to know you're not alone - MEETING 8/17

The sun had risen on a new day and Emberstar rose enthusiastically to meet it. She bounded from her den with all her usual eagerness, but an extra sense of purpose guided her paws this day. When she had led her clan away from the gathering her mind had been abuzz with all that she had learned. Each clan seemed to have its own ideas, each fantastical in their own right. She had been proud her clans showing that day, more than proud in fact, but she had also been impressed by the others achievements. How quickly the stars plans had born fruit! It gave her faith that they were all on the right path.

Now it was time to take the next steps.

A single powerful leap brought her atop highrock, from where she grinned down at the clan below her. "Thunderclan! Gather around please, we have so much to talk about!~" she called out joyfully, practically bouncing in place. It took everything in her to wait patiently as her clan assembled about her. More than anything she wanted to just shout out all her plans, but she would wait. She didn't want to leave anyone out after all!

The moment they had, she almost blurted out all her ideas at once. Then her gaze found the den that her attacker had taken as her own. She paused. "Serious stuff first." She stated slowly, talking more to herself than the crowd before her. With a clear of her throat, she tried to sound more leaderly. Talk more like her mother. "I know many of you... aren't fond of my decision to let Cinderfrost stay. For good reason! I understand your worries and I share them." Emberstar put all her heart into those words, afraid they would fall flat if only due to how often she had used them. She meant that, she needed them to understand she meant that. "But our friends in the stars chose her. Even after... what happened, they have continued to speak to her. I have also talked to her myself and reached an understanding. Which is why, until they tell me otherwise, I will try to honor their decision. Cinderfrost will serve as Thunderclan's medicine cat." The statement was punctuated with a confident nod. After which her eyes sought out the molly, attempting to gesture her to stand just under highrock. In front of the crowd. "I will continue to watch her and keep her in check, but I will also be working with her."

A breath that she hadn't known she had been holding released. Her clanmates wouldn't like that, she knew that by now. At least she had gotten it out though, now she could move on to happier topics. "She's not going to be the only one I'm working with though!" Emberstar stated brightly, flashing a sudden grin. "The gathering was amazing, right?! We got to hear all the stuff everyone else had done, and show off what he had accomplished ourselves. Hearing what the other leaders said inspired me, and I wanna bring some of their ideas back here! That way we can make Thunderclan as great as possible." She explained eagerly, fidgeting in place with her excitement to tell them all. "Blazestar announced that he had appointed a deputy, to help him leave and take over for him one day. Here today, I'm gonna do the same. Howling Wind!" the name sprung from her suddenly, as her gaze found the grey molly amist the crowd. "Come join me up front, as the first deputy of Thunderclan!"

// tldr; officially announced @cinderfrost as meddie and addressed clans apprehensions, appointed @HOWLING WIND as deputy
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With a timidity rivaling that of a kit exiting the nursery for the first time, Cinderfrost tentatively moved from her cave entrance to the bottom of the tall rock. "I wish to apologize." she offered earnestly. While part of her still blamed Emberstar, still wished she'd been granted the right to bring forth justice, she knew that wasn't what Ash or Leaping Toad wanted. Leaping Toad had, in fact, steadied her paw with the sudden arrival of the amphibian on Emberstar's stomach. "I won't make excuses and I understand that some may never trust me. However, I promised the stars and Emberstar that I will try." Should she tell them she knew absolutely nothing about healing? No, probably not the best move. Although transparency was key here - maybe that could be kept under wraps for now.

Though she looked small in that moment, her voice didn't waver, "I will stand with StarClan and ThunderClan." Which included Emberstar.

