Bringing in a new girl and was hoping someone would be willing to catch me up to date on what's going on in TC?

Thanks in advance and of course my new girl will be open to plotting!
Ok so!! Since then, here are major events that happened:

  • Dogs are discovered at Snakerocks. Ragwortpaw sneaks off to and encounters them, and Emberstar with her ShadowClan mate die defending her. ShadowClan warrior found bodies and brought Flickerfire’s body back to shadow camp before thunder saw her, so they thought only Ember fought.
  • The dogs, driven off by fight with Emberstar, run off and settle on Sunningrocks
  • During this, ShadowClan begins sending hunting patrols into ThunderClan territory to steal prey, causing several skirmishes
  • ThunderClan asks RiverClan to help drive off the dogs since Sunningrocks is their territory; RiverClan declines as they are currently dealing with a flooded camp and since Sunningrocks is across the river from them, the dogs don’t affect them
  • ThunderClan opts to drive off the dogs themselves. They put together a huge battle patrol made up of every able bodied warrior and apprentice. Once the attack begun, they realized the third dog was missing and sent a patrol back to camp. While help is on the way, the queens, medicine cat, and injured back at camp fend off the attacking dog. Eventually, all three dogs are driven from the territory
  • Howlingstar gains her nine lives and names Flycatcher her deputy. Since then, we also have three new lead warriors: Sunfreckle, Nightbird, and Raccoonstripe (the latter two were just recently promoted)
  • At the next gathering, ThunderClan warns ShadowClan to stay off their territory. They also ask RiverClan for hunting rights to Sunningrocks, as ThunderClan continues to starve through leaf-bare and the forest is still partially damaged from the fire. Cicadastar laughs in her face at this request and denies her
  • Howlingstar’s council decides if RiverClan won’t share the rocks that ThunderClan bled for, they should simply take them. They fought a war with RiverClan over the rocks and won, with Howlingstar losing her first life. Sunningrocks now belongs to ThunderClan!
  • It has also come out that Emberstar had a crossclan relationship despite being the one to propose the first law of the Warrior Code that forbids crossclan relationships. No one in ThunderClan knew about this
  • Chilledstar of ShadowClan also added to the Warrior Code, forbidding trespassing and hunting on other clans’ territory.
  • UHH UHHH I’m tired so I might be missing something but these are main things that affected the entire clan
  • Love
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