Toadprowl | Warrior of ShadowClan


  • Toad's Prowl — Named after his father.
    36 Moons — ages every 7th
    Male — He/Him
    The Marsh Group — Future ShadowClan Warrior

    Appearance — Muscular, average sized tom with dark brown, tabby fur and low white. His eyes are a reflective hazel. Toad's Prowl has no notable scarring other than a few nicks and scrapes scattered about.

  • Positive — Loyal, Protective, Hard Working
    Negative — Prideful, Stubborn, Aggressive

    A prince among the marshes, a ruthless tyrant with a passion for starlight. his tongue is that of an adder, and his bite is just as venomous. Toad's Prowl was born in what would become ShadowClan, and he has always served as a stalwart guardian of his home. Enemies be wary of this irritable beast, for he would sooner spill blood than soft words to protect his clan.

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  • NPC x Frog's Croak — generation two
    Sibling to Gecko, Axolotl and Salamander
    Partner of none
    Parent to Leaping Toad, Frog's Ribbit

    apprentice — None

  • Skills — Toad is strong and stealthy, and excels at both hunting and fighting at night. He relies on ambushes and surprise attacks, as well as his own cunning, to get the best of both enemy and prey alike.
    Weaknesses — Toad isn't the best swimmer, nor is he the best at climbing, and though he is a skill combatant, he may struggle a bit more once he looses the element of surprise.

    Please @ this account when attacking.
    Peaceful powerplay is permitted.

  • before — Toad's Prowl was born within what was known at the time as The Marsh Group. With a rather large family, he grew to know love and acceptance. Regardless, Toad has always been a rather irritable tom, though some would say that his loyalty is unquestionable.

    When the Pine Group moved into the local territory, Toad's Prowl only served to deepen the tensions, for his desire to insure his own family and group is fed far outweighed any concern for the other group of feral cats. In addition, the other group's willingness to allow kittypets within their wild ranks only served to deepen Toad's distaste for those who were, in his eyes, trespassers upon his rightful home. Though he has a habit of causing trouble with the Pine Group, there can be no mistaking his powerful devotion to his own family and friends, and he heeds the call of his leader, Briar, regardless of personal opinions.


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