And now to.. awkwardly move away from the rock and the eyes of the many cats gathered. Plus maybe dig a grave so she can die from embarrassment. ​
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At the sound of Emberstar’s summons, Little Wolf pushes herself to her paws and makes her way to the high rock, where the flame point was perched, ready to address them. She looks up with a slightly tilted head, looking away only to find her family. She hopes that they join her or end up at least close to her, she wasn’t exactly fond of being without them

After she settles in, Emberstar starts talking and to be quite honest, Little Wolf wants to tune her out. Excuses. That is all this sounds like. When will other cats stop making excuses for a murderer? Who along them was next? Her or her mother for turning their back on the blood thirsty she cat? Some poor cat who didn’t have 9 lives like Emberstar had been granted? She holds back a barley suppressed hiss and settles for looking up at the red pelted she cat through half narrowed eyes and then the traitor herself has the gall to speak up, to say something. Too little too late. Where was the apology when this first happened? No. Little Wolf diverts her gaze from the ‘medicine cat’ Cinderfrost should not be allowed to heal, of that Little Wolf is certain.

She is dragged out of her thoughts by mention of Blazestar. Her attention captivated once again, her head whips up to the high rock, eyes once again fixed on their leader curious about what she is going to say. And then another surprise, her very own mothers name is called, called and named as their very own deputy. She can’t help herself now a large smile breaks out onto her maw and she lets out a loud whoop. “Congrats mom!” She calls to the brown tabby she cat, a voluminous purr erupting in her throat.

// Congrats!!! Well deserved Blitz I know you and Howling Wind are going to do amazingly

The brown tabby made her way over and sat down. She was still getting used to the dynamic of clan life. Hollow Tree had no issue with their being a leader or taking orders. But it took some time to get used to all the cats that weren't her family. It made it easier that most of them were nice. She gave a quick look around for her daughter. Hoping that Cricketpaw would be attending.

Her gaze landed on Cinderfrost. The warrior didn't know the medicine cat very well. But they were the healer of the clan. A cat you were supposed to trust to help you when you're wounded and keep your family healthy. How were they supposed to trust a cat like that? She closes her eyes briefly. The stars command it so they must obey? Hollow Tree wondered if it was some kind of test or if Cinderfrost was really to do good here.

Hollow Tree quickly searched for Howling Wind as their name was called. Her chest flooded with pride. Her mother would make a fantastic deputy and maybe even leader one day. "Howling Wind!" she chanted with her clanmates.
[ she-cat . 32 moons . warrior ]

At the sound of Emberstar's call, Fly quickly comes to find a place below the highrock, looking up at his leader with interest at what she had to say.

The first of what seems to be many subjects discussed here is Cinderfrost. Fly doesn't really know the medicine cat all too well. Cinderfrost has never treated him poorly and so his opinion of her remained neutral. He is not ignorant to some of his clanmates looking away or grumbling under their breaths when Emberstar confirms she will stay. Although he doesn't know the whole story behind what happened, he can understand why many of his clanmates were so against the decision. Still, if StarClan were still speaking with her and had no objection to her presence, then surely she was meant to be here? It was a difficult thought for Fly to process, and one he wasn't sure he would understand anytime soon what with how mysterious StarClan still was for him.

The next announcement was that of a deputy. A surprise to be sure but one which Fly was highly curious about, much like how the concept had intrigued him at the gathering. When Emberstar announces Howling Wind as her choice, his chest fills with pride, feeling excited for his friend. He thought the older tabby would make a fine choice of deputy. "Howling Wind!" He calls out, echoing the chants of his clanmates.

Living in a more... organised group now, he supposed he should begin to get used to having to go to meetings. Or, alternatively, being awakened by a meeting-call. he latter was the case today- a yawn rumbled through his throat as he stretched, idly making his way toward the gathering. By the time he had settled on a spot, Sparky was already halfway through talking about her medicine cat.

In the crowd, olivine eyes moved to settle upon the Executioner. Askew features studied her lips as they delivered apologies, promises. Though Big Mama had said to stay away from her, and Berry by no means felt as if he should get too close... she had given an apology. If that was all Sparky wanted out of her, then he had no reason to question her. Besides, anger was a profoundly exhausting emotion... he'd much prefer to be at a neutral distance. Still, his mind wandered to thoughts that churned his weak stomach- that if the Stars had not offered Sparky the nine lives that had shielded her from death, his new, perfect home would be in shambles before it had even blossomed. On that day there would have truly been a body bled dry at his feet. That, he would not soon forget.

