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The smell of asphalt made Hyacinth want to vomit, let alone the smell of rubber against it. The burning smell was acrid against her nostrils, flaring them and shaking her head as if the stench would go away. Once they broke through the trees, she could smell the stench of ShadowClan's borders freshly laid. They didn't do that to their own border yet, but the road sufficed as just the right type of border. Don't go further, and don't chase prey across it.

"Keep your ears alert. We're just doing a normal patrol. Remember that." She reminds her patrol members; Pebblenose, Leechpaw, and Coldpaw. Her tail flicks behind her as she walks alongside the road, making sure there were no intruders. It was pleasant just to be able to walk in peace for a while. Duskfire truly gave him the easiest patrol for the day, didn't he?

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She's not on a patrol of her own. Part of her had been toying with the idea of pacing along the Thunderpath to see if Emberstar might be on the edge of ThunderClan's territory, but she hasn't gotten that far when a rabbity, heathery stink hits her glands instead.

She turns, fronds of foliage laced across her body. Her eyes burn flame-red in the shade where she stands. Her smirk is quick and visible, fanged. "Well, if it isn't the former ShadowClanners." She sniffs. "Hope you're not planning on a visit. Briarstar doesn't want us to let anyone in."

The stench of the thunderpath threatens to choke her, stinging her eyes and burning her throat. Pebblenose wrinkles her snout and squints, as if that would do anything to rid herself of the acrid smell of monsters. If she never had to come back to this wretched thunderpath, it'd be too soon. But she has a directive, and she will see it through. Focus on marking the borders, and we will be able to go home soon.

Hyacinthbreath reminds them to stay alert. Pebblenose stares blankly at her. "I'm always alert," she replies in a matter-of-fact voice. We're just doing a normal patrol. Pebblenose groans. Why is she wasting their time with useless information that they already know? "If it wasn't a normal patrol, Duskfire would've told us." Her already thin patience is wearing down. They're losing daylight. She's going to do her job, and if Hyacinthbreath wants to spout out obvious factoids, so be it! Sticking her tail up in the air, Pebblenose turns away from the rest of the patrol and begins to mark out the border.

A familiar voice calls out to them from across the border. Pebblenose's eye twitches as her gaze meets Flicker's. She completely misses the bitterness behind Flicker's words, instead mistaking it for some strange greeting. Yes, they are former ShadowClanners. Why does everyone feel the need to state the obvious? "Well, if it isn't the current ShadowClanner," she parrots back with annoyance tinging her tone. Flicker informs them that Briarstar isn't allowing cats in if they're here to visit, and Pebblenose's brows furrow until her eyes are almost forced shut by them. Why is everyone so intent on being stupid today? Does it look like they were here for a visit? (Well, maybe the others do, with their incessant chattering. But Pebblenose is very clearly doing her job! No one's supposed to talk to her when she's doing her job! Argh, why are others so infuriating?!) "...We're not here to visit, we're here to mark the borders, you dolt," she replies through gritted teeth before she whips around and tries to focus on her duty again.
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The border that lay between Windclan and Shadowclan would probably always be his least favourite place to patrol. Of course, he assumed the same could be said about a lot of the cats who'd originated from there, the bittersweet memories -or in Colds case, just bitter- quick to rear their heads whenever the scent of the thunderpath met their noses. For some the black river of stone was the tipping point, memories of good cats crushed beneath the wheels of the metal contraptions enough to bring on a madness of grief. For others it was what lay beyond the thunderpath; marshland and cats that once meant something, now reduced to another rival for them to compete for resources against.

The grey tabby was silent for the majority of the walk over, stuck trailing behind two shecats he really knew nothing about as they bickered about one thing or another. One, at least, was his mentor, and while he was never fond of being ordered about he found that Hyacinthbeath wasn't the worst cat he could have been stuck with. Though, he wasn't sure he'd sick the pair of Pebble and Hya on anyone, silently sympathizing for himself. At least the pair would know how to look like a strong front if things got rough, but he wasn't sure there'd be a need for that unless Pebbles mouth got them in trouble. The shecat was definitely.. outspoken.

