THISTLE AND WEEDS // trying to build nest

Leech found it a hard time to decide if he should take a spot inside the den to make a nest for himself or sleep outside under the stars. Both had problems he not were happy with. If he picked the den he would be trapped inside full of strangers and he was convinced at least half of them wanted him dead if they got a chance for it. If picking the the sleeping under he stars would he would be left vunerable and open for attacks up there in the sky or if they would get attacked in camp. He wasn't sure which one would be the worst. Lucky for him Rose had come up with a solution to his problem. What if he build a nest right beside the den instead?. That way he would not be trapped with cats who wanted him dead neither would he lay so wide open for him to at least be the first target anyone would see. It could be the perfect solution, so why did he not felt so comfortable with it?.

He had growled and muttered to himself until finally deciding to go with Rose's plan. Now he was stuck with a new problem to solve. How the hell was he suppose to build a nest?!. Rose had made it look so easy. Heck, compared to himself that cinnamon was a natural talent in building nest!. Meanwhile he ended up with...this. A ugly pile of sticks and moss, all cramped up together into a...not so comfortable looking ball. He had even tried laying down in it and he had hated it!. Not cozy or comfortable at all!. Nothing like the nest he had have back on the marsh land!. Leech was very much irritated now, so much his tail was lashing back and forth as he throw death glares down at his 'nest' that looked like he had have a tug of war with, which in a way were not incorrect. " Tch, this is impossible!." he growled to himself as claws was out and sliding into the dirt. For every second that past the more frustrated he become wondering how on earth anyone could do this!.


"Have'n yerself a hard time, friend?" Dandelion was no stranger to needing space, though he hardly sought it as aggressively as some; he'd taken after his father in general laidbackness but also didn't hesitate to flick a claw if he so felt was necessary. Being in a group sure was different than roaming aimlessly over moorlands and through forests, certainly had everyone adjusting in some way or another so he figured Leech was the same sort. He'd watched carefully from a distance, field and flaxen-colored eyes staring curiously at the disasterous attempts to make a nest so hollowed away from everyone else, it didn't look very comfortable, so when the other young tom yowled in frustration the point fellow came ambling over.
"Reckon ya got a good start on something decent, but less sticks maybe and more soft'n stuff? Like thems uh...what'sitcalled? Squishy tree bits? The hangin' stuff? Moss! More moss yeah..." While part of him debated asking why the other felt so inclined to be alone, he also didn't feel like it was any of his business to convince someone otherwise-if Leech felt more comfortadle this way then who was he to argue? So he'd offer his suggestions and help in this battle instead. "Saw some o' it nearin' the woods a tad...can help ya carry it over if'n ya like!"

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" I'm not your friend." he would mutter back in reply. Just because they where clanmates didn't make them on friendly terms. The only one he could possible consider to be one was Damask Rose but even them hadn't him fully convinced. Leech cast a side glance at the other tom with a distrusting frown trying to keep up on what they where saying. He had to admit thier accent was really making him have to sharpen his ears otherwise he wouldn't understand anything they said. " Uh, okay." He sounded disinterested and his patience to deal with kittypets where low especially when they tried to give him advice. Like if he would ever need thier help!.

It was tempting to reject thier offer to help him, in fact he was about to without any hesitation but he really wanted this stupid nest over with. He had been working on it for too long and Rose wouldn't get back anytime soon. He was out picking flowers and feathers to his own nest leaving him all behind here to figure this out on his own. Tch. " Fine. Show me the way." he said with narrowed orbs. It couldn't hurt he guess. Beside, maybe he could get this one to make the nest for him so he didn't have to. Better make the kittypets useful in someway or 'barn' cats. whatever kittypets liked to call themselves. Didn't matter. It wouldn't change what they are.

Leech didn't even wait for them as he started to walk leaving the bad attempt of a nest behind with a lash of his own tail. Ugh. He just wanted this over with already. He already regretted his decision to spend time with this one and they hadn't even left camp yet.


"Well not with that attitude ya ain't." Dandelion replied back with an amused tone and not a single hint of malice in his voice. If Leech's cold disposition bothered him at all, he sure didn't act like it. When the offer of help was accepted, though in an almost begruding manner, the point tom gave a little bounce in place as he gestured back to the edge of camp only for the dark apprentice to slink past him with a push and press onward before he could even explain. The friendly little tom waited a few pawsteps, standing motionless before cheekily raising a tail to point in the other direction Leech had moved off to, "Spin it 'round partner, we're headin long that way~"
He could have called out sooner to save Leech having to fully turn around and go trekking back the correct way but why would he do that? Fellow could use a few pokes and prods to lighten up it seemed and he was happy to oblige. "We ought to be able to get a good bit 'fore it gets dark! I don't fancy bein out when them owls get to hootin-watched one scoop up an entire hare once! Not my Pa mind you, but the prey sort..." Dandelion wriggled his way forward ahead of the other to take the lead, be a shame if his new companion wandered off in the wrong direction again now wouldn't it? With a cheerful skip to his steps and his wheat stem bobbing between his teeth, the point tom rambled on and on as he lead the two of them through the tall grass out near the treeline where the clumps of moss hung heavy but not quite so low to the ground. They might need to climb a good bit to get a good bit down. Once he helped Leech, he intended to come back and pad out his own nest and his fathers. Could do with a little softeness on the paws to settle in their new home. "Ye any good at climbin'?"