And what a waste, really. The life taken could have been put to much better use.

More positive things were then skipped toward, Sparky's tone remaining cheery despite the heavy subject matter she had been discussing only a few moments before. The matter of a deputy- and it was a sound idea. When Fluffy had announced he had chosen a second-in-command, Berry had internally resolved that it was a good idea that might be put to good use in the other Clans- and it seemed his logic had lead him down the right path, for Sparky seemed to be leading up to a choice.

Perhaps he was biased, but... he truly believed Big Mama would be a fantastic deputy, and cast her a glad expression that would read hardly different to his neutrality to those who did not know him well. She had raised him and his littermates well and had plenty of experience in discipline- but he knew well her nurturing spirit too. Fond memories of burying his crooked features into her fluffy chest and being embraced tight as he had truly cried for the first time swelled warm in his snow-splashed chest.

A nod moved his head, a slow, affectionate blink covering his eyes.
Emberstar's exuberant cry brings feathered ears to the crown of the torbie's head. She blinks, watches the flame point practically bounce atop her perch on the Highrock, before heaving herself to her paws and padding close. The warmth has kept her bones from aching, but she dreads the colder moons that threaten each day with shriveling leaves, a touch of coolness on the wind.

Private fears, of course. Quail holds her chin high and gives the other ThunderClan cats a small, businesslike smile. She curls her massive fluffy tail about her paws and surveys her leader with faint judgment twinkling in her green gaze.

She has quite the announcement, it seems. She implores her Clan to accept Cinderfrost as their medicine cat, to forgive and forget the crime the blue mink had committed. Quail swivels her head to lay eyes on the scarred molly, who shrinks from their gazes as though she'd rather be anywhere else.

After a moment, Quail gives Cinderfrost a cool nod. Her face betrays no warmth. She will not likely forget the horrors she'd seen that day anytime soon, but if StarClan wills her to stay, and wills ThunderClan to accept her, then she decides she will try. The distaste in her mouth is still present, however, as though she's bitten into some bitter poison.

The next announcement brings a sprinkle of excitement to her face. Emberstar announces they will emulate SkyClan and elect Howling Wind their deputy. Quail fixes the brown tabby with an interested look and meows, quietly, "Well, I can't say there's anyone more suited for the job. Finally, someone with some sense around here can make some decisions." She raises a brow as if to communicate exasperation to the newly named deputy.


Leaf had stalked out into the meeting area at Emberstars' cheery call. How in the hell the flame point could still bounce around like that after losing a life, something he himself still couldn't convince himself had actually happened, was beyond him.

But he remained silent, taking a seat towards the front with his usual bored expression on his face. However, his boredom soon flared up into a scowl of anger as Cinderfrost was mentioned. Of course Thunderclan wasn't going to be happy about the cat who tried to kill their leader being allowed to stay and now in charge of healing them. Emberstar should understand them and yet here the grey molly remained.

Cinderfrost would come forward then, speaking about wanting to apologize and he bared his teeth at her as a low growl rose in his throat. A stupid sorry didn't give Emberstar her life back. Had he heard Berry's inner thoughts he would have agreed completely, a useless waste for what?

He would fix his ice-cold glare onto Cinderfrost as she moved away, and he would sneer once more at her parting words. For her own sake, he hoped she remained true to her words, but the seal point was determined to keep an eye on her regardless.

Leaf turned his attention back to Emberstar then, and any anger on his face melted away to surprise as Howling Wind was named deputy of Thunderclan. Huh, he felt a strange twinge in his chest that he had never felt before as he looked over to the molly who had practically helped raise him. Was this....pride? It felt strange to him, but a smirk of approval would slip onto his maw regardless.

Finally, a good choice was made around here.

