TIED UP & BRANDED — patrols

It takes an NPC warrior coming to annoy him about the daily patrols for Pitchstar to crawl out of his nest; if one could even call the shredded, stale thing such. He would've hid away all day, if given the opportunity... But duties call.

He needs to appoint a deputy fuckin' soon. He's so tired.

"Patrols," Pitchstar calls weakly, glumness shadowing his facial features. He doesn't care to wait for others to gather before he begins listing them off. "Bonejaw, you'll lead a hunting patrol with Frostbite and Canarywatcher." His aunt might be a medicine cat, but she's still one of their skilled hunters. (And one of the only clan members left that he trusts.)

"Chilledgaze, you will lead a patrol to our border with WindClan. Bring your apprentices, as well as Minnowsplash, Springflame, Geckoscreech, Flickerfire, Hailpaw, Twilightpaw, and Ghostpaw." Another feline who he's placed his limited trust in. He nods to them.

"Finally, I will lead a patrol to our border with ThunderClan. With me will be Starlingpaw, Granitepaw, Turtlenose, Spicepaw, and Siltpaw." Pitchstar would rather retreat into his den, but he's running thin on his trusted warriors... He huffs, glaring at his paws which he did not realize were unsheathed.

@BONEJAW @Frostbite @Canarywatcher. @CHILLEDGAZE. @Lavenderpaw @FORESTPAW @Minnowsplash @springflame @GECKOSCREECH @FLICKERFIRE @hailpaw. @Twilightkit @GHOSTPAW @STARLINGPAW . @GRANITEPAW @turtlenose @spice @Siltcloud.
Was she not capable of leading a patrol? She supposed after attempting to relieve some stress of the leader’s shoulder’s she landed herself in hot water. A tail would flick to signal to her apprentices as she caught their gaze, quietly waiting for the orders to head out. Annoyance would momentarily flash in her gaze before forcing herself to remain calm.
The call of his name has his eyes facing Pitchstar, and at first, he thinks he's in trouble. But no, it was...patrolling. His first one as an apprentice, an apprentice thing, okay... And a lot of cats are gonna be on it. Was Windclan that scary? They needed that many cats? Were they gonna fight? He hopes not, he's not ready to fight. He huffs a sad sigh - though it was little more than a short puff of air. Marrowpaw wouldn't be coming and he's a great fighter. He was gonna die. Shaking his head sadly, he turns to find Geckoscreech.
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Flickerfire snickers at the silent dejection on Turtlenose's face. "Maybe next time, Bossy Tail," she singsongs, padding to stand beside Chilledgaze. She gives the black and white feline a once-over from ears to paws. "Good luck leading this many furbrains. Not including me, of course."

She casts a glance over her shoulder, searching the gathered cats for her apprentice. "Hailpaw, lucky you! We get to go to the WindClan border again. Maybe this time we'll get to see one of those rabbit-chasing traitors." She drops into a long stretch, feeling the muscles in her shoulders and forelimbs burn comfortingly. She's ready for some kind of action, StarClan knows.

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I've no time for confession
Paradoxically, Wolverine is partially annoyed not to be assigned because he's wondering if he's not taken seriously, but also pretty pleased to not be assigned because that's less work for him to do. He wants to tease Pitchsun about it but man, the guy looks even worse than he did at the meeting. As though he's about to fall over. There's not much Wolverine can do about it though, he thinks to himself. Not like he can bring their former leader back or even relate since he never knew either of his parents. His bright eyes shift to the rest of his clanmates who look much better in comparison and he almost snorts at the words that nearly leave his lips. Some platitude about Starclan watching over them and he's happy he caught it before it automatically trailed out.

Instead, he defaults to teasing sarcasm Flicker's way, "You sure that's not including you?" He galumphs his thick hide down into the pine straw off to the side and flexes his claws on a yawn. Even though it sounds fascinating going to stare at the same borders over and over and do the only thing he ever really does daily (find food), Wolverinefang waves his claw to pass. "Someone has to stay here to watch the clan. Guess that'll be me." A terrible burden for him to bear but he bears it well!

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