Tired of Me Yet? [Whisker]


They were calling to her now, deep in her sleep.Toraline! Help! Help!
At first it was easy to shut them out, yet, as each night passed they became increasingly louder, and more intense.
"That’s not my name!" She awoke that night, yelling to no one but a wall.
Sheepishly her ears fold back, and she looks to where Cinderfrost would be sleeping near by. The molly is always on high alert- especially with Roe, the she-kit couldn’t imagine sleep being an exception to her careful eyes and ears.
Yet, she isn’t there. Roe feels her nose scrunch up, a feeling prickling along her spine. Why am I upset? I don’t need her all the time!
Still though, the den suddenly feels quiet, empty. Roe thinks back to her siblings calls, they were coming from somewhere, somewhere… out there. The thought of leaving camp had never crossed her mind until now, and she suddenly found it frightening.
"… what if?" She whispered to herself. Wriggling out of her much-to-big nest, the dirt ground felt cold on her paw pads.
She was creeping out of the medicine den before she could think of it any longer. Eyes wide and scanning for any sign of Cinderfrost.
She makes it to the entrance seemingly unnoticed, and with a deep inhale she steps through.
Her sixth sense begins to ring though, as she is halfway through the spiky barrier, and it is only confirmed when something rustles behind her. She scampers to the other side, turning on her heel with a thrumming heart to see who had caught her.