Howling Wind is quick to seat herself at the call of her leader. She finds herself near Berry, and sits with her son while green eyes remain on the lookout for her other kin. If found, she would welcome to sit with her with a swish of her tail. The clan meeting begins abruptly, and the tabby's mood is quickly soured as Cinderfrost is invited to the front. There is a cold, sick, nauseating feeling that comes with laying eyes on someone you once considered a friend, and now only see a cat to be utterly distrusted. She wants to avoid looking at her to prevent her stomach from twisting uncomfortably, but she is nothing if not strong. She is dominant, and she won't back down, so she forces herself to stare at the medicine cat as she apology? Finally. How long had the clan waited to hear those words? At the very least, she says she understands that some may never trust her, and Howling Wind is one of those cats. She simply would be unable to see her the same way again after witnessing what she had on that day.

The senior warrior thanks the stars when the meeting continues so that she can tear her fern-green gaze away to look once more at Emberstar. She speaks of appointing a deputy, and Howling Wind's ears prick with interest. Immediately, she begins to wonder who will be, but she isn't given much time to ponder. Her name is spoken, and she's being invited to the front to stand below Emberstar. She stands immediately, surprise written across her face. She quickly composes herself - she knows she must treat this like the honor it is.

"I will serve ThunderClan well, Emberstar. Thank you," She calls back, gratitude shining in her eyes as she dips her head. She casts a glance at Berry, a small smile on her face before she begins to make her way to the front, shoulders pulled back and head held high with pride. On the way, she hears the cheers of dear friends and family, her eyes catching sight of Little Wolf and Hollow Tree whooping away. The tabby lets out a hummed chuckle, and next she passes Fly, a surprising yet dear friend she has quickly made here in the forest. Next to him, Quail gives her a sly glance, and her words draw an amused smile to her maw. Lastly, she passes Leaf, and her whiskers twitch affectionately as she passes by him. All cats she cared for. All she would serve to the best of her ability. She seats herself below the Highrock, back straight, dignity within her posture and movements. Deputy of ThunderClan. She smiles again. It has a nice ring to it.
After missing all of the business that went down at the battle, there was no way, no how Wolf was ever gonna miss another gathering. The air had mixed both with strange tension and welcome reunions, the familiar fur of her sister was... good to see even if they were totally worst enemies now, but it'd only been ripped away from her again. Stupid, what about this Cicadastar guy was so great? That isn't a trustworthy name if she knows one. Not named after a tough creature or force of nature, just a dumb bug! Lame.

Wolf had pretty much kicked dirt the entire way home, but Emberstar was evidently in a much better mood. The other leaders had mentioned lots of weird stuff, was it about that? Those funky names were maybe the only cool thing about Riverclan's leader...

No, no, this sucks actually. The moment Cinderfrost is mentioned, a curious face transforms into a look of pure scorn. It wasn't fair. Every other clan had a medicine cat too, and they probably hadn't killed their leaders! Nine lives and Emberstar was the only one with eight already! It made them look stupid!

And then, she mutters an apology. A loud snort immediately surfaces. Maybe Berry and Howling Wind were polite enough not to judge outloud, but she sure wasn't! "HAH! Took you this long and that's all you have to say? Sounds like you're apologizing for lyin' about how much food ya ate, not murder, stupid." she huffs. This is dumb.

But it suddenly got a lot less dumb when Howling Wind was called upon by her. A glazed over expression instantly snaps to attention. Wolf jumps to her paws, jaws agape. Kittypets were totally the worst, but if the dumb kitty clan leader's (she didnt remember his name) idea could get her in a position, maybe it wasn't so bad! She erupts into a series of loud yells and whoops, uncaring for anyone who'd be annoyed. "Finally somethin' that makes sense!"

The looks on the faces before her are what she had come to expect whenever she spoke of Cinderfrost. Disgust, disdain, dread, and all those ugly emotions that she was remiss to speak too much of. Many, like Wolf, even deigned to raise their voices in disapproval. All she could do in response was wince. This was hardly the note on which she had wished to start the meeting, but she needed to talk about it, she knew that. With time, she was sure her clanmates could come to understand her decision.

Howling Wind, at least, was popular. There was not a single voice that was silent when her name was spoken. All the clan lent themselves to the call. That announcement, at least, was easy to smile after. Easy to get caught up in all the cheer of her clanmates. "Both of you meet me in my den tomorrow, so we can start working together to make Thunderclan as amazing as it can be!" she cheered, eyes alight with joyful fire.

