For his entire life Berry had believed in the importance of mealtimes. There was nothing more enjoyable than good food, in his mind- and much of his time living in the marshland had been deprived of that beautiful reality. Times when he indulged in a meal not of frog or lizard were rare- but now, under this warm and wonderful canopy, squirrels and mice galore. The summer moons were rich with harvest for their prey- it was easy to tell from the size of the squirrel that Berry held in his awry jaw, agley eyes of greying forest scanning camp for a place to sit.

There- his attention settled upon his brother. They had hardly a moment to talk since they had discussed the move, and Scamp had teased him for his priorities. Askew and hardly tangible, a smile curved his broken jaw. Footsteps stunted in stealth by their hobbled nature announced his approach, and before his littermate did the speckled tom drop his catch.

"Want to share?" he murmured, paw motioning to the empty space beside where his brother sat. Despite his big appetite, Berry could stomach splitting his meal if there was something else to distract him- the art of conversation, perhaps.

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The hobbling footfall of his tortoiseshell brother gives away his approach before his soft murmur does. Gray swings his head towards Berry, a genuine smile gracing his maw as he barks a laugh. "Feelin' generous today, are we?" Berry has always had a voracious appetite, a trait that Gray has always teased him lightheartedly for. With another laugh, the dark-furred tom pats the empty space beside him in a gesture for Berry to settle down.

"How're you likin' it here? Find any good spots to nap yet?" Gray inhales an amused snort, recalling how comfortable resting places had been Berry's top priority when their family had been discussing the split. With a twitch of his tail tip, he leans forward to take a bite of the plump squirrel, relishing in it's delectable taste. "I, for one, am glad to be out of that swamp! This is sooo much better than frogs 'nd shit," he exclaims in between chewing, finally swallowing and drawing his tongue over his lips. He's confident that Berry wouldn't snitch on him to their mom for foul language. He loves Howling Wind deeply, but he does get a little miffed with her over her insistence that they watch their language. He's an adult now, who cares if he cusses?

A nose-exhale of laughter, neutral but all he ever gave, left his lungs at his brother's comment. Indeed, it was not often that he found it in him to share- but sustaining familial relationships was important as well, wasn't it? Taking the patted invitation, Berry settled himself, snow-kissed paws kneading the earth as he got comfortable. The group was firm, plush with dottings of grass... much more acclimating than the mephitic marsh that they had formerly called home.

Taking a hulking bite of his meal, he simply listened to Scamp's questions as he chewed- and the downtime gave him ample thinking opportunities in order to construct a well-thought-out response. "Absolutely. Near one of the dens... there's a perfect balance of sun and shade..." Tilting his head to the spot he spoke about, his tone danced from monotonous to reverie-razed. Agreement hummed powerfully- as powerfully as Berry could offer, at least- from his chest at Scamp's complaint about the frogs. "It's much better... and the ground doesn't try to swallow you up, either."

He had less than fond memories of the mud engulfing his paws, and spending hours upon hours trying to wrench dried grime from between his toes.
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