"What Shadowclan does isn't of any interest to us- unless it effects Windclan in some way." Coldpaw replied, tail twitching behind him.

The marshes had been his birthplace, but after the death of his parents in the great battle and then the desertion of his siblings and friends to the other clans, Coldpaw hadn't had a reason to stick around. Why stay in a clan where the leader was willing to let everyone take everything they had? BRiar had given up their entire home, had let their families break apart - and for what, some cats from the stars? Ridiculous.

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Hyacinth slowed down a bit as a monster roared past on the thunderpath, scrunching up her nose in response. The smell of those things were always so disgusting.. She grumbled to herself, having tuned Pebblenose out after she had begun to babble again. She didn't mind tolerating attitude, not everyone fell into line so quickly as the others- at least she wasn't like Ember. If it ever came to that again, she'd have to spend the rest of her life apologizing to Sootstar. She inhales a sharp breath, attention stolen by the acrid, swamp smell of ShadowClan.

"Seriously.." Hyacinth blurts out, unimpressed- she gives Coldpaw a nod to pressure him to the front of the patrol, a moment of confidence to lead something like a patrol- to look out for the rest of them. A pleasant lesson, she'd say. "For a Clan who began doing borders first, you sure don't know what it looks like when others outside of yourselves do it, do you?" She teases the femme across the border, giving in to just a little bit of sarcasm.

"We're just marking our side. Bug off, kid."
A wintery coat emerges from the scraggly leafless tangle of marshland plants, mud flecked up his powerful limbs that bring him slithering from the algae pools- a failed hunt behind his hocks but he is drawn to the scent and voices of strangers. He rips forward with powerful strides, and plants himself onto the ground next to Flicker.

what Shadowclan does isn’t of any interest to us-, what had he walked up on? His hackles naturally bristle but his scarred features reveal nothing as he flicks an ear toward the brazen-tongued tortoiseshell.

It’s the use of the word dolt that earns his shake of head, " manners-… that’s dreadfully … ugly use of word " his accented tone lifted out with the strain of his vocal chords. The black-footed warrior turns his chin back to Flicker. " safe travels- … Windclanners, I hope the hills are teeming with rabbit for you " he offered his pleasantries as it was the way he was raised- to be kind to those who hadn’t deserved your cruelty. If he had to shred a cat's coat here today- it wouldn't be at his provocation, he didn't want to hurt anyone but he would. Without hesitation nor mercy.

"I don't..." The black and white colored woman allows the words to leave her muzzle with an uncaring look upon her maw. Still she is only passing by and she hardly cares what they are doing so long as they stay on their side of the thunderpath. Not like she cares to sit and stare at them from across the way when she has more important things to do and so did everyone else. But she has a small amusement pulling into her molten hues. "So Wineclan has decided to copy Shadowclan. Guess they need to feel secure in all that emptiness they have." She doesn't even look at them as she speaks to her clanmates before she shrugs her shoulders. It's apparent if Windclan is copying them then so will follow the rest.

"We don't need to sit here and watch them. I'm sure they have more than just rabbits on the brain to not be stupid enough to cross the thunderpath. We should get going and leave them to it." With that said she beckons the other Shadowclanners with her tail and turns to lead the way off.


Hyacinthbreath listens to the voices that babbled amongst each other from the other side of the borders, and the reminder that Duskfire gave her ebbed back into her mind.

Don't pick a fight with them, Hyacinthbreath. Please.

She rolls her eyes at the voice in her head, the reminder- why did she have to behave if they were starting it themselves? Hornetsting's words are met with a thankful nod of her head to the tom as she continues to mark their borders. Then, the arrival of Bonejaw. A cat Hyacinthbreath had then realized: she didn't fucking like her. What type of medicine cat acted so rude, bad-mouthing another Clan like this?

"Nothing worth taking in your territory, so you can lay your worries to rest, Bonejaw." Hyacinth calls with a smug grin from across the Thunderpath, finally having finished the rest of the border on this side before she turns back to her patrol.

"Finish up and head back. As amusing as listening to these folks are, we have better things to focus on."