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Luna knew how to get exactly what she wanted without, technically, breaking any rules.

The first step was making her way toward the door at the back of her twolegs den. Then she would paw at them and cry out until she got the attention she was seeking. Now, she knew a way to get out without using it by now, several ways in fact. Whenever she did so, however, her twolegs became very cross and very loud. They had made it very apparent that she wasn't supposed to do that. So instead she got their permission to go out back. Then she just wriggled her way under the fence until she popped out the other side.

She didn't understand why it mattered so much to them how she got out of the nest though.

Either way, she had appointments to keep. It disappointed Valentine when she didn't show up when she said she would. She scurried behind the dens, searching for the familiar makings of his. By the time she finally arrived, she was exhausted and out of breath. "Um, Valentine?" she called out weakly. "I'm here."

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( ) "Loo-looooooo ♪!!" the nickname falls from his jaws sweetly, dripping with the warmest of honey. His position is carefully chosen, body draped over a fence as he peers down at the child. Pale fur blends into the strange, strange material. Sturdy as the innards of a tree, but seemingly coated in fine ice. It was peculiar, the things housefolk would do for the sake of aesthetics. Practically bending reality itself! Upsetting the balance. Sinful, unholy perhaps, but they've yet to meet divine punishment. It's only a matter of time, he supposes.

"D── hah," Ah, only now did he realize just how badly this position was straining his lungs. Whatever words he'd been conjuring peter out into a dull wheeze. She was already well aware of his stunning flexibility now, he could... give it a rest, yes...

He allows himself to slide forward, the entirety of his body eventually hauling itself to the other side and allowing him to flutter (catapult) to the ground below in front of Luna. The pain is dull and belated, a faint ring ringing ♪ in his skull. Nothing he is not used to, oh no. This heavenly vessel wouldn't be bogged down by simple, worldly pains.

"Lula, Loo─" stars seem to spin around his head. They're blocking the corners of his eyes. Spinning, spinning, shapes and color ♪ The tom hums low, uneven tones mixing together. "Mm─ know why you're... here, little moon?" Too slow. She's too slow! "To prepare this little one! For the outside world that is, yes."

He brings himself to his paws, adjusting himself. There's a soft crackling sound as he twists his neck. He giggles at the sound. It reminds him of something, something. "Surprise Quiz!" he suddenly chirps. "A nasty-smelling feline comes up to you and asks your name, your reply?"

Her gaze was drawn upward by the familiar sing-song tones of her friend, finding him lounging gracefully above her. It was a strange position, but she already knew him to be strange. All the neighborhood thought so. She knew there was more to him than that though, he was a dreamer, like her. Better than her, really. All his movements had such grace and poise, and his words brought to life the most fantastical thoughts, things she could never think of herself. He was really very wonderful and special.

She thought to herself, just before he came crashing to the ground in front of her.

After a startled leap back, Luna blinked. "Um, are you-" she began, but before she could finish the thought he was back on his paws, questioning her. The molly is still to stunned by his botched landing, and he's forced to answer his own question. Her confusion only redoubled at the words. Prepare her for the outside world? Truly, his ambitions were too grand for her to understand.

She jumped to attention at the announcement of his quiz though, determined to at least get this right. "U-um, Luna?" she answered him lamely. That was her name after all. It'd be rude to lie or not tell them, wouldn't it?
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( ) "Wrong, wrong!" he exclaims, exasperated. "Do not take it for granted! Friend or foe. In their delusion they'd believe themselves stealthy, but the signs are crystal clear!"

He adjusts his stance into something more battleworthy. Narrowed blue eyes glint in the warm light. "What does a foul stench entail, little moon? Poor hygiene! Devilish intent! Sin close in tow, quiet as shadow. They wish to taint your precious light, have you returning as fowl as them! Asses their character... Their scent is always telling. Trust me, trust me."

Narrowed eyes would zero in on the she-cat's smaller form. She's sharper than she looks. A little one, but sharp... Could it be... "Unless, you knew...?" considers Valentine, he sits back on his haunches, eyes narrowed in uncharacteristic analysis as he regards her. "It's to throw them off, little bug? So freely relinquish this information, let them know that you aren't afraid? For what can a beast do to one who is not afraid? How can a beast manipulate someone that does not allow themselves to be? Yes... clever thing, I see your intent."

He nods, conclusive. His student is doing oh-so-well. "Never let them know your next move!" he announces, and he leans over to pluck a flower from the ground as he does so. He chews. It's sweet, but tainted by something strange. Confusion, no doubt. He nods, thoughtful. "Nature is on your side, use her to your advantage. Sweet and savory, like this little one here. But trust me, a malevolent one in front of me? And it would have been foul."

His disappointment flattened Luna's ears back against her head. She had known that the answer to one of his questions would not be so easily devised, but it had been her honest response. Even if it was wrong, surely it was better to state it and be corrected, then claim she would do something she wouldn't in an attempt to outwit his quiz, right?

Though, his explanation of why she was wrong didn't really make much sense to her. If they smelled bad, it meant they were bad? She blinked. Truly, the workings of his mind were as fantastical and dizzying as ever.

"Wha-" she began, but before she could inquire as to his meaning he was off again. Reconsidering her answer with narrowed eyes. She squirmed in place under his scrutiny. Until, finally, he decided that it was bravery that led her decision, that she wished to show she was not afraid. Which well. "Oh, uh, yeah. Exactly." She lied. Immediately she regretted doing so, but she didn't want to deny Valentine's words nor did she want to lose his approval. So she just went along with it.

She grimaces as he takes a bite from a flower. Deducing from it, apparently, that nature was on her side. Her gaze found the other flowers in its bunch. Was. Was she meant to do that too? She gave him an uncertain glance. Then slowly, hesitantly, she took a bite of one for herself.

It wasn't... terrible.