, you'd stick ta everythin' but atleast it'll taste better!" shrewpaw snorts in amusement, glancing at galepaw who offered some tricks and tips to make the punishment a little more bearable. hm, maybe she'll take notes incase she ever finds herself with mouse bile on her paws.
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"The purpose of a punishment is for you to not enjoy it." Hyacinthbreath comments from a short distance away, prideful eyes staring at the group of apprentices. The punishment was fine enough, wasn't too major like maiming or exile, and it made sense. Hyacinth blinks towards Leechpaw, hesitant at first. She knew he didn't want anyone to baby him, and she wouldn't. But the taller tom had grown on the cold Lead Warrior, and she couldn't exactly help the intrusive need to come to the apprentice's aid. "It will be over soon enough, krähe." She attempts to reassure the young tom, however awkwardly it may have come across.
Unlike Hyacinthbreath, Weaselclaw has no great love for Leechpaw. The black tom has despised him since he'd come to the moor, searching for Sootstar, though the tabby genuinely has no idea why. No matter, he's little more than a kit, and his opinions are meaningless, less than the ticks he spends all day pressing bile into.

He does not laugh at Leechpaw, though the temptation is there. Instead he flicks his tail, giving Galepaw and Shrewpaw a look with glinting blue eyes. Amused, he says, "I wouldn't lick your paws anytime soon, if I were you, Leechpaw. That taste won't leave your mouth for moons." He almost dares the apprentice to say something disrespectful to him... he wouldn't mind extending the punishment in the least.

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Just great, it was Galepaw. It just had to be him. The most loud and annoying apprentice in this forsaken clan. With all of his best attempts to ignore them here they now where laughting at him. Leechpaw back fur bristled slightly, and his fiercy cold eyes cast a not so friendly glare over at the other apprentice. " Tch, just leave me alone you fleabrain." he would mutter with a hold back snarl. Tch, he really couldn't stand this guy especially now. Cats who would found amusement in his own misfortune...Galepaw was exactly a cat like that, in his opinion anyway. Galepaw offered to help but Leechpaw was not trusting thier offer of help was actually genuine. He snorted. " So?, what is it?." he asked impatiently. whether he would actually take thier advice or not he would decide later on. It was highly doubtful though.

Great, more cats to laugh at him. Leechpaw started to flink his tail a clear sign he was far from bemused by them treating him like thier lil freakshow to laugh at. I can make your face look funny, he thought to Shrewpaw's comments but actually bite back this words, instead he would cast them a death glare. " You don't look sorry to me." he would cast out a snarky remark, not believing them the slightest bit. " What a brilliant idea. I'm sure Sootstar would have happily agree to that." his sarcasm was dry and cold, and his gaze just turned icy. He for sure didn't enjoy listening to any words slipping out from Shrewpaw mouth.

Leechpaw would drop his snarl-like grimace when he faced Hyacinthbreath, her comment making sense of course. Didn't meant he had to be happy for the punishment to be this. It was far from satisfying to him or what he really had wanted. At least she wasn't here to laugh or mock him. His fur lay itself back on his back again, but his tail was still lashing back and forth. Snorting his expression turned grim. " It's never gonna be over." he softly muttered the words, and only if standing close enough they would have heared it. Leechpaw was refering to something entierly else then what Hyacinthbreath had meant but he didn't made it clear what he meant with that. But one could only guess...

And of course his least favorite cat in this clan just had to show up to join in with the crowd of mockery against him. Leechpaw looked at edge again, his fur bristling and he was forced to bite back a snarl.
" Whatever. " Suprisingly that was all he had to say. It was like all fire had gone out of him. He had no energy or fight spirit left to argue or deal with this weasel-brain right now. He just wanted to be left alone, especially by him. What a shitty luck he had today. What made it even worse was that he could still taste that disgusting mouse bile upon his tongue. His day couldn't possible get any worse then this.


"Jeez! Your attitude is just as sour as the bile on your paws. How fitting!" Galepaw snorted with another roar of laughter as he leaned back on his haunches with growing amusement in his eyes. After such sharp words he wasn't so sure that he wanted to help the other apprentice anymore. Why should he help someone so rude? "Just piss on your paws. I'm not going to give you my secret unless you ask nicely for it." He doubted he'd get an ounce of politeness out of the other apprentice, but it was worth a try. Maybe they'd all get a laugh, considering the crowd that had now formed.

Ugh, this stupid jackass!. Calling him out on his snarky attitude when it had been them who had been insensitive over thier situation first. Tch. That was why he fucking hated this guy. All of them. Leechpaw had enough with pretty much all of them at this point. His two fangs that was dropt out from the upper part of his mouth was shown more vinsibily when a snarl started to form upon his maw. " Serves your right for being a insensitive jackass!." he would lowly growl, his ears pinned right back at his head when another loud roar-sounding laughter left this apprentice mouth. Ugh. Why did this one had to be so damn loud for?. Leechpaw groaned underneath his breath. Why couldn't he just leave him alone for?. He hadn't asked for this one to walk up to him. Didn't made his situation better that Galepaw now demanded him to ask nicely if he wanted to hear his advice now on how to get this disgusting thing of his paws. This time he snorted loudly, and the fleabrain earned a roll of his eyes. " I know you were just full of bullshit. I doubt you even know how to get this off my paws to begin with.You are nothing but a show-face." There was no way he was gonna fall for that. Galepaw had alot of musclers but no damn brain. Leechpaw would never sink so low to submit to this ones command neither did he need thier help. So he turned his head away from them and closed his eyes with a 'hmp' sound.