Once more she cleared her throat, composing herself quickly. There was more leaderly business to attend to. Though, in her mind it was still fun. "Cicadastar announced that he had given all his warriors - uh - cool clan-y names." Nailed it. "That is another idea I would like to bring here. All those who are of age and not apprenticed, step forward!" she declared with a brilliant grin.

Emberstar appraised the warriors that stepped forward, her expression growing a touch more serious. "Do you promise to do everything in your power to keep your clanmates safe, keep their bellies full, and to keep them close as friends?"

Only once they had all voiced their assent did her grin bounce back to its full vibrancy. "Then by the power of Starclan, I give you your new name! Berry, for your quiet understanding you will be known as Berryheart. Truffle, for your distinctive appearance you will be known as Trufflepelt. Gray, for your, uh, passion you will be known as Graystorm. Whisker, for your gentleness you will be known as Whiskercloud. Eagle, for your sharpness you will be known as Eaglesnap. Yarrow, for your eloquence you will be known as Yarrowtongue. Quail, for your gentleness you will be known as Quailfeather. Kindle, for your kindness you will be known as Kindleheart. Leaf, for your cool demeanor you will be known as Leafshade. Cotton, for your wonderful fluffy fur you will be known as Cottontail. Jackdaw, for your swiftness you will be known as Jackdawflight. Fly, for your skill at hunting you will be known as Flycatcher. Coconut, for your dedication to your clanmates you will be known as Whitepath. Stoat, for your fierceness you will be known as Stoatfang."

Emberstar breathed a sigh of relief as she spoke the final words, and smiled wide as she awaited her clanmates cheers.

// @BERRY @TRUFFLE @GRAY @WHISKER @eaglesnap @yarrow. @QUAILFEATHER @KINDLE. @Leafshade @COTTONTAIL @JACKDAW @Flycatcher @Whitepath @Stoatfang
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After the earlier announcements, Fly honestly hadn't been expecting anything more life-changing to happen. Instead, Emberstar declared they were all going to get new clan-y names. Fly raised a brow at this, curious what that even meant. Before he had a chance to think about it for too long, Emberstar invited all the cats who were of an age and not apprenticed to step forward.

Fly stepped forward quickly and then cringed slightly to himself realising he had been the first. Once all the cats had gathered, their leader looked down on them with an appraising glance and spoke to them again. "Do you promise to do everything in your power to keep your clanmates safe, keep their bellies full, and to keep them close as friends?" Fly didn't have to think about that statement too long at least. He already tried to look after his clanmates in such a way already. "I promise," He mewed, bowing his head.

And then came the names. Names chosen for their skills, personality, and even appearance. Fly was the last to receive his name becoming Flycatcher for his hunting skills.

Flycatcher. Flycatcher. Flycatcher. He tested out the name a few times in his head before nodding his head .approvingly. Yes, that was a fine name. After welcoming his new name, Flycatcher joined his voice with the cheering of his other clanmates.

A small shadow slinked from his nest upon the call of Emberstar, his green eyes searching intently for the familiar faces of his family - when he saw them spread out through the camp, he smiled softly before weaving his way over to his brothers. Mum and Little Wolf were seated further away all ready to listen to the meeting. Jackdaw wondered what this was going to be about.

Their leader began by addressing the situation with Cinderfrost, and as he frowned he wondered just how badly everything could have gone. Without nine lives, ThunderClan would have been left in a turmoil, uncertainty reigning over the group for moons if there was no leader. Jackdaw was only glad to see Emberstar looking well.

As the word moved on to appointing a deputy, he was only half-listening when his own mum's name was called – his face was an expression of surprise and he stood even more proud as Howling Wind acknowledged the new position. What a great choice! "Congrats mum!" Left his maw and his face turned red under the fur when he realised how loud he'd called out. Yet, it soothed him to hear that others were shouting out congratulations - his voice was just one of many.

Next, he felt overwhelmed when Emberstar called out his name – but soon, it was to be changed to Jackdawflight! The young tom was grinning from ear to ear by the time he and his brothers had received their new names.


