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At first dawn she had set out on her own, the sounds of the colony just waking up behind her. She had wanted a bit of peace before things got started. Before things perhaps began to sharpen the tension between the two colonies. So for much of her time she wandered and frankly she was gone for a healthy length of time. Though she doubted that anyone would see it as a cause for worry. She was making her way through the sodden ground, webbed paws easily stepping across the patches of mud. Her destination was the place that the twolegs kept dumping their filth. Carrionplace. It was a place that was dangroud given the levels of rats that it also held. Bitten by such beast could risk injury and infection which was troublesome. As far as she knew the colony kept from crowfood as sickness was not a necessary risk and they went for the rats.

That was her goal. To hunt here despite the dismal smell of the place. Her eyes roamed over the silver mesh that blocked her path and she frowned before pushing and digging back the earth. It was a tight squeeze but soon the woman of shade and light was through. Pulling her eara forward she took her time trodding the familiar grounds, taking note that there were more of those black pelted things today. Looking full to bursting. Once she had torn one open just to see what was inside and the smell had given her quite the start. Sighing briefly she turned her head away. "Alright...focus.." Pushing herself to be alert she began to hear the clinking of chewing teeth. Something being torn and as she rounded a corner of a black bag she stiffened. There were more of them than than she bargained for, tearing into something. A group of rats was always bad news. They were aggressive together and she took a step back to try and leave the area. Yet it seemed whatever force was not on her side.

A hip bumped against something, causing debris and metal to clang down a mountain of trash. Beady eyes turned on her and she didn't waste a moment. She ran, heart pounding in her chest but not with fear. Nothing else but adrenaline. The woman knew better than to let them surround her. Now all she was looking for was that silver mesh.

✵ ღ ☾ IT TOOK ME BY SURPRISE - It wasn’t raining today, though she still woke that morning with her limbs stiff from the humid chill of the night.
Still, there were no heavy clouds blocking the morning sky, and Azalea couldn’t help but take that as a sign of something good.
Narrow eyes scanned the stirring camp for any sign of her family, a companion to join her on a hunt, but after the realization that most of them were still asleep if not just beginning to awake, she opted to leave on her own.
Carefully the lanky molly picked her way through the marshes, disappointment clouding her gaze as she failed to pick up a scent trail the further along she went.
When the smell of garbage smacked her sense she crinkled her nose in disgust. Her disdain for hot weather was solely based on the fact that the smell of hot garbage knew no limits as it rotted under the heat of the sun.
She pondered turning back, even if empty-pawed, when the fading scent of Bone caught her attention, almost lost under the scent of carrion. Curiosity gripped her, surely Bone would be up for a hunting companion?
It wasn’t until she reached the line of silver mesh that her chest twinged with uncertainty, only just spotting the hasty hole in the ground when she heard it.
Her gaze shot up from the hole, the chittering of rats hit her ears.
❝ Bone! ❞ Azalea called, lunging towards the hole with the disappointment of realizing she would not fit. Quickly she shoved her paws into the soil, expanding the hole with haste before diving through. ❝ Where are you? ❞ She called, several scenarios running through her mind as she anxiously waited for any sight or sound of her camp mate.
❝ Speech. ❞

Rust had not slept, in fact, he had been out of camp for a majority of the night to use the lack of light to his advantage.
It hadn't helped one bit, he hadn't come across a damn thing aside from a tiny frog... which he had eaten to keep his energy up for the hunt. Empty-pawed it seemed he would be coming back, so in desperation, he was lurking around the carrionplace. He'd find nothing here but vile creatures, half-rotten or half-eaten remains... but the Marsh group was used to resorting to such lows. You couldn't be a fussy eater here.

He hears the same as Azalea, it causes him to wildly look around. It's when he spots the blue molly at the silver mesh, calling out Bone's name. Paws hurriedly race forward, "Bones in there?!" urgently he asks, whiskers twitching nervously at the loud chattering of several rats. With or without an answer, the blue molly slips through the silver mesh with some amount of struggle. Rust almost tries to stop her, she's young and could get herself hurt... but there was no way a large tom-cat like Rust was going to make that squeeze. From what he could tell Azalea just might be Bone's only chance of assistance and saving.

But he couldn't give up, he'd find a new way in.
Not wasting time he begins to sprint around the outskirts of the carrionplace, paws kicking up dirt. Amber eyes flicker desperately around for anything that could get him over, and he finds it. Several planks were set by twolegs laid up against the mesh, one reaching up far enough to get over. He isn't quite sure how he'll exit... but there was no time to think. His group mates may be in danger, and he would not leave them to fight alone. He sprints up the wooden plank and leaps over to the other side, landing on the ground with a hmph.

Conveniently for him, he sees a flash of ebony fur followed closely behind a few smaller black-pelt wearers. Bone... and rats. Plenty of them.
He chases after them, not taking much time to build up enough momentum to pounce at a rat who traveled the closest behind the she-cats tail. Not allowing it to struggle and get away he bites down on its neck, twists, and with a crack, he abandons its now lifeless body to once more catch up with Bone as he hears Azalea's call. Surely rats hadn't found her too?