"...if ye ask me...." And no one did, but he had a habit of making his opinion known and the sepia point shot both Hyacinthbreath and Weaselclaw a brief glance as he continued, "Oughta talk to Sootstar 'bout pickin' punishments that don't make use waste our herbs and got any idea how hard mousebile is to harvest? S'gross. When the elders get too many ticks and we run out she can go in there and bite'em off 'erself."
They could have made Leechpaw hunt more or clean dens or even use the mousebile to help the elders thus saving it from being wasted and also contributing positively to the clan but this was not a punishment so much as a humiliation and he hated seeing it. He didn't like this sort of physical response to things WindClan deemed incorrect; that they were conditioning cats to fear rather than understand.
"Stuff it Galepaw, or ah'll put some o'this in yer nest while ye sleep." Both mismatched eyes moved to the dark apprentice and he offered a halfhearted shrug and smile, "Roll'n some dirt and take a bath-it'll clean it off when yer ready to. Ah can give ye a paw."


Yeah, Galepaw knew he wasn't going to see a single polite bone out of Leechpaw. Pity, it would have been funny to see, not to mention a bit of a power rush. "Hmph! Well you're definitely not getting my advice now. Enjoy not being able to groom yourself probably until your punishment passes, ha!" He hadn't been all bluster as he did have a genuine method of ridding the vile taste of mouse bile. The apprentice often used heather flowers and sap from dock leaves personally.

Though his fun was drawn to an end with Dandelionpaw's arrival. What a buzzkill! He gave a dramatic roll of his eyes as he turned to leave, but before he left earshot he overheard the other apprentice's advice for dealing with the bile. A wicked grin exploded across his features in that second. "Hey, I can get you started on that!" He announced loudly as he looked back over his shoulder at Leechpaw. Without missing a beat, he then used his hind paws to kick up dirt and grass with the intentions of showering Leechpaw in soil before making a bolt for the camp entrance with the hopes of evading any attacks from Leechpaw.

All Galepaw would earn was a roll of his eyes. Sure, he wanted this mouse bile off from his paws but he wasn't that desperate to lose his pride over it, not to this fleabrain anyway. " I never said i needed your help dumbass." he would mutter just right in time apperantly as Dandelionpaw joined and shared his not asked opinion about the mouse bile altogether as a punishment. Well, he guess the medicine cat apprentice had a point. Leechpaw was not a medicine cat apprentice himself so had no clue about all job and effort Dandelionpaw and Honeytwist might have to put in regarding certain stuff. Mousebile was one of them it turned out.

There they went again jumping into his defence just like they had done against Rosepaw's brother too. Defending his name. Leechpaw would cast a staring eye at them wondering why the medicine cat apprentice even bothered himself with it. Wasn't it tiresome to defend someone who always ended up in fights or arguments?. What made Dandelionpaw even think he was a good guy to begin with. In the first place it was strange that someone even would speak up for him like Dandelionpaw did. He was more used with cats not even caring to try to understand him, to just see what lay on the surface. Leechpaw blinked when the other apprentice suddenly turned thier eyes to him even more suprised was he that Dandelionpaw actually had some useful advice to get this vile thing off his paws. Dirt was the trick, huh?. Leechpaw nods his head, grateful for the advice.
" Dirt huh?. I guess that would be worth a shot." he paused thinking through Dandelionpaw's offer to 'give him a paw' to his problem. " Uhm, yeah..sure i gu - "

Huh?, what had Galepaw just said?. Leechpaw turned his head over back to them much to his own regret. The dirt hit him straight in the face even coming into his own eyes. Leechpaw snarled as he tried to block the dirt with one of his paws while rubbing it against his eyes which only made it worse because his paw stank! and now his face stank too!. Furious now he fly up on his paws all claws slided out and he would snarl loudly after the other apprentice who had the nerve to run away from him after a such low blow. " I'll fucking tear your fur off you bastard!!." He hissed loudly to himself afterward, groaning a bit as he briefly closed his eyes, the dirt that had got inside of them made his eyes sting.

That was it he was fucking done with laying as thier laughtng stock. He with anger stared down at the dirt as he watched the claws dig into the dirt. He wasn't sure if his eyes burned because of the dirt in them or if he was at the edge to cry. All he was certain of was that he had have enough to deal with this heartless assholes. He swore one day he would be the one laughing at them when they had a difficult time. " Hey you mind if i borrow the medicine den for a bit?." he lowly asked the other. At least in there he would be left alone for a while, to get some peace and quiet. If not he guess he would dig up a hole and bury himself alive in there. The worms for sure was a better company then anyone of them was, except from some few.