"Finally," Emberstar called out, she had one more annoucement before she drew the meeting to a close. It was the one she was most proud of too. "Our recent training exercise worked out very well, and everyone has seemed to like it! Even the paw at the end of the name thing! Moreover, when we told the other leaders about it they seemed impressed! So, I'm going to make it a permanent arrangement." She stated with a proud grin. While it was nice to borrow the great ideas of other leaders, she was glad to have been able to contribute one of her own. "From now on, when a kit reaches three moons old they will be paired with a mentor to train them in everything they need to know." That was how it had been with her and her mother after all. "As for those that are currently apprentices, please step forward."

She beamed down at the apprentices, with eyes shining with pride.

"Starling, from this day on, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Starlingpaw. Your mentor will be Emberstar. I hope she will pass down all she knows to you."

"Plover, from this day on, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Ploverpaw. Your mentor will be Graystorm. I hope he will pass down all he knows to you."

"Slow, from this day on, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Sloepaw. Your mentor will be Howling Wind. I hope she will pass down all she knows to you."

"Milkykit, from this day on, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Milkypaw. Your mentor will be Whiskercloud. I hope they will pass down all they know to you."

"Wolf, from this day on, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Wolfpaw. Your mentor will be Meadowflame. I hope she will pass down all she knows to you."

"Tybalt, from this day on, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Stagpaw. Your mentor will be Hollow Tree. I hope she will pass down all she knows to you."

"Pale, from this day on, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Palepaw. Your mentor will be Leafshade. I hope he will pass down all he knows to you."

"Baggy Britches, from this day on, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Skitterpaw. Your mentor will be Stoatfang. I hope he will pass down all he knows to you."

"Smolder, from this day on, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Smolderpaw. Your mentor will be Flycatcher. I hope he will pass down all he knows to you."

// @starling @PLOVER @GRAY @Slowpoke @HOWLING WIND @MILKYKIT @WHISKER @WOLF! @meadowflame @Tybalt @Hollow Tree @♦ palepaw @Leafshade @BAGGY BRITCHES @Stoatfang @Smolder @Flycatcher
///a little bit of a backwrite here, but the -paw suffix needed to happen before the gathering so that the other clans could hear about it, but my dwindling activity kinda messed that up. basically, my thought process was that

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Apprentices. She doesn't see the point. The rest of them had gotten along just fine without being a nuisance, a flea on the pelt of some older cat who'd never wanted them itching their fur. She isn't interested in having an apprentice, but she can't very well say that. Emberstar seems pleased and proud of herself, both with implementing old lady Howling Wind as her second in command and with forcing the Clan to swallow Cinderfrost as their medicine cat.

Meadowflame wants to narrow her eyes and spit at the feisty blue and white she-cat who's been named her apprentice. She's seen Wolfpaw around camp -- or, rather, she's heard Wolfpaw around camp. The girl is louder than a Twoleg's dog with its paw closed in a trap.

But she only smiles, brilliance flaring in her eyes as she steps up. "Why, thank you, Emberstar," she says. A purr slips easily from between her teeth. "Wolfpaw and I will get along just fine. Won't we?"

She pads close to the young blue she-cat, giving her a smile. She even bends down to touch noses with the young she-cat. By all means, let the Clan think Meadowflame cares about Howling Wind's insufferable kin.

Howling Wind sits proudly as the warriors of ThunderClan are given full names, filled with meaning. She liked it, and her pleasure was displayed as a smile sat upon her muzzle. She would seem to lift her chin especially higher as her own kits received full names. Graystorm. Berryheart. Jackdawflight. Eaglesnap. She even catches Leafshade's eye as he receives his name. They were all truly warriors. And that isn't even the end of it!

Soon enough, Emberstar is calling forward the young cats of the clan, dubbing them apprentices and giving them slightly different names. Each of them is to be assigned a mentor to train them and nurture them into warriors, and already the brand new deputy feels her heart racing. Surely Emberstar would see her fit to train an apprentice? She has just been made deputy, after all. She waits, patiently scoping out the youth before her name is called.