"Azalea!" Her name is all he has enough breath for to call, the rest he has to save for running. Then he looks ahead to Bone, "Follow her voice! She's near an exit!" She should be anyways... he hopes she hadn't traveled terribly far. The two of them could make their escape there he thinks... Him? Not so much. He'd rather they get out then himself, and he didn't plan on dying or anything yet today... He'd be fine. Hopefully.


Thudding paws shift against hazardous ground and she snapped her eyes left and right. Attempting to retrace her steps quickly in flashes of memory where she had come in. In her haste she barely heard larger pawsteps thudding against the ground, picking up pace. The shrill cry of a rat in pain before it is cut off with a crack. Her own body tensed up before the familiar voice entered her pulled back ears and shock almost colors her face. "Rust! What are you doing here?!" A silly question but she can't seem to understand before he shouted out for Azalea. For a moment she almost stills but her legs push her forward. Azalea is here?! What was she doing here of all places! Her face almost turned grave as she looked back over her shoulder, the group of rats furious and on their tails. "I got it but ho-," Her voice cut off as a rat desperately lunged and caught her leg with tiny claws.

like a horse she bucked and threw it off. Nary a concern for her safety present as she slid around a corner to spot the younger molly. "GET BACK UNDER THE MESH!" Her voice was a breathless shout and she suddenly twisted around to lung sharply on a rat and dig her teeth into its throat. Spitting out blood she hisses and this is a stand for her. She will not let Rust stay here to find a way out alone. That hole is not big enough for him and she knows it. Swiping a paw she knocks a rat into a pile of trash but another jumps onto her side and takes a bit that makes her snarl before she thrashes and sends it thudding against the ground.
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    † ( ᴛᴀɢs. )  ❝  This's one of the places Hound truly hates. Even to walk near it sends sparks up his spine, like he's got a thousand gazes pinned on his back. Suppose that ain't so far from the truth, with all that hides in there. At times there are intriguing finds. At others, there's nothin' more than death and decay around every corner. He's only here to chase down Azalea. Usually she'd drag him from his nest if there was something she was searching for. To have her wander out so early all on her own, chasing after the staler scent of another feline, worries him more'n he can tell her. Mostly since it'd make her laugh at him, he thinks.

    Still, there's far too much trouble here for him to ignore the risks. "The hell're you doing up and about here so early? Don't you have better things to do than dig through this infested pile o' junk?" He crouches slightly to better watch her, but it seems that almost 's'soon as he finds himself in such a troublesome position, trouble finds him. He sees Bone before he hears her, then that cry comes barreling through all of his earlier thoughts. Oh stars and sun above, that was a lot of rats. "Az, move," he demands, turning from his crouch to paw at the hole she'd widened the way his namesake might, shoveling pawfuls of dirt out and shoving a fiery ache into his tense claws. The wider he can get it, the more likely it'll be that Rust can shove his great old bones through without a rat chewing off his whole hind half.

    "Get out'f there, come on! The more paws on this hole the fewer holes in you."

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  • ──── complete information can be found here.
    ──── hound. trans male, he/him pronouns only.
    ──── approximately 30 moons old, or 2.5 years.
    ──── bisexual with firm male preference; single.

    ──── a chocolate tabby with ( stylized ) low white and intense lime eyes.
    ──── lean and lanky,  with whiplike musculature and a long, quick stride.
    ──── hound's notable features include his impressive height (fifteen inches at the shoulder), the long scar across the left side of his face from nose to jaw, his very deep, dense fur, and the confident manner with which he conducts himself.
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✵ ღ ☾ IT TOOK ME BY SURPRISE - Rust’s voice answers her, but Azalea has already thrown her head over her shoulder to look towards Hound. It isn’t until Bone’s cry’s ring through the air that she truly see’s them- the rats. The dozens of rats, all on Bones tail as she rounds a corner to call to her, and Azalea is torn for a mere heartbeat.
Another screech rips through the air, and Azalea doesn’t look back. ❝ They’ll be eaten alive! ❞ She insists to Hound as she runs towards Bone, breaking into a leap she pounced square onto a rats head as it rounded the corner, a shrill squeal cracking at her eardrums as she broke its neck with her weight.
Adrenaline out-ran the fear as it was shot through her veins, wildly searching for Rust.
By the time the tom would round the corner himself, Azalea would being moving to Bone’s side, taking the position of tail-to-tail with the older molly as she batted off the wave of rats as they came, her long legs giving her a bigger reach. ❝ I’m not leaving you guys to get swarmed! Start moving towards the hole! ❞ She insists when she would know that Rust was close by with a hasty gesture of her head to where Hound was quickly expanding their escape route, knowing the hell of a lecture from Hound that was awaiting her outside of the mesh line.
With Azalea at the back, Bone in the front and Rust’s strength, the tabby was sure they’d be able to make it.
She snarls as a rat lunges at her, hooking it’s little claws onto her forelimb, she sinks her teeth into its neck, throwing its corpse towards its living companion, she blinks in disgust. Truthfully she does not know the first thing about fighting rats, only that they have proven to be resilient as she whacks them to the side and they keep returning. Her thrashing claws hook against another one as she sends it flying with a shrill shriek.
❝ Speech. ❞