She is stunned.

She's to mentor that kittypet? Howling Wind hides her disappointment well, but it tugs at her stomach as she gets to her paws and strides towards the newly named Sloepaw. For a moment, she gazes down at him, scrutinizing him gently with her sharp gaze before she leans down to touch her nose to his. "Training begins at dawn." She has always been known to be a strict mother - now it is time to see how she teaches.
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She'd quell her outburst at the announcement of warrior names, they're super cool and immediately she wants— no, needs, one of those. She's about to thoroughly interrogate Emberstar on the matter before her name is cool, having a significantly less -paw tagged to the end. Huh.

A mentor, huh? Her gaze snaps to the Molly in question, some chump named Meadowflame. She would've preferred, like... Graystorm (badass) or Berryheart (less badass). But she guesses it could be worse, like Cinderfrost or a kittypet. She offers a pitying glance to her grandmother. Promoted, and yet Emberstar gives her some dummy to train! She was totally giving mixed signals right now...

'Wolfpaw and I will get along just fine, won't we?' Immediately, she shoots a suspicious look in her direction. "I dunno, will we?" she shoots back with a sniff. ...She guesses she doesn't have a reason to dislike her though, so, whatever. Her expression softens into something less judgmental then, closing her eyes as she touches noses with her. "Per-haps," she mews.
The medicine cat didn't say react when words and judgemental gazes were thrown her way. Instead, she remained as still as stone. Her head remained leveled, not hung in shame, as she stared at a tree behind the gathered cats.

Despite Wolfpaw's outburst, the meeting seemed to go smoothly. At least, it did until it was announced that kits would be apprenticed at three moons of age. "If this is truly a time of peace then let kits be kits. There is no current strife nor reason they must fend for themselves at such a young age when ThunderClan's ranks are blossoming."

Any eyes cast on her would be promptly ignored. "Three moons is too young." she argued. "They should be allowed to grow into their paws and experience the innocence of youth." Innocence that had been robbed from most of them.

Roe was about three moons old and the medicine cat would hide the precious soul before forcing her to train at such a young age.

Her eyes flicked back to the crowd. "If an apprentice comes in with injuries due to training with unsheathed claws, their mentors will be assisting me in replenishing the herbs expended and helping to organize my stock." This time, it wasn't a suggestion that left her mouth. It was a promise. Did it undermine Emberstar? Possibly. But this stance would remain firm.​
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The blue smoke is hesitant to do anything like step forward when Emberstar asks them to, but they find that they’re even more hesitant to disappoint the leader. So Plover moves forth to be assigned a mentor along with several other apprentices. They catch sight of Pale—the one with no fear of death—and Wolf—the annoying one—and think that at least they aren’t alone in this new experience.

"Graystorm," they murmur when Emberstar is finished, icy eyes locking onto the face of their new mentor. He’s scarred and intimidating—Plover immediately wishes they were younger, smaller. Maybe then, Emberstar would have waited even longer before assigning them a mentor.

Cinderfrost speaks out against the leader’s proposed age of apprenticeship, asserting that three moons is too young, and Plover—Ploverpaw—finds themself staring at her with wide eyes. The innocence of youth, she talks about, as though she hadn’t nearly killed Emberstar not too long ago, and exposed some young cats of the clan to a bloody scene. But despite her wrongdoings, Ploverpaw can’t hold it against her. They feel better when they don’t think about the blood on her paws. They accidentally tune out the rest of what she’s saying, watching her mouth move without really hearing anything.
Amber eyes grew round with shock as Emberstar announced his new “name.” Who was she to try and change his name? She wasn’t either of his parents. Tybalt liked his name. He’d always been proud of it and had no intention of changing it, thank you very much. Just because she called him Stagpaw didn’t mean he would answer to it. His curly pelt bristled with outrage as he spoke up.

“Hey!” Tybalt blurted. “That’s not my name. I never said you could change it! My name is important to me. Just because you decide to call me something else doesn’t mean it’s